-Even Your Boo Get A Boo

Must Read: Even Your Boo Get A Boo… Part 14

Written by Olufayo Tosin, BBM PIN: 2BBFE76F, Twitter: @IamOlufayo…
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I stared at my phone with disbelief, this can’t be true, what will jaga be doing in the police station on a Sunday. I wished i had airtime to call back but i didn’t.

Without wasting much time, i stood up and put on my clothes, i have to help jaga, if he is locked up, dat means he will be on bail so i have to take some cash along.

No one goes to a police station with full pockets and comes out without spending a dime, i trust our Nigerian police officers *winks*

After leaving home, i quickly headed straight to the bank to make a withdrawal. Few minutes later, i was already on my way heading to the location which was very far from where i live but happens to be the only police station close by where jaga resides.

On reaching there, i entered the police station and I saw jaga and two of his friends at the entrance.

Jaga, i shouted with a surprise look on my face.

I was thinking he was locked up, but seeing him here made me more a curious.

Jaga: Daniel thank God say you don come.

Daniel: Jaga na wetin dey happen?

Jaga: I was robbed last night

Daniel: robbed? How manage na

Jaga: i didn’t even know how it happened, it was at gunpoint, they were about six in numbers.

Daniel: na wetin dem come do?

Jaga: which kind question be dat one, na wetin dem dey do before, no be to steal.

Daniel: so what did they steal.

Jaga: they went away with my laptop, phones and some amount of money which i had kept at home. I just got a report this morning telling me that the robbers had been

caught and all stolen goods has been retrieved from them.

Daniel: since you are here, why haven’t you collected yours?

Jaga: i have already gone, i spoke with the officer in charge but he said that before I can take it, I will have to deposit the sum of twenty thousand naira.

Daniel: 20k, for wetin na

Jaga: the tin surprise me sef, right now am on having 12k which was contributed by my friends here, that was why i sent for you.

Daniel: good thing I came with cash.

I brought out the money and added eight thousand naira to it, which made the money complete.

Jaga: thank you ma guy, u do well.

I and his friends waited outside while he went in to make the payment for his stolen goods, so i used the opportunity in doing some introduction with his friends.

Few minutes later, he came out with a wide grin on his face, carrying along with him his phones and window 8 laptop.

You guys are the best, i really appreciate all your efforts.

We talked for a while and bid each other farewell before we parted ways, leaving only jaga and i.

Jaga: i have some repairs to do.

Daniel: did the laptop got spoilt?

Jaga: no, not the laptop. It is my door, it was broken by those robbers.

Daniel: really, no be small tin oh, dat means you will have to fix it today.

Jaga: exactly, but do you know any carpenter i can call now?

Daniel: i think so.

I brought out my phone and called a carpenter which I was familiar with and he promised to come on time after given him the address.

he is on his way I told jaga.

Jaga: thats better, let him come and fix it up before night falls.

We continued to gist about the robbery incident which I couldn’t help but laugh when he told me he was flogged on the buttocks for harassing one of them, after which he left and I took a bike home.

To be continued.

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