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This Is A Story Written By Tosinsilverdam

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On the bed sleeping, putting on my skimpy nightgown, then someone tapped me, yawning, i woke up. Guess who i saw? It was my stepbrother, Daniel… I was scared and surprised to see him…

Me: Daniel…… What are you doing here? How did you get here?

In a flirty tone Daniel replied…

Daniel: Shhhhhhh! Don’t make noise…

Daniel move closer to me on the bed and began to touch me, seducing me…

Me: Am i dreaming? What are you doing? How did you get here?

Daniel: Don’t make noise dear, i miss you, don’t you me?

Trying to kiss me..

Me: What is wrong with you?

Daniel: We are meant to be together, i can’t do without you

Daniel began to say some sweet words, i was already fallen for it.

Me: No Daniel, No, No, this is wrong we are family, lets stop this, we shouldn’t get us into trouble again.

Daniel: Lets run away and get married..

Me: Runaway?

Daniel: Yes!!!

He planted a deep kiss on my wet lips, we lip locked, kissing really hard..

Me: Daniel, please stop…. (moaning)

He began to kiss my ears, my cheeks, my nose, my neck till he reach out for my Bosom, sucking my Tips, biting them really smooth, he dipped one of his fingers into my Kittycat, i couldn’t help but to moan really hard.

Me: Daniel, i miss you…

Daniel: I miss you too

Breathing heavily, Kissing him really hard as he was fingering my Kittycat, he pulled off my nightgown, as i unbutton his shirt. He reached for his trouser, struggling with his belt, he finally unleashed his meaty Joystick…

Daniel: Suck me..

I gladly did as he commanded, i gave him mouthaction, as he was moaning and playing with my Tips, squeezing my Bosom really hard…

He pushed me on the laid me flat, lifting my legs, he inserted his Joystick as he was about to bang me, then i heard a knock on the door, it was a woman, knocking…

Woman: Omolola, open the door

We didn’t even care if someone was knocking, Daniel continued banging me, hitting me so damn hard, pouding me, so hard my legs were up, as he was facing me, kissing me and banging. The woman still continued banging the door…

Woman: Omolola Open this door, what are you doing?

I began to moan louder, the banging became so intense, this woman continued banging the door and Daniel was banging me, banging, banging, banging, banging, banging.

unexpectedly someone tapped me, and called my name ‘Omolola! Omolola!! Omolola!!! I woke up. Scared….

Me: No Daniel, stopppppppppp

Oh my God it was only a dream.

‘Are you having a nightmare?’ a woman asked, i opened my eyes clearly it my Uncle’s wife, Aunty Sarah.

Aunty Sarah: Nightmare?

Breathing heavily, as i nodded…

Aunty Sarah: Is it the same Daniel?

I nodded…

She sighed, and was petting me…

Aunty Sarah: Sorry dear… Your phone has been ringing for over 30 mins, i was scared, i had to come and check on you, hoping you didn’t commit suicide out of frustration and depression.

She finally left my room and told me to come join her in the kitchen. She left, i picked my phone to check who has been calling, i saw 53 missed calls and 4 text messages, lo and behold, the caller was Demola; my stepfather. I just hissed, switched off my phone and put on a decent cloth To go join Aunty Sarah in the Kitchen…..


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