-Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)

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While sleeping in the night, a knock on my door…
Me: Who is that? It was my stepfather, he wanted to check on me, he came in sat beside me on the bed.
My stepfather: How are you?
Me: I’m fine sir, I’m so sorry for what I’ve caused in the family, I don’t mean to……
My stepfather: Shhhhhh! (Placed his finger on my lips), you don’t need to say anything dear, everything will be alright okay.

My stepfather was flirting with me, he began to touch my cheeks, touching my hair.
Me: What are you doing sir?
My stepfather: You know what I want, I’ve always wanted you for myself. I love you omolola.
Me: Please stop it, what about my mum? If she
found out
My stepfather: You know she can’t find out, forget about your mother
Me: I’m scared He began to kiss me…
My stepfather: Don’t be scared, okay

He continued kissing me, it was becoming so intense, I wasn’t really comfortable but vice always had crush on my stepfather. The kissing was becoming something else, he began to squeeze my boobs, I was moaning already, he dipped his fingers in my blouse to reach for my boobs, he began to squeeze it harder, missing me, pulled off my blouse and was sucking my nipples, squeezing my boobs and sucking the nipples simultaneously, it was fantastic, he pulled off my skirt and underwear and began to finger me with his big fingers, using his thumb finger to finger me harder, I was already squirting, squirting, he continued kissing me, pulled off his shirt and trouser, brought out his heavy cock, Gosh that was the biggest cock ever, as in the biggest and oldest cock, I grabbed his cock and began to suck it, I was sucking it so hard, giving him the best blowjob while he was squeezing and playing with my boobs and nipples, he was moaning so sweet, gosh my stepfather is really hot, my mum is really enjoying.
I’m so in love with his hairy chest, damn! My stepfather sucked my pussy, he was eating it so sweet, licking it with his tongue, then he began to rim it with his dick, inserting his dick slowly into my pussy , inserting it slowly.

Me: Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes…
He finally penetrated me fully, pushing it deep down…
Me: Oh my God! He began to pound me, banging me, going up and down, doing it feast, doing it like a pro.
Me: Please sir (moaning)
He was banging me so good, kissing me, banging me, squeezing my boobs, banging me really hard, banging me, pounding, moaning so hard, breathing heavily…
My stepfather: I love you Omolola He lifted my legs up and was hitting it so hard, so so damn hard, squirring already, my legs shaking, banging me..
My stepfather: Ah! Yes…. Yes, keep pouring baby
Banging me, doing it so good… All of a sudden the door was opened, it was my mum that opened the door, she caught us.
My mum: Jesu Kristi (Jesus Christ)


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