-Even Your Boo Get A Boo

Must Read: Even Your Boo Get A Boo… Part 13

Written by Olufayo Tosin, BBM PIN: 2BBFE76F, Twitter: @IamOlufayo…
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Good afteroon young man, the pastor said to me

Good afternoon pastor, i replied.

So what is your name young man, he asked.

My name is Daniel sir, i answered

Oh brother daniel, you have been a member of this church for a very long time now, but i observed that you have been absent for some weeks now.

Yes, you are right pastor.

So what do you have to say about it.

*i no go wan lie because e get as e go be, inside church for dat mata, but i no kon get any reasonable excuse*

I was in my hometown, i visited my parents and spent some time with them, dat was what actually caused my absence.

Okay, but now that you are back, i will advise you spend more time with God.

I will do that pastor.

Dats good, do not forget the meaning of your name, for you will be Judge by God according to the way u act.

Immediately he said this words, my concience became guilty, truly the Lord is talking through this man, i said to myself.

Have a nice day brother daniel, and i do hope to see you in church next week sunday.

Thank you pastor, i said to him, bid him farewell and left for home.

I got home, said a short prayer and had a change of clothes. I then entered the kitchen to prepare lunch, after the food was prepared, i couldn’t even eat because i never had the appetite.

Just busy thinking of Jenny, i have never really been in a serious relationship before, but from the look of things, if she gives me a chance, i won’t let her regret it.

But all this while, i never got a call or text message from clara since that incident and i am no even bothered about it because tripping for her will lead me no where, she is just a s-x freak.

I took my phone and opened whatsapp, just to check if jenny had an account on whatsapp.

Yes dats it, her account was right there staring at my face, i decided to send her a message but that will be to soon, since am just coming back from church.

I opened bbm so as to have a chat with Jaga, and that was when i got a message telling me my data bundle has exhausted.

d–n it, i quickly checked my pockets and brought out some naira notes.

I hurriedly left the house and headed to the nearest shop were recharge cards were sold, i purchased airtime worth a thousand naira which i will use in renewing my subscription.

On getting home, i checked my phone and saw four missed calls from an unknown number.

I couldn’t call back coz i didn’t purchase call airtime.

I opened bbm after subscribing for the one month plan, that was when the call came again and i picked the call.

Hello, i said.

Am i speaking with Daniel?

Yes, how may i help you?

Please come over to Divisional Police headquaters immediately.

Why, what for?

Jaga needs your help

Then the line went dead.

To be continued…

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