-Even Your Boo Get A Boo

Must Read: Even Your Boo Get A Boo… PART 30

Written by Daniel Scott.
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I woke up on Saturday and did some little clean up before I had my bath and got dressed up. I looked at the mirror and checked my appearance to be sure that i was neatly dressed before I finally grabbed my my house keys and headed for the door. I was about leaving when Clara suddenly barged in and saw me,i could see the surprised look on her face as she saw the way i was dressed, it seemed she was trying to figure out if I was just coming back from somewhere or was about to leave for somewhere.

Me: hello clara, hmmmmm i wasn’t expecting you.

Clara: what do you mean, you are just seeing me for the first time this month and that’s all you can say?

Me: don’t get me wrong clara, i was actually going out before you came in.

Clara: going out? To where again. Are you now so busy to the extent that you hardly have time for me anymore.

Me: silent

Clara: I missed you Daniel

Me: i missed you too, i said and embraced her, we began to kiss each other until I suddenly remembered Jenny was expecting me then i stopped and stepped backwards, no we can’t do this, not now clara.

Clara: what do you mean by that, do you know how much my body yearns for your touch, i have really missed you so much that I want you inside of me again.

Me: i understand clara, we can do this some other time, its just not now, i said and tried walking away but i received the shock of my life when she placed her hand between my legs and held Dickson tightly preventing me from taking a step.

Clara: I don’t care what you think, i want you right here and now, she said as she moved closer towards me and placed her boobs on my chest just after she had begun to massage dickson.

My body ignited, immediately dickson rose up and stood erect like a pole. Not knowing how the urge came about, i began to kiss her hungrily like my life depended on it, ripping off my clothes in the process. I began to fondle and squeeze her b—–s which made her to moan, i placed my hands on her waist and removed her blouse revealing her large boobs which was firmly held by the bra she was wearing, i continued kissing and caressing her body until I moved my hands upwards towards her back and was about to unlock her bra hook when the door flew open. The noise startled the both of us as we quickly stood up to see who the intruder was and i became so ashamed of myself seeing Jenny looking at me with a look of surprise and disappointment. She tried saying something but words were unable to come out until she finally spoke out.

Jenny: i don’t believe you could do this to me, she said moved to tears. You will hear from my father she said and stormed out of the house, giving me no chance to say a word.

Me: Jenny please wait,i quickly stood up to run after her.

Clara: not so fast Daniel, and where do you think you are going to, Clara said pulling me back. I need explanations now and you have to start telling me who she is and what the hell she is talking about.

Me: please leave me alone, i don’t love you anymore, just go.

Clara: you don’t love me anymore? wait Daniel you seem to forget so easily, after all what we’ve shared together and you are now telling me to go. You must be kidding me, if i can’t have you then no other lady will have you, mark my words.

Me: Get out of here, i screamed at her with rage.

Clara: i am carrying your child, you b—–d. Instantly a hot slap landed on my cheek, it was so deafening that I never knew where the energy came from. Feeling dizzy, i held my cheek and staggered backwards, feeling unconscious and unable to control my movements, I fell on the floor…BLACK OUT.

This is a story on how my crave for love and pleasure in a world of fantasy through peer influence led me into a journey of untold mystery, but at the end, the decision had been made.
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