-Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)

Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 4

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Oh my God…… I woke up, it was just a dream, it was just a dream, no sex between me and my stepfather, i was scared thank God it was only a dream. Then a knock on my door, who could that be?
Me: Who is that? It was my stepfather, what the hell? I was scared, i hope this dream is not about to come to pass, i quickly got from the bed, i was panicking.
My Stepfather: Omolola are you there?
Me: Me? Oh yes i am here, i’m here, i’m here…….
I’m…. Coming I was nervous, hope this dream wont come to pass, i swallowed spit and courage.
Me: The door is opened sir, you can come in.
I didn’t sleep on the bed anymore, i had to sit on the chair in my room, he entered.
My stepfather: How are you?
Me: I’m fine sir
My stepfather: I came to check on you, i was really angry your mother forced you for abortion. I’m really sorry dear.
He moved closer to me…. My heart started beating faster, i quickly stood up, pretended as if i was having pains in my stomach.
Me: Thank you sir…… Ouch!
My stepfather: What is that?…… Hope you’ve taken your drugs
Me: Yes sir, i just need to rest
My stepfather: That’s true, i should allow you rest okay
He moved closer to me this time….
My stepfather: Come, let me assist you to bed He touched my waist, fear catch me, i was really nervous, to cut the long story short, he helped me to the bed, pecked me and bid goodnight.

Nothing actually happened, it was only a dream, just a dream.

Few days later, i was strong enough, my mother began to pressurize me in the house, she was giving me hard time, so many times she would attack me for no reasons, she was always complaining about everything i do, either good or bad.
She would call me silly names, she was so demanding for the person responsible for my pregnancy.
She threatened to make my life miserable if i don’t bring the person that impregnated me.
She even threatened to send me out of the house. I cry almost everyday, i didn’t know what to do, Daniel on the hand was always begging me not tell anyone he impregnated me.
I was so confused and frustrated, i didn’t know what to do.

Then Daniel came up with a very silly idea.
Daniel: Omolola, why don’t we rent a guy who will pretend to be responsible for the pregnancy, i will pay the person.
Me: Rent a guy?…… What is that? Even if I want to rent a guy who will i rent? I don’t have male friends except Festus, my ex boyfriend and we broke already.
Daniel: Don’t you think he’s the best person for this job?
Me: Who?


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