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Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother… Part 9

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He kissed and I couldn’t but to accept, he started to kiss me so passionately, I couldn’t resist it than moan.

He brought out my boobs from my nightgown and started sucking and squeezing it, he kept on kissing me, squeezing my ass, I was loving it. Daniel is so good and better than my boyfriend jare but I know I’m doing the wrong thing but I just can’t help it.

We began moan so hard..

Daniel: I love you, I miss your body, I want you more than her (jumoke) He kept saying that while moaning, he reached for my pussy and he began to finger it so crazy and sweet, I wasjust moaning so hard, then he went on his knees and began to eat my pussy, he was sucking it so hard that I was shaking my legs, he was seriously eating my plate really good, haya, Daniel is very good on bed, no wonder girls fight over him, how I wish he was not my step brother.

He was eating my pussy really hard, squeezing my breast this same, putting his fingers in my mouth and I was seriously it, moaning so passionately. He looked at my face, he stopped and lifted me up on the kitchen cabinet, I sat on then he held his dick, using it to rhyme my pussy, rhyming pussy so silly, I was out of this world. He was looking at my face with a very flirty eyes and smiling at me, dipped his finger into my mouth again, still rhyming my pussy with his dick, till he inserted it in it.

Me: ooooouch (I moaned with a shaky voice) He began to fuck me while sitting on the kitchen cabinet, he pounding me so fast, he was moaning so sweet, he’s got the moan ever.

He was fucking me really hard, my pussy making one kind of sound, he was kissing me so deeply, sucking my nipples, fucking me hard, it was almost like I want to cry, but I was loving it, I was really loving it, then he started rubbing the upper part of my pussy while he was fucking me, the ,owning became so intense, I couldn’t control myself anymore till I squirt so hard, he kept on fucking me, fucking me, fucking, he was about to cum, he stopped, he kissed, he began to fuck me again, pounding me so fast this time, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: (moaning) ooouhh, ooouhh, please, cum quick, please cum I kept saying that, but he was still seriously fucking me, kissing, sweating, till he finally cum on me. He brought out his dick from my pussy, panting so hard.

Daniel: (breathing heavily) wow, wow, oh my God. Damn..

Me: what did we just do? Not again (feeling bad), I told you not to touch me, I told you to stay away.

I got up from the cabinet, quickly adjust me nightgown and I gave Daniel a dirty slap on his face.

Me: don’t you ever try this rubbish with me again in your entire life, stay away from me.

He was surprised, he couldn’t say anything.

I got angry and walked out of the kitchen. Feeling used and sad again.

I got to my room, I couldn’t believe what just happened between me and Daniel again, I was so mad at myself. I laid on the bed, I tried to sleep but I couldn’t sleep, festus was already asleep. I just couldn’t sleep, till festus placed his hand on me and woke up.

Festus: (yawning) where did you go? I’ve been looking for you.

Me: oh! I went to get a glass of water, I was thirsty.

Festus: I actually came to look for you. downstairs when I didn’t see you in the bathroom.

Me: eyah! I was in the kitchen

Festus: awww! And I wanted to check the kitchen, i just changed my mind.

Me: really? Hahaha, you should have come and check me now, assuming you came to check me there all these wouldn’t have happened. (Oh my God, slip of tongue)

Festus: what do you mean by that?
What happened?

Me: don’t mind me jare, nothing happened, but you should have in the first place.

Festus: I’m sorry dear, I would have, we would have had sex in the kitchen you know.

I was really horny when I was looking for you.

Festus began to kiss me, he wanted sex too, he began to squeeze my boobs.

Me: haa! Festus please not now, I’m weak, let’s do it later in the day not now. Please I beg you.

Festus: hahaha! Why now? Are you now
avoiding me, please let us have sex, please. He began to kiss me and smooch me harder.

Me: Festus stop (pushed him away),
later in the day okay.

Festus: okay ooo, good night.
Later in the day ooo.

I was so disturbed, till we slept off….
Come to think of it, did you guys notice
Festus is always coming late, this the
second time, he would have rescued
me from Daniel’s seduction. Gosh!

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