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Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother… Part 12

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Festus: WTF! Oh my God, Jesus Christ.

Festus caught us red handed, I felt like waking up from a dream, cos it was like a dream.

Festus closed the door and walked away in disappointment.
I pushed Daniel away.

Me: Oh my God, what have I done
(crying), Daniel look at what you’ve
caused, I told you to leave me alone.
Picked up my nightgown trying to to wear it, Daniel was just looking, he wasn’t remorse at all….

Me: look at what you have done.

Trying to run after Festus, all of a sudden Daniel held my hand.

Daniel: Where are you? What is so
special about him? Let him go, I’m here for you.

I was surprised Daniel could say such,
he wasn’t bothered at all, he was
proud of it. I pushed him away.

Me: God! You are a devil, get your filthy
hands off me. I walked out on him, ran after Festus to beg him but he didn’t listen, he automatically broke up with me and said he doesn’t want to have anything with me again.

Festus didn’t even spend the night in that house, he packed his things and left, I begged him but he didn’t listen, I cried so bitterly to the extent that Daniel’s girlfriend come to meet me and asked me what happened, I couldn’t say it. Daniel didn’t even come out through out, he locked himself in his room, he was not sad, he caredless, he was happy, thinking he has me to himself. I quickly went to my room, packed little of my things, I couldn’t stay in that house anymore, going to my
grandmother’s place.

While packing
my bags Daniel walked in.

Daniel: Where are you going? Look I’m
sorry, I’m really sorry, I didn’t want
this to happen.

I didn’t even say a word, I was silent,
packing my things.

Daniel: Omolola please say something.
Where are you going? I love you, I’m
here for you, please don’t go.

He tried coming close to me, touching
me, I got so furious and gave him a dirty

Daniel: Fine! Go if you want to go, its
your problem (he hissed and walked out
of my room) I finished packing my things, closed the door, going downstairs, Jumoke rushed to meet me.

Jumoke: Where are you going? What is
going on? You people are just putting me
in darkness. Omolola please stay.

Me: your boyfriend caused everything.
Daniel is the devil, please leave me
alone. Let me go.
She couldn’t stop me, I got downstairs,
opened the door and Daniel called my
name from the staircase.

Daniel: Omolola please don’t go, I’m
sorry I looked at him with so much hate,
walked out and closed the door

==WATCH OUT FOR Part 13==

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