-Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)

Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother (Season 2)… Part 12

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Daniel: Is anybody in this house?… Who locked this door? Daniel kept banging the door, we quickly separate trying to wear our clothes, panicking, rushing…
Me: Oh my God
My stepfather: Shhh! (Whispering) Hurry up, hurry up
Daniel: Omolola! Omolola! Where is this girl?

Daniel kept on banging the door while both of us was still struggling with ourselves

My stepfather: Answer him, Answer him (whispering)

I nodded…

Me: Yes! I’m coming
My stepfather: Look at your gstring on the floor

I quickly picked my gstring, hid it somewhere,
Daniel kept on shouting my name

My stepfather: Oya go and open the door (Whispering)
Me: Your lips, lipstick… Red
My stepfather: (touched his lip) oh my God… Wait, wait let me go upstairs, when he asks of me tell him I’ve slept.

He quickly rushed to me trying to kiss me, forcing himself on me

Me: Demola Stop, stop He eventually kissed and rushed upstairs to his room, I quickly adjusted, still panicking tho, I opened the door, Daniel entered.

Daniel: What took you so long?
Me: (Yawning) I was sleeping now, I didn’t know you would be coming home today.
Daniel: Sleeping at this time? Anyway, where is my Dad?
Me: He should be asleep, I guess.

Daniel was already going upstairs, while I kept yawning as if I was sleeping, Daniel stopped

Daniel: Why is this place stuffy? The like.. Someone banged someone, this place is smelling.
Me: Smelling? Someone banged someone? I don’t get you

Fear don dey catch me small, small…. He was about going then he stopped again

Daniel: I thought you said you were sleeping, looking at dirty plates on the dinning table and who broke the glass cup?
Me: Glass cup? (Shivering)
Daniel: Can’t you see it?…. Omolola hope you didn’t….
Me: Didn’t what? Please stop that rubbish, maybe its rat that fall the glass cup or something
Daniel: Rat? In this house? So I guess it is that same rat that scattered the dinning table like this? It is well, goodnight.

Daniel eventually went to his room, I was so nervous, that was so damn close. That boy can be so annoying, Daniel is so wise and curny. I cleaned the dinning table and went straight to my room, Immediately I got to my room, I received a text message from my stepfather, the text message goes thus “that wasn’t our last time baby, you know I didn’t cum we would do it again or should I come in the midnight?” I was just laughing, Demola is a stupid and shameless man.
I quickly replied him and told him not to come in the midnight cos of Daniel.

Few minutes later, he called me and was begging me that he want to come have sex with me in the midnight, the most annoying and funniest part is that he kept saying “you know I didn’t cum now”.
Very funny, he was acting so foolish, begging me, behaving like an agbaya (old fool). I hanged the call after warning him not to come, he kept on calling and calling, I had to switch off my phone. I was just laughing about everything that happened that day, very awkward.


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