-Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo

Must Read: Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo… Part 11

Written by Fawaz iTSF, Pin: 324cfc71
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I heard another belt on my head

Me: yeh

(I then open my eyes to see that we are already in the morning)

Me: ile ti mo sha

Voice: oya, follow me

Me: senior, so its you!

Voice: sheybi ni oun gbe she epe (na me u dey curse)

As I wan talk na so I heard another belt for my head.

It was another senior.

I couldn’t help but to cry with the way I was being flogged.

Senior: oya, go kneel down for that corridor!

Me: (crying) ejoo (please)

Senior: if I hear anything from that mouth again, I go make sure I kick it.

Me: (thinking)


What of if dammy found out that I’m crying?

How will a big boy be crying?


I then wipe my tears away.

Me: senior, I wan go baff

Senior: abi were leleyi ni? (Is this one mad?)

Me: ewa! (Come o) Shey make I no baff again ni?

Senior: oti gba ise loni!

Me: (I then stood up from my kneels) I’m busy.

I ran away till I see everyone getting out of the hostel to the dining.

As I saw those two seniors who cained me earlier, I hid till I see the back of their heads.

I then get into the hostel, stole a bucket of water, took bath in a corridor, ran inside my dormitory, put on my school uniform and then ran out of the hostel before another sets of senior come down to chase me out of the hostel.

I ran into the dining to wait for the breakfast, I didn’t know I was sitting on my enemy’s table (the senior that called me yesternight before I ran out).

I left the table to join the 2nd to the last table which is half filled. After like 3mins on sit that no table had gone to carry food.

Mr Adesomi then come into the hall with a list in his hand. I was scared that I wanted to run out of the hall but every corner was blocked by prefects and non-prefects(seniors).

Mr Adesomi: if you hear your name, just fall out.

Ohichioya David

Isebe charles

Lateef muhammed

Lateef Mubarak

Oloninua dayo

Ajani kayode

And Lastly,


To Be Continued…

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