-Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)

Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 7

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Me: Oh my God! Not again…
Daniel: (Laughing) Yes again! What are you covering? I’ve seen it already and I’ve felt it countless times, so I wonder why the cover up.

He was drinking a cup of milk as usual, I didn’t move to close to him, I loosened up, reached for the refrigerator.

Me: Yes now, you’ve seen it and almost ruined it
Daniel: Haba! Don’t pretend as if you never enjoyed it, we both enjoyed it and you know it.
Me: Whatever! I brought out a big bottle of wated from the refrigerator, yet again, Daniel was leaning beside the glass cups.
Me: Can you please pass me a glass cup?
Daniel: You mean me?
Me: Stop all these flirting, I don’t like it, stop it. If you can’t help me I’ll help myself (hissed) I walked to him to get a glass cup, I picked up the cup, Daniel grabbed me, drew me closer to him.

There was this reaction, wow! We both stared at each other, temptation, its not easy to overcome Daniel’s seduction, gosh, I was attracted already

Daniel: Don’t you miss me? I know you miss me

I couldn’t say a word, sincerely speaking I really
do miss him.

Me: Daniel stop, we can’t do this again, please stop it.
Daniel: I will use condoms this, I swear I’ll be very careful… Believe me Omolola, believe me… He planted a deep kiss on my lips, he was already hard, we continued kissing, I just came back to my senses pushed him away and gave him a dirty slap.
Me: Daniel for crying out loud, please stop this, stop, stop hahaha, stop.
Daniel: Okay! I’m sorry… Is just that I promise to use condoms this time.

I moved away from him poured the water in a
glass cup and…

Me: Daniel, goodnight.

That was how I overcame Daniel, it wasn’t easy to do, it just wasn’t easy at all. I hope I won’t have sex with this boy again.

The next day, I got a next day, I got a text message from Daniel, apologising for his misconduct. He begged me later on, when he saw me also, we buried the whole issue and moved on. Festus on the other hand was not really disturbing anymore, guess he got tired of my pussy, I was free from sex for some period and I was free from boys.

I concentrated on my studies of course, I became and uptight girl, some guys wanted to date me in my class but I refused to anyone cos I wasn’t ready, the worst was about to happen.


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