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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 7

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)…

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The next 2 yrs saw me within the fore walls of a university.I had gotten an admission for my 1st degree at the University of Port Harcourt.Though we lived in PH, my parents preferred me staying with one of my strict aunts named Stephanie who lived very close to the campus.My parents had feared that being away from their scrutiny would lead to a total decadence in my moral values and upbringing.Hence, the aunt Stephanie choice so she could watch over me.

Aunty Stephanie was a customs officer who was always busy and had just a boy aged 5 called Victor.A very cheerful kid I must say.And her husband, Brother Phillip, though he was not always around because he globe trotted for business, was a nice man to allow me stay with them despite stories they’ve heard about me.

My arrival to aunty Steph’s home was made in the evening.My dad had dropped me in the compound and instantly rode off without much words.I guess he was happy to bundle me off to someone else so easily without having to stress himself.I stood watching him until he drove off, only horning twice as he left the compound.The horns were probably a sort of goodbye I believed.Then I turned to face the building I was to call my new home and felt abandoned and lonely.I hadn’t been there for a long time since my childhood days.And I just have a faint memory of those days.The whole place seemed strange and eerie to me and I sighed in dismay.This could be a boring time in my life, I thought.Then my mind drifted to Mabel and Linda.They were far away from me.Mabel had relocated back to Yaonde, the Cameroonian capital where her family lived.And Linda had left the country for Belgium to study Physiology, and I heard from her once in a while but stopped hearing from Mabel 2 wks after she arrived Yaonde.

The building was an architectural wonder, showing the kind of taste my aunty’s husband had.Its structural out put reminded me of the white house in the USA, but a miniature version of it.I looked round the spacious compound once more, then shrugged and pressed the door bell.

“I dey come”, i heard a young male answer from inside and I stood waiting, then the door flung open.

“Goodevening Sir!” the boy greeted.

I presumed he was the house assistant.

“Is my aunty home?” I asked and he shook his head like he was dumb and ushered me in, collected my luggage and offered me a seat.The interior decor was second to non.With polished oak wood and mahogany furniture.I nodded my head in cognisance.Brother Phillip was really a man of taste.My eyes was still hovering around the Sitting room when i heard a female voice “You are welcome”, she said and I turned in the direction and my eyes met the lovely sight of a damsel standing on the stairway.She was damn pretty and was of a small stature but had a killer curve.Her body was smooth and plump, dark in complexion and bulgy eyes which made her sexier.I could guess she was in her early 20s and hard a stern face.

“Thank you”, I replied her, my eyes still ogling her (which she noticed) and she cast me a disgusting look.

“Aunt Stephe has said you’ll be coming”, she said in a British accent.And stepped forward and extended her hand.

“I’m Nkem”, she said as I shook her hands

“I’m Goodheart”, I replied and she withdrew her hand abruptly.Then I asked,”Sorry…are you British?” And she smiled indifferently,”Well, partly…was born in Birmingham, England”, she said arrogantly,”But dad says I needed to know my roots so brought me back to this hell of a place”, she concluded.Everything about her seemed formal and arrogant.Then she excused herself and climbed back upstairs.As I watched her, I noticed her plump Buttocks vibrating with each step she took.And she turned back and caught me staring, frowned at me and headed on.She was Brother Phillip’s niece.While we talked, I sensed that aura you get when you are with a shrew.And I detected arrogance in her nature.I disliked arrogant women and knew we might not get along well.

The subsequent weeks were full of hustles.Exactly the scenario that befalls a freshman in campus.I wasn’t finding things funny owing majorly to the fact that I hated my course of study.I had applied for Medicine but due to the way things work in Naija.I settled with Agriculture.Thank God I finally had the opportunity to study Medicine as a second degree.Within a short time, I merged into the campus society and began to socialize.That was when I met Kemi, a 2nd yr student in Microbiology.Though she was pretty and more experienced than me owing to the fact I was a freshman, I despised her a lot because of the rumors surrounding her sexuality.Rumour had it that she was a lesbian which made me wonder why she constantly hit on me.

Kemi lived at my friend’s hostel and it all started on a particular day when I had just left Frank’s room and rushing down the stairs and I bumped into her, hitting a bucket of water off her grasp and the bucket came crashing down the stairs and water spilled everywhere.I immediately apologized and ran after the rolling bucket (while she stood watching me) and picked it up.To show how sorry I was, I dropped my bag and went down the stairs to refill the bucket and brought it back to her where she stood, quite infuriated.

“I’m sorry once again”, I said

“Its okay”, she replied and took the bucket from me.She seemed pleased with me.

“You’re such a gentleman”, she said and she introduced herself to me and i did too as we shook hands.I didn’t fail to notice the anklet at her ankle and the tattoo on her hip.She must be weird I thought.But she had a luscious set of b00bs on her chest which also had a tattoo, and I took my eyes off instantly.

“I do see you around here”, she said handling my hand in her palm and I withdrew it quickly and replied,”My friend stays here”. She nodded,”Frank I presume?”

“Yeah Frank”, I answered and apologized once again and left.I could feel her eyes staring behind me.After that day, Kemi became a problem to me.She would wait for me at the balcony whenever I went to visit Frank and accost me on my way.I knew she was weird and it was boldly written all over her.But her persistence with me made me doubt she was really a lesbian.Most times she would send gifts through Frank.At times letters with her lipstick stains on them.She was getting on my nerves.On a particular occasion, when I visited Frank, she walked in and Frank excused us both.And she began making advances at me.On a normal day, nothing would stop me from f*cking the hell out of her, (a badt guy like me) of course she was s*xy**, but I couldn’t f*ck a lesbian (though I wasn’t sure she was).So on that day I never gave in and that seemed to upset her and gradually, she stopped pestering me.And at a point, stopped talking to me whenever I visited Frank.I felt relieved about it and things went on smoothly until my 2nd yr, in 2002 when I lost my mum.

To Be Continued…

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