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Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 14

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My stepfather kept on disturbing me, this time Daniel was at home for a whole week, this man would not let me rest, he was just harassing me, this man was careless and loose, not until Daniel eventually caught us having sex in my room in the midnight.

Me: Yes, Yes, Yes (Moaning) Pounding me, banging me, kissing me, squeezing me, sucking my nipples, banging me, banging me then suddenly the door was opened and the light switched on.
Daniel: Yeeees! I knew it, I knew it (laughing hysterically) I finally caught you two, good!

Daniel was laughing, mocking us, he switched off the light and went out of my room. That was how Daniel caught us red handed, I’ve always had the feeling that Daniel was suspecting us.
I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so sad, crying, I never wanted to have sex with this man again, why me? I’m so useless, the whole house was so silent, the following day I couldn’t come out of my room, I locked myself in my room.

My stepfather received a call from US that mum has given birth, instead of us rejoicing, we are not, we are all still in shock.
My mum called me also from the US, I just had to pretend to be happy. My stepfather kept on calling me, I didn’t pick his calls, he kept sending text messages, apologising and asking for mercy.
I couldn’t go to school, I was in my room for 3 days.

I woke up early morning prepared to go to school, I reached downstairs, I saw my stepfather and Daniel on the dinning table eating.

Me: Good morning!
Daniel: Wow! So you finally came out
My stepfather: Daniel stop that
Daniel: stop what?
My stepfather: Be polite
Daniel: Be polite?…. Sleeping with your own stepdaughter? You expect me to be polite? (Laughing)

I was about to open the door and go to school.

Daniel: Bitch, you better come back here so that we can settle this matter, cos you mum is so gonna hear about this.
Me: Did you just call me bitch? Daniel have you forgotten?
Daniel: What?
Me: So you’ve forgotten you impregnated me, so you’ve forgotten you paid Festus to pretend as the one who impregnated me. So you’ve forgotten how you banged me in this sitting room or in the kitchen, in the laundry room right? Have you forgotten? Daniel became sober and ashamed looking at his father.
Me: I still remember how you were begging, weeping, I shouldn’t tell your Dad and my mum
My stepfather: Is this for real? Am I dreaming
Me: No you’re not Demola, this is real
My stepfather: Demola? I’m your stepfather, I deserve some respect
Me: Respect? (Laughing and walking towards them) Did you say respect? So you actually think you deserve a respect from me, have you forgotten all the paparazzi we had in this house? Do you want me to start announcing it in your son’s presence?
My stepfather: Stop it, stop it… Can we all bury this whole thing and pretend as if nothing happened for the sake of my wife and the new born baby.
Me: Fine! Like father, like son, shameless
Daniel: What about you?
My stepfather: Shut up, Daniel…. I’m so disappointed in you, how could you be having sex with your step sister?
Daniel: Dad, she’s your stepdaughter also

They kept arguing, I was just laughing till I left the house and went straight to Festus’ place who has been demanding for sex.


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