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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 8

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)…

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The news came to me as a shock, while I studied in the library.My dad had called on the phone (reminds me of my nokia 3310) to break the news.But he said there was no need for me to come back home since i had some tests that week.I broke down in tears as I was so angry with the fact that my mum had saved lives as a doctor, but hers couldn’t be saved.The whole world came crashing on me.I left the library in tears (while people stared at me) and headed for the school’s garden park.I needed a quiet place to cool my head.Weird thoughts flooded my mind and I decided to go see my best buddy Frank.I needed someone who could console me.A shoulder to cry on.I was broken.

Frank wasn’t at home when I got to his hostel (to my disappointment) and I sat on his doorstep weeping when Kemi came back from lectures and met me that way.She tried to console me without even knowing my problem.And when I told her, she felt pity for me and wiped my tears with her hand.Kemi spoke words of comfort to me and I was beginning to get comfortable with her.Then she helped me up and invited me into her apartment to wait for Frank.Though I hesitated at first, comfort was all I needed at that moment and she was giving it to me.So I obliged and went in with her.

Her crib was simple and beautiful, adorned with pink all over.I took a seat on her bed, my thoughts going haywire, while she went in to have her shower.Minutes later she emerged wearing a yellow camisole and khaki bum shorts.Her big b00bs dangled underneath her camisole as she moved about.She switched on a movie to lighten my mood, doing her best to please me.As we watched TV, she offered me something to eat but I refused.And once more, hot tears began to roll down my eyes and she came closer to hold me.”Stop this naww”, she pleaded.”Are you not a man?” Then I began to sob and she pulled me closer and cuddled me to her bossom.I could feel the thump of her heart and the warmth of her soft breasts.Then she began to speak words of comfort into my ears and caressed my head.

I was enjoying the comfort and attention she was giving me.It was a solace to me at that moment.As she kept on caressing my head, I noticed her b00bs had gotten swollen and her nippIes erect.Her fingers were now teasing the nape of my neck, sending vibes down my body and my d!ck engorged and nudged at her right thigh.She began to massage it with her thigh.And gently I turned my face and nibbled at her nippIe through her camisole and she squeezed me closer, her hands now roaming all over my body.

It was a case of one thing leading to another as my hand travelled to a Bosom and I føndled it, she gasped arching her back and jutting her bust forward for more attention.My mind was warped with grief and I had lost all sense of reasoning and began to squeeze her b00bs harder and føndling them, making her moan as she kept on massaging my d!ck with her thigh.This was what Kemi wanted all along and she was getting it.She pulled her sleeves down, exposing her jelly b00bs and nestled one of them to my mouth like a mother feeding her baby.And I sucked slurpingly.Groaning and making slurping sounds as I teased her nippIes with my tongue and she kept hissing “hssssst” like a snake.I was sucking like a puppy, lapping at her areola.At some point I would squeeze her two b00bs together with both hands and suck her two nippIes simultaneously, driving her crazy.

I was mad with arousal.So I sat up and looked at her and she rubbed my thigh, leaned forward and said,”Let me wipe your tears baby”, and she gently pushed me down to the bed, peeling off my clothes and hers as well.Soon we were Unclad with her on top of me, and she dangled her big breasts in my face, teasing me.I sucked hungrily, groping and føndling them continuously.She remained like that for a long time enjoying my tongue on her mammaries.When I had sucked her b00bs to her fill, she crawled upwards and sat on my face, grinding her pusse on my lips as her juice leaked down her thighs.And I began to eat her out.

Her pusse tasted so good.And her juice felt tingly on my tongue.As I lapped at her labials, sucking them into my mouth, she began to moan aloud “oooh…yeahh, yeahhh”.Encouraged by her moans, I pulled her further downwards and began to chow her cuñt while her hips rotated on my face.I inserted my tongue into her and she moaned softly, grabbing my head.Then she pulled away and slid down to my shaft and gobbled my man meat like a shark.She was gently chewing at the tip of my d!ck and massaging my balls at the same time as i groaned “urgghh” all the way.Her deep thrøating skills were poor, but she was really good at eating man meat.And she sucked me real good, squeezing my shaft so hard and making the cap become engorged, then used her lips to tease round its edges.Kemi kept on doing that, teasing me to spasms and then swallowed and sucked my d!ck once before climbing astride.

Kemi guided my c0ck into her love hole, and it felt so tight, warm and wet as my d!ck impaled her.”I’m gonna f*ck your brains out”, she said and began to bounce her snatch over my c0ck.Her pusse snuggled tightly to my d!ck and I could feel it trying to milk me off instantly as she f*cked me desperately like she wanted to f*ck away any resentment I had for her.So I began to hammer back, lifting my hips to meet hers.But her hips were moving like a spindle machine, so uncontrollable and I grabbed her buttocks trying to slow her down, but she kept on pounding me to smitherings, swatting her Buttocks at my thighs at hyperspeed.I knew I wouldn’t last long the way she was handling me.So I maneuvered her on her back (to her displeasure) and began banging her at my own pace. She began to tickle her clit while I nailed her and I grabbed at her b00bs for support, squeezing them at the same time.

The tattoo on her right Bosom now looked beautiful and her face was creased in pre-orgasmic flush, her lips widely parted as my c0ck kept on drilling her cuñt.She sucked in air desperately, arching her back and thrashing her head from time to time.Her breasts were now flailing and bouncing.And I managed to get a nippIe into my mouth while I f*cked her hard and she began to say dirty things like, “F*ck my snatch you assh*le”, “Get that f*cking pusse”.And I impaled her harder and faster with anger and grief in my heart, and didn’t know when I was riding her at lightspeed.Her eyes shot wide open as she clutched my neck, almost strangling me and threw her legs wider apart, crying out,”Make me your bîtch…f*ck me like your bîtch…f*ck me like your bîiiitch”, and her body vibrated as her grasp on my neck choked me and she came convulsing hard.Then I halted slowly before withdrawing to spill my seed on her stomach.Her breasts were undulating as she tried to catch her breath.

“You were crazy”, she rasped

“And so were you”, I replied and slumped to the bed, grief flooding back to my mind.

To Be Continued…

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