-Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo

Must Read: Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo… Part 12

Written by Fawaz iTSF, Pin: 324cfc71
Instagram: fawaz_itsf, Whatsapp: 08139470420… If you missed part read Eleven it HERE

And lastly,

Falayo deji.

I was nervous as I heard the man calling out the names but relaxed when I saw my name wasn’t included.

Mr Adesomi: These Students, lead by olohinuha Dayo went out of the school premises yesterday without informing us.

Ogunyemi ajibola,

Falayo Deji (again),

Akintade victor and

Olayinka Fawaz

Didn’t appear in the prep class yesterday. So, we are going to show them hell this morning. If you hear your name, fall out now.

I didn’t stand up from the place I sat down because I was scared of getting up till I heard another slap on my face.

Voice: stand up mad man.

Me: what did I do?

Mr adesomi: Olayinka Fawaz, come here!

Me: sir, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Mr Adesomi: why are you not in the prep last night?

I didn’t even talk till I heard people shout that ‘he came sir’

Voice: he even sat beside me

Me: I didn’t go anywhere sir, I was in the prep class sir.

Mr Adesomi: where were you when I came in yesternight?

Me: I was inside but I excused myself out to urinate.

Mr Adesomi: God save you! You can go!

Voice: sir, he wasn’t in the prep class yesterday o. He was hiding in there ni o!

Me: thunder fire you!, don’t use style to implicate me o. Everybody knew I was in the prep class, where u dey then?

Mr Adesomi: All excluding Fawaz should follow me now!

As they all went out, na so those crazy seniors that punished me in the morning came to me.

Senior 1: I promise you
Senior 2: I will kill you today!

Me: okay sir.

Senior1: abi were ni e ni?(Or u dey mad ni?)

I didn’t even answer them, I was just starring at their eyes.

They later went back to their table and each person that represents a table ran to carry rice for their table.
After they served us rice with fish on that thursday, I then see my friend coming closer to my table.

Me: you don craze o

Friend: na ur problem be dat. Anyway, where is my rice?

Me: which rice?

Friend: the deal we did yesterday before I helped you.

My head rang as I recollect.

Friend: answer me now!

To Be Continued…

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