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Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother… Part 14

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Daniel: Please let me come in, I just want
to apologize

Me: Okay, come in and please be fast
about it

Daniel: Thank you He began to apologize, blah, blah, blah,
he broke up with his girlfriend Jumoke,
he is this, he is that.

He kept talking, this
time he was fully dressed, no boxers or
necklace. Sincerely speaking Daniel is
cute and hard to resist, lol.

Me: Wait a minute! Is it true you had

Daniel: oh that! You heard about it?

Me: my mum told me, what do you
expect? You stylishly had sex with me,
you know.

Daniel: stylishly?

Me: See whatever, I had sex with you
and I’m not safe of course

Daniel: (laughs) Are you scared? Don’t
be scared okay, it was one of my new
girlfriend Angela that infected me.

Me: God have mercy on you. Within three
weeks you already changed girlfriend.
You better be careful.

Daniel: It wasn’t even only Angela i had sex with, there is this new girl in our
street, and you know i don’t like
condoms, I’m not a fan of it…… (I cut
him off)

Me: Time up (feeling irritated already
with his sexcapades), thank you sir,
come and go now. Goodnight.

Daniel: I’m sorry once again and I
kinda missed you how I wish I can turn
back the hands of time.

Me: Okay sir! Goodnight I want to sleep

Daniel: I know you missed me.
(Laughing) Goodnight love

Me: What did you just say?

Daniel: Nothing! Goodnight (he walked

Me: Mtcheew (I hissed)

Few weeks later, I was in the midst of
my friends and my mum called me.

Me: Hello mum

My mum: Omo! Guess what?

Me: What is it mum? (Anxious)

My mum: I’m pregnant (so happy)

Me: oh my God! Congratulations mum,
I’m so happy for you. I was really excited, so excited, I’m
gonna have a sibling, I wanted it so

The excitement was too much, I
was in the midst of my friends jubilating,
I don’t know what came over me,
suddenly I collapsed, I was rushed to the hospital. They did various test on me, my
mum, my step father and step brother
were all in the hospital with me. I don’t
know what happened, all I know was
that I’ve been kinda weak lately.

carried various test and thank God I was not infected with any disease, cos I was
really scared of gonorrhea and
moreover I saw my period last month
now. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my

Still on the hospital bed talking to

Me: Thank God its not gonorrhea or HIV
cos the only person I can contact that
from is you.

Daniel: God forbid, what do you mean?
Festus nko?

Me: Festus wore condom okay, I still
remember you never wore any.

Daniel: Wait! Did you take any anti
pregnancy pills after our sex, I mean
drugs that can stop you from being

Me: No! What is that? I don’t know
anything about that, I’m still a novice
in this and moreover sef I saw my
period last month.

Daniel: Hope you’re not pregnant?

Me: I’m not ooooo, I still saw my
period okay…

Suddenly my mum and step father just
walked in……

My mum: Haaaa! Omolola I’m really
disappointed in you (crying) I was scared, what is going on? I thought
they said I don’t have any disease.

Me: Mummy what happened?

My mum: shut up you slut, who
impregnated you? Ghen Ghen! I am dead, Daniel didn’t
wear condom all through but o saw my
period last month, although it wasn’t

I started having series of
flashback, Festus wore condom through
out our sex. I quickly looked at Daniel’s face, he looked at my face, starring at
each other.

I am dead, Daniel is the
father, my mum is gonna kill me. My
mum is pregnant, I am also pregnant.
Father impregnated mother, son
impregnated daughter. What am I going to do? Please help me!!!

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