-Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)

Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 6

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Festus: Don’t dare me, I’ve got all the phone conversation recorded. You think say I go come let you go like that with all the suffer wey I suffer for una hands.
No way, I will continue to blackmail you with hot sex, you know what I mean (Winks at me)

He began to touch my boobs, trying to kiss me.
I was nervous, what have I gotten myself into? This is all Daniel’s fault, I never wanted to involve Festus in this, I’m dead.

Me: Festus this is unfair, you know it is unfair

He began to kiss me, pulling off my clothes, pulling off his clothes.

Me: Festus please now, I beg you in the name of God.
Festus: (Laughing) In the name of God? Where was God when you were doing it with your stepbrother? Chai! Look at your boobs, damn I miss them.

He continued squeezing my boobs, kissing me, brought out his dick, wore a condom and began
to bang me so hard, he was really going deeper, my pussy was just making sounds, he was squeezing my boobs, spanking my ass during the doggystyle, he banged me so good, he was really hitting it hard.

Festus ended up having sex with me after threatening to expose us, I had no choice than to do it. He even demanded to see me another day.

Few months later, I gained admission into the university, still continued having sex with Festus anytime he demands to see me, I just have to go, I was enjoying the sex tho, I just had to if that’s what is going to shut his mouth up.
Festus will bang me in different styles, 2 rounds, 3 rounds, he was really having good sex with me.
I can’t complain, I caused it, atleast it is still better than having sex with Daniel.
I never told Daniel about it, I didn’t tell him what was going on between me and Festus.

So one day, It was late in the night, I was really thirsty, I needed to drink a cup of water, I woke up in the middle of the night, I was practically naked this time, I got to the kitchen, switched on the light, I foung a naked man in the kitchen.
It was Daniel, I was scared, I quickly use my hands to cover my private part.

Me: Oh my God! Not again…


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