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Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 8

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The whole family was back to normal, everything became peaceful and loving as it used to be in the family.
There was love and understanding once again. My mother was really heavy, she’s due in few weeks, I’m so happy about that, I’m gonna have sibling. I was happy with myself but I was struggling with Festus, he began to blackmail again. I don’t have choice than to have sex with him once in a while cos I wouldn’t want him to expose our secret and I don’t want him to ruin the happiness reigning in our family.

The family was already at peace so I was scared of him destroying our healed family. It was crazy cos Festus made me so some crazy styles during sex, I shouldn’t lie, I did enjoyed the sex, so its not big deal to keep having sex with him, he’s my ex and I need to shut him up. My mother was to give in about 3 or 4 weeks and she’s to deliver her child out of the country, USA precisely.
Every preparation has been made for my mother to leave the country, I was really happy. It was only her that would be leaving the country, my stepfather is to stay behind to look at the the family and his business. My stepfather was to join her after she’s given birth. I didn’t talk about Daniel anymore, I almost forgot, anyway Daniel’s lifestyle didn’t change at all, he became worse this time.
Daniel became a full time cassanova, he changes girl like a wrapper, he hardly sleeps at home. The only good thing about him is that he doesn’t bring those girls home anymore, he visits every hotels in town.
I suspected he was even doing prostitute too, less I forget, he doesn’t flirt with me anymore tho but he likes to trespassing, sometimes he would spank my ass, touch my waist, which I don’t like.

Daniel? Smh! Finally, my mother has travelled out of the country, the whole house was boring, I don’t leave in the hostel, I go to school from home so I was bored. Daniel hardly stays at home, while my stepfather comes back late from work. So I was so bored.

So one faithful day, I was the only one at home that night, Daniel didn’t come home, my stepfather also didn’t come home.
As usual, I was thirsty in the night, I needed to drink a cup of water, got up from bed, yawning, I was practically naked, so naked.
So I went downstairs to the kitchen actually, getting to the kitchen, I discovered the kitchen’s light was on, I was surprised, so Daniel eventually came.

Me: Daniel hope you’re not naked this time. I entered the kitchen and I met a fully naked man in the kitchen.
Me: Oh my God! It was my stepfather, I quickly used my hands to cover my private parts.
Me: I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t see anything sir
My stepfather: (Laughing) You’ve seen it already, you better come and take what you want to take. He walked passed me, without saying anything, I quickly moved away.
Me: I’m sorry sir. Damn! That was so close, I’m really stupid. Only God will deliver me from this habit, you know I lived with my mother all my life, so I’m used to going naked growing up while living with her..

Honestly speaking, my stepfather is damn hot, as in very hot, he’s got a very very huge cock, that’s the biggest I’ve seen in my entire life, it was even bigger that one in my dream, wow! The following day, I saw my stepfather and apologised to him for what happened last night, he wasn’t angry at all, just laughed over it.


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