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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 73

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Seventy Two, read it HERE!!!

My thoughts were of death as I watched Isla come closer to me. And despite how much I had warned Nkem, she still took slow paces, turning back at intervals to stare at me with uneasiness in her eyes. I knew she suspected something was wrong and she wasn’t going to just leave me there. So ducking behind an electric pole, she watched as Isla came to stand before me.

“Good evening Flame”, Isla said and suddenly her right hand moved behind. Instantly my heart triple skipped as i expected to see a gun fire at me. But to my surprise I saw a brown envelope as she brought her hand forward to me.

“Here is your own share of the last job by my girls”, she said. I stared at the parcel for some seconds (her hand hung mid-air) wondering what would have given her the impetus to do what she was doing at that moment, after killing my girlfriend. Only if i had a gun at that moment, I would have put a bullet through her head.

“And what would I be doing with the money” I queried

“You keep it….spend it….do anything with it. It’s yours”

“So sorry I can’t take that money”, I sneered walking away. Isla stood watching me limp away from her sight and she spoke out: “I didn’t kill Kemi”, she said. Like lightening, her words hit me and I stopped in my tracks. In uncontrollable rage, I turned back and made for her neck, grabbing her with both hands and almost strangling her. I could see her wing guards quickly alight from the car to come to her rescue, but she signalled them to hold on as she struggled to breath within my grasp.

“I’ll kill you here, you bítch”, I spat

“Go ahead if you want”, she choked. “But I repeat, I didn’t kill your girlfriend”.

As I held her throat and looked into her eyes while she spoke, i noticed she was serious with her words. But what I couldn’t decipher was if she was lying or not, because Isla was a snake, and was capable of anything. Her eyes said she was saying the truth, but the coyishness in her voice said the opposite. I was confused at that moment, and in my frustration, I pushed her away from my grasp, and she almost fell into a nearby drainage system.

“Why did you have to go that far Isla? I asked. “You even stole her necklace. You stole from the dead”.

“Goodheart I didn’t do it”, she snapped aloud. “I know you think I did, but I didn’t”.

“What are you talking about you witch!”

“Enough of the name calling mister. You know I hate it”.

“Then start talking”, I gritted. “Who killed my girlfriend?”

Isla smiled wryly and shook her head, looking at me in dismay. Certainly there were thoughts going on in her head and she heaved a deep sigh.

“Yes I hated Kemi”, she began. “And I hated her so much for being a stumbling block to possessing all of you. Goodheart, to tell you the truth, i had planned to snuff the life out of her, after she attacked me”. she paused for a while.

“Then what happened?” I asked

“But i think someone moved ahead of me”, she said. “Someone was also not happy with your girlfriend. Come to think of it…what would i be doing with your babe’s necklace?” she demanded. “You know I can afford anything I want”.

Seriously her words held deep meaning and pierced my heart. If all Isla was saying was the truth, then there was a bigger problem. That meant I had an unknown enemy lurking in the dark. Could it be Frank, i wondered. Probably he had killed Kemi to get back at me. Then I asked Isla about the last attack I had and she denied knowing anything about it. “Oh my God what do I believe now”, I gasped. From the look on my face, Isla could see the confusion in me. Then she came closer and held me by the arm.

“Dig deep Goodheart”, she told me. “Pull up every resource you can and find the killer of your girlfriend. I bet he’s not far from you”. With that, she as stuffed the brown envelope into my unwilling hands and turned and left, while i stood there watching her walk away. If she was truly innocent of Kemi’s death, then I had to move fast. This was when I needed the fraternity more more than ever, to help me fish out the killer and protect me from my unknown enemy. It could be Frank, it could be anybody. Whoever it was, I was bound to find out.


To Be Continued…

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