-Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)

Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 2

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The next day my mum didn’t come to visit me in the hospital, it was only stepfather and Daniel that visited me. I was supposed to be discharged that day but my stepfather told me my mother insisted I should stay in the hospital for a while before coming home. I knew my mum was really angry with me, it was so obvious cos she doesn’t leave my side.

Daniel on the other side continued begging, pleading that I shouldn’t tell anyone about our sexcapades. Some of my friends also visited me in the hospital.

The following day, very early in the morning my mum entered my wars with a frowned face.

Me: Good morning mum She didn’t respond..
Me: I’m sorry mummy, please forgive me (crying)
My mum: There is no need for that, the doctor is getting ready to get rid of that bastard in you.
Me: Abortion?…… Mummy I’m scared
My mum: You better be because you brought this upon yourself…. Wait, do you think I will allow you keep that thing in you? There is no way, over my dead body.
I’m pregnant, my daughter too is pregnant, God forbid. You are getting rid of that pregnancy……. Ehn! I don’t want history to repeat itself.
Me: Please Mum
My mum: Shut up before I descend on you….. After getting rid of that, you will now tell me the bastard that impregnated you.
Haaa! Omolola, how could you do this to me?

To cut the long story short, the abortion was done, it was safely done. I got rid of the pregnancy and I was discharged immediately.

Getting home in the afternoon, met my stepfather and Daniel at home, my stepfather was unaware of my mother’s whereabout. He questioned my mum on where she went very early in the morning, my mum never informed anyone she was visiting me in the hospital.
Well, my step dad was unaware of the abortion, so he got angry when he found out my mum forced me to abort the pregnancy without his consent. They had heated argument that day, the whole house was boiling, both of them shouting at each other. I was scared, I was really scared. Daniel took me to the room to rest, I laid on the bed cos I was dizzy, still have this sharp pains from the abortion.

Daniel was about to start begging again….
Me: Please, leave my room…. Enough with the begging, the pregnancy has been terminated, so stop begging me okay.
Daniel: I know, but….
Me: Shut up and get out of my room, get out, get out…
Daniel: I’m sorry, I swear I’m sorry..
Me: Sorry to yourself.

Daniel shamefully walks out of my room…..


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