-Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo

Must Read: Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo… Part 13

Written by Fawaz iTSF, Pin: 324cfc71
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Me: I go see you later jor

Friend: abi were leleyi ni? Abeg answer me before I snatch all that rice from you.

Me: like I be fool abi! Snatch am make I see you. If you don’t go away now, I will shout o.

Friend: walai you don mad, will you give me my rice before I show you pepper.

Me: your food or my food, sha don’t do anything funny, je n jeun mi laje gbadun.

Friend: sincerely, I go show you.

Me: wetin?

Friend: I no go take u go that place for night, oorbih!

Me: if you go alone, then I’ll implicate you.

Friend: fawaz na, gimme the rice na.

Me: the thing wey no go fill my stomach before na what you wan collect half of it.

Friend: you go see, I go show you.

Me: sha Pour and take beebee

I gave him three spoons out of my rice then he shouted.

Friend: shey dis one be half rice

Me: at least I gave some out. Be thankful na.

Friend: you go see ehn.

He later went away with his angry looking face which made me laugh at him.
After we all finished our breakfast, seniors came to chase us all out of the dining hall to school.
As expected, the assembly was dismissed already before we, School II boarders got to school.

Our school is not mixed up tho, senior school is different from junior schools and the junior school I is different from the junior school II.

I’m always feeling like a king whenever I’m going to school in the morning because no crazy Jss3 senior will tell me to pick unless he wants some lashes from the teachers. They treat all boarders differently.
So after slow walking for like 5mins, I entered the class which was about to start.

Something about me in school is that, if you greet me I won’t answer but if you throw chalk or stone at me and it hits me in any part of my body, my believe is that you don greet me be that.
But if what you threw hits me in the eyes, you don enter another trouble.
All is because I’m to playful, even till now.
I don’t speak english in school, I speak yoruba even with teachers but I mix yoruba with english for a crazy teacher.

I sat down on my chair waiting for those I can disturb to greet me as usual before Corper mart/isiaka(who later turn teacher in the school) enters the class with his lion face.

Class: Good morning sir

Master: have your seats

He took out a chalk out of he chalk box and moves to the blackboard.

Master: what’s today’s date?

We all chorused the date as he writes it down.

Master: we are moving to a new topic today.

He later wrote RATIO on the backboard and said we should all pronounce it, but before we even murmur a sound, I did something that made him look towards me, guess what????

I Hissed….

To Be Continued…

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