-Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo

Must Read: Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo… Part 10

Written by Fawaz iTSF, Pin: 324cfc71
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As I ran into the hall before I get into Mr Adesomi’s trouble, I met 7 people on punishment. I then dodge in a corner to avoid been punished by Adesomi or the seniors but I ended up in a pot of hot soup.

I taught I hid well.

I ran into a room in the dining where we do keep broken chairs and tables but I met two other people their hiding as well. I was shivering thinking they already caught me until they told me they were hiding in there also.

I felt calmed in me feeling safe until I saw a torch directed towards where we hid. Luckily for us, we already bent down before the torch was flashed through where we hid…

After something like 20minutes, we heard people shout. Guessed the prep was over, not long to that time people were trooping out in 2’s and 3’s before they all start to move in large group when we later joined them.

I felt happy for not been caught. We all get into the hostel and have a good night rest till the next day.


I wasn’t sleeping, the thought of dammy filled my head. I felt happy once again.

Me: (thinking)


So there is still another enjoyment apart from the ones I’ve been enjoying since. God bless my parent for taking me here to know what’s in life and to meet dammy who made me enjoy.

So, enjoyment can make one feel like a king.

Next time I catch dammy,

I will kiss her like a hungry man that just get a food to eat in 3years of been starved, I will grab her two Bosom and enter her from behind, I will suck her Bosom till its dry, I will hug her tight when we are both unclad, I will make sure we have s*x for a whole day, I will eat her lips, I will search for where the sweetness is located in her body, I will give her more than anybody have been giving her, I will make sure I die in there if I will keep enjoying sha, I will make her moan louder than a speaker, I will make her beg me to hit her with more strength, I will sleep on top of her when next we meet, I will hug her more tight, I will squeeze her Bosom like ones washing cloth and needed to dry off the water in the cloth, I will make sure I F**K her, I will do this, I will do that.


I kept on thinking of what I will do to enjoy more than the previous enjoyment I enjoyed.

My only thinking is all about how to satisfy myself with Dammy until I heard a belt on my neck. Kpa kpa.

Me: (sleeping but eyes closed) tani eni ti aye e fe baje to naa mi yen? (Who be dat wey hin life wan to spoil that hits me?)

Voice: abi olori buruku leleyi ni?

Me: (still sleeping) iwo ni waa shey oriburuku, ah ah! Shey kin ma sun ni? (Shey make I no sleep again ni?)

I heard another belt on my head

Me: yeh

(I then open my eyes to see that we are already in the morning)

Me: ile ti mo sha

Voice: oya, follow me

Me: senior, so its you!

Voice: sheybi emi ni oun gbe she epe (na me u dey curse)

As I wan talk na so I heard another belt for my head from the back.

I then looked back, It was ……..

To Be Continued…

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