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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 9

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 8, Read It Here

I didn’t spend much time at Kemi’s place and I hurriedly left without saying much to her, while she tried to make me understand that she hadn’t taken advantage of my situation to get me to f*ck her.She said was in love with me; and ‘LOVE’ was the last thing on my mind at that moment.So I walked out on her.

The next 4 months brought to an end the mourning season, according to our tradition.And after the burial, my aunt Stephe did her best to make me happy and I was beginning to enjoy my stay in her house, but for Nkem’s pestilence.She became a thorn in my flesh.Always saw fault in everything I did at home and would scream at the top of her voice, painting me as a black sheep before her uncle Phillip.She noticed I never liked her for her saucy nature.And at times she would rant about how England was more civilized than Naija, and how much she hated being black and bla! bla!! bla!!!. Ohhh….she was such a pain in the arse.A real shrew.Back then I usually wondered if she had a boyfriend, though I never dared to ask her.For what kwanu?

On a particular morning, she was supposed to go out with her uncle and the car was dirty.So i was to wash the car because the tiny house keeper, Edet had gone on leave and since then hadn’t returned (probably because of Nkem), leaving the washing of the cars to me.That morning Nkem knocked on my door, and when I opened, she threw the car keys at me,”Wash the car”, she said, and walked away.I stood bewildered staring at her.A whole me, I thought.The girl didn’t know who she was messing with.I could snuff life out of her without regretting it.She never knew who I was.She never knew.So that morning I took the keys and washed the car.

One wonderful morning, I had just finished taking my bath and taken off my towel as I got into my room.Then thoughts of Mabel flooded my mind, giving me a throbbing hard-øn as I stood n?ked before the cabinet mirror.I really missed her and i smiled to myself, staring at my hard-øn, when suddenly the door flung open and I turned swiftly to see Nkem standing at the doorway. She looked petrified, with her eyes wide at my shaft as she stood motionless for some seconds without saying a word before coming back to reality,”Er-er i’m so sorry…so sorry”, she said and left hurriedly.I could hear her running downstairs.A big grin played on my face.She had come to tell me to remember to wash the car before going to school.And after that day, her countenance towards me changed.Nkem hardly talked to me anymore, even her early morning torments ceased and she found it hard to look into my face anytime she brought one of her shrew errands to me and even gets uncomfortable in my presence

On a particular day, I had finished having my shower and was about stepping out of the bathroom, when i turned the door knob and was surprised to see Nkem stand up swiftly the moment I opened the door.I was quite shocked as she hissed and stomped away in her usual manner.Was she peeping while I took my bath? i wondered.Well, I didn’t believe she would do that; for she claimed to be too civilized to stoop low in various things.So I let that one go.

On another occasion while I washed the car one morning, I noticed something had stuck under the vehicle.Probably a nylon, a ragged cloth or something.So I slid underneath (the car) and began taking the rubbish out, then I noticed a set of robust legs standing next to me as I peeped while under the car.Carefully I began to slide out and my eyes caught a fair glimpse of Nkem’s inner thighs above me, as she stood with her legs slightly parted.I delayed a little bit beneath the car and ogled the lovely sight that was above my face.Her thighs were smooth dark, round and plump.And I could see her crotch clad by the V of her lace panties, and noticed she had a camel toe between her legs.I didn’t think she knew her legs were open for me.When I was done ogling her caucus, I slid out and she shifted, closing her legs.

“What were you doing beneath the car?” she asked sternly.I got up and looked at her quizically,”Do I owe you an explanation?” I replied.Then she heaved in dismay,”I wonder why Nigerians answer questions with questions”, she said.But her face wasn’t looking as serious as usual.”Anyway hurry up”, she retorted,”My uncle is about leaving”, and she turned swiftly and walked away, her Buttocks swaying under her nightie.Mehn…she was heavy at the waist.Such a waste of hips to a shrew.


Frank was surprised to her that I finally bleeped Kemi,”Bros you bad!”, he exclaimed the day he found out.I told him things went out of control and he kept hailing me all the way.But I had a question to ask him.

“Is Kemi truly a lesbian?” I asked

“My guy…that one I no sure oo”, Frank replied.

I took his uncertainty to mean he had no proof.And so was it with the others who claimed she was a lesbian.No proof.Soon i got to know Kemi as a nice person and we became friends and serious f*ck mates.


Then came a fateful Friday I will never forget.Aunt Stephanie and her husband had travelled to the village, leaving their son Victor with Nkem and I. Of course I knew I was the one to do the baby sitting because Nkem was a ‘minus-one’ when it came to domestic affairs.She was a spoilt brat.That evening I had put Victor in order and ensured he was well fed before putting him to bed (of course i’m domesticated **winks**). I read him his bed time stories and when I was sure he was deeply asleep, I went to bed.

It had begun to rain heavily by 10:00pm, with lightening illuminating the skies as i lay in bed.It felt quite scary though, reminding me of horror night movies and making me rummage under the duvee till i drifted off.I hadn’t slept that long when I heard my door creak open, so I got up and turned on the lights….And there was Nkem standing at the doorway with an odd look on her face.

“What is it?”, I asked strictly.

She leaned on the wall playing with her fingers.”I’m scared’, she said.I was surprised at the Almighty Nkem.She told me she gets scared of lightening, that it had been like that since her childhood.Then I assured her everything was fine (Imagine!) and told her to go back to her room.She made to leave, then turned back.

“Can you come stay with me?” she asked.

But i told her it wasn’t possible and she pleaded with me seriously so I assured her only on one condition.

“I’m gonna sleep on the floor”, I said.

“That’s okay”, she cooed.

And we made for her room.A lovely room I must say.So i turned off the light and she took to her bed, while I took to the floor, then she passed me a pillow and we (or rather I) dozed off.I was awoken minutes later by sniffs and sobs coming from her bed above.

“What is it again?” I asked feeling disturbed.

She said she was sorry she was making me lie on the cold floor.And was also sorry for her recent attitudes towards me.I listened to her mixture of sobs and words as she spoke from her bed.I felt touched.Then she begged me to come to the bed, that she didn’t mean to make me suffer (Which kind wahala be dis?).Her sobs were now getting to me in her dark room and I couldn’t endure them anymore, then I spoke up

“Okay i’m coming”, I said and reluctantly climbed to the bed and lay down.But as I stirred, my hand touched something warm, so I groped further……..It was her bare Bosom.Nkem was stark n?ked as the day she was born.

To Be Continued…

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