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Must Read: Home Alone With My Step Brother… Part 11

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The bathroom sex was awesome, Festus fucked me me one in the bathroom, you know that kind of sex when the shower is running and your being banged from behind so fast.
Gosh! Believe me it is so good when you’re home alone, you will be free to try new things.

After the bathroom sex, we moved to the bedroom, we did different styles, sucking my nipples, sucking his dick, playing and sucking his scrotum, sitting on his dick, panting up and down, tilting left and right, moaning, squeezing my boobs, the passionate kiss, the sucking of my ears, the back flip, the squirting and the cumming (sigh).

We finished having sex, Festus dozed off, a text message on my phone. Who could that be at this middle of the night. I opened it and the text message read thus “is he as good as me? You know I’m better”.

Guess who sent the message, I’m sure you unknown it is Daniel of course. I quickly deleted the message, smh and went to sleep.

The following day was normal, me and my boyfriend also went to the cinema, it was fun hanging out with Festus, I was already falling so much in love with him. We enjoyed ourselves, came back home, Daniel and his girlfriend wasn’t at home. Me and my boo had our dinner, went straight to bed. No sex this time okay, before you start to call me a slut or ashewo please. It was a sex free day okay! Daniel and his girlfriend came back so late, we were already sleeping, then I got another text message on my phone, its from Daniel, begging me to come meet him in the guest room, saying he missed me and he wants me so badly. Can you imagine how stupid some boys can be, he has a girlfriend with him in his room, on his bed, yet he’s requesting for my own pussy, his step sister for that matter. I replied with “no and he should go to hell”. After some minutes, He started calling my number, I had to switch off my phone, cos if I pick that call, I might fall for it, I switched off the phone and slept off.

I woke up very early that morning, wanted to do some laundry, my cloths and my boy friend’s cloths were dirty. So, I went to the laundry room, carrying laundry basket. We use washing machine in our house, got to the laundry room, switched on the machine trying to sort the dirty cloths, while doing I had earpiece in my ear listening to my iPod, then all of a sudden someone hugged me from behind. So scared….

Me: Who is ……. (Frightened)

It was Daniel, I pushed him away…

Me: what is the meaning of all these, I’ve told you to stay away from me for crying out loud. Stop this!

Daniel: What is wrong with you? I want you Lola, I can’t stop thinking about you, I’m obsessed with you already.

Daniel was wearing his boxers this time, with his gold necklace on his neck. Gosh! So sexy….

Me: Stop all these, it is wrong, let’s stop it

Daniel: I tried but I can’t okay, if it is just this once, I won’t disturb you again. I can’t stop thinking about your body.

He began to seduce me, his dick was already hard as usual, he became so close this time, I’ve lost control of myself, he kissed me.

Daniel: just this last time, I won’t
disturb you again, I promise, please.

Me: oh God! Why do you keep doing
this to me? Is it because you know
I’m weak.

He drew me closer and began to kiss
me so deeply, he pulled of my nightgown, I pulled off his boxer, we began to play with our private part, kissing so passionately.

Daniel: I love you, I love you so
much… Then he lifted me on the washing
machine and inserted his dick

Me: Yikes!!! (Moan) He gave me this killer, flirty smile and he began to fuck me so slow and I
couldn’t help than to ask for more by saying “yes”, fucking me steadily, so steadily till someone opened the door and caught us.

==WATCH OUT FOR Part 12==

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