-Even Your Boo Get A Boo

Must Read: Even Your Boo Get A Boo… Part 17

Written by Daniel Scott.
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My phone rang and the caller happened to be no other person but Jenny. Without giving a second thought, i picked up the phone call.

Jenny: I have gotten home

Me: Thank God you reached there safely.

Jenny: Not to forget, thanks for keeping me company, i so much look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Me: No problem dear, you have my words.

We talked for a while about the event after which we later hung up.

I sat down on a chair and reminisce on the conversations we had earlier, while she was here

******FLASH BACK*******

Jenny: Daniel my birthday is coming up in four days time.

Me: four days? How come you never told me all this while.

Jenny: Am sorry dear, it escaped my mind, I decided I will inform you when I get here, please accept my apologies.

I stared at her face for some seconds before speaking up.

Me: you are forgiven

Jenny: Thanks, i am specially inviting you to be in attendance during the event.

Me: where will it be held?

Jenny: at my home, hope you will be there.

Me: hmmmmmmm, i think so

Jenny: is that a promise?

Me: yeah, sure it is.


I really had a great time with her based on our conversation, she opened up and seem to be free with me, but nothing relating to the sexual aspect happened.

Scott, i heard a voice behind me which startled me, i looked back and saw jaga with a wide grin on his face.

How far na, he asked

Me: Jaga, how did you get in here?

Jaga: I had no choice but to barge in, after knocking on the door to no avail, what have you been doing since?

Me: Nothing much. I was just lost in thoughts.

I observed Jaga’s dressed and noticed he wasn’t putting on a casual wear.

Me: this one wey you dress like this, na where you dey bounce go?

Jaga: have you taken your bath, he asked changing the topic.

Me: yes, wetin happen?

Jaga: Go and get dressed, lets go together.

Me: Go to where, now that the sun is high in the sky.

Jaga: we are going to the pool

Me: pool? Dats cool, sounds like a good idea.

Jaga: you have to get dressed let’s be on our way now, you are not the only one.

Me: am not the only one, What do you mean?

Jaga: you will get to know later, just get dressed.

Without further questioning, i stood up and headed towards the wardrobe, minutes later, we were already on our way. It took us almost an hour before we finally got to our destination, It was a house which had flower decorations around it.

Where is this place? I asked jaga while we approached the gate.

A house owned by a friend of mine, he answered.

I just kept mute and watched him while he brought out his phone and called someone which i presume is the owner of the house.

It didn’t take long before we finally got in and we were welcomed by his friend.

They are waiting, i heard him say to jaga

He took us to the back of the house and i saw the pool, it was very large and wide in length. Four girls were already swimming but there were no guys present, guess they are yet to come.

I stared at the girls and saw one of them smiling at me.

She looks familiar, it seems have met her before. I walked closer towards her direction and saw her face. Instantly i knew who she was. It was Clara.

Jaga came behind me, i looked at him and he winked at me.

This is more than just an outing, i said to myself.

To Be Continued…

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