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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 69

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Sixty Eight, read it HERE!!!

“Goodheart, what happened to you?” Adaora asked in astonishment as she noticed my disheveled nature and limping leg. She stood with her palms clasped to her mouth.

“Come inside”, she said in her usual American accent (how much I missed that s*xy** accent from her lips).

I walked passed her limping into the house as she kept stating at me with awe. Then she locked the door and aided me to the nearest seat on which I sat down. She squatted down (before me) to observe my leg and her inner thighs and crotch came into view as she squatted in her nightgown. Noticing my eyes drift between her thighs, she closed her legs and adjusted herself on her knees, carrying my sprained ankle in her palms.

“Tell me dearie, what happened?”

I was still searching for the right words to use when I heard shuffling footsteps, and I turned to see Nkem coming down the stairs. She stood in shock the moment she saw me writhing in pains (as Adaora massaged my leg)

“Bleeping Blimey….who’re my seeing?” Nkem gasped. Then she ran back up the stairs like a little girl. I could hear her voice now echoing upstairs.

“Aunt Steph! Aunt Steph!!” she was now knocking on my aunt’s door.

To tell you the truth, I became instantly uncomfortable because I believed my aunt would not want to set eyes on me, and I didn’t know how to look her in the eyes after being such a nuisance to her life. Adaora seemed to notice my sudden perplexity and she looked into my eyes.

“Calm down…. just calm down”, she said. “Everything will be fine”.

“I messed up, sister Adaora”, I said amidst sobs.

Adaora sighed deeply the moment I called her ‘sister’ and she smiled pitifully, shaking her head.

“So that’s what I’m to you know….Sister, huh?” she shrugged. “Anyway, there’ll be time to address that. But for the meantime, let’s fix your leg”. And she caressed my hairy calf. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you”.

That was when my aunt’s quivering voice sounded at the the stairs, and she called out my native name, “Obioma!” I turned swiftly to see my aunt strutting towards me, with Nkem behind her. I struggled to my knees instantly.

“Aunty I’m sorry please”, I pleaded.

She walked up to me with her arms stretched out, as I had expected her to lash out at me but she held my shoulders and pulled me up to her. More to my disbelief, she enclosed me in a warm embrace and I saw tears of joy fill her eyes.

“It’s okay boy….it’s okay”, she sobbed. “I thought I would never see you again”. Then she held me (pulling backwards) to look into my sorry face .”I promise never to hit you again. I’ll learn to respect your choices as a man”.

“No aunty, you did the right thing”, I wept. “I shouldn’t have raised my hands on you that night. I shouldn’t have lost my cool”.

All these while, Adaora and her niece Nkem, stood speechless observing the scene in tears. Then they both came to hug me with my aunt. It was such a wonderful reunion that night and I was glad I still had a home in my aunt’s place.


As the days passed, I my leg began to heal gradually with the help of a local Masseur. The old lady was really gifted and experienced in the art of bone massaging. Despite Adaora and Nkem’s plea for my aunt to take me for othorpaedic care in a hospital, my aunt refuse and insisted I must get healed he traditional way. I was surprised she could patronize the services of a local masseur not withstanding her educational level and exposure. While I remained invalid for a mean time, I was given a clutches and used the ample time to bond once more with my family.

For the first week I returned back home, I noticed the estrangement between little Victor and I. He saw me as an antagonist, and I understood how he felt (about me) because I was responsible for what had happened to his mum on that particular night. And was also responsible for the constant tension in the house. I believed he was quite disappointed at me and I was no longer his role model. So many things had changed at home, and in tried as much as possible to win Victors heart once more. Then it dawned on me…that i had to turn a new leaf if I really wanted to leave like a normal human and member of the family. That was when I made up my mind to leave the fraternity at all cost. But was it a wise decision? I wondered…and how would it be possible? For the meantime I decided to stay totally away from any member of the fraternity, and I desisted from picking any of their calls. I even broke my sim and got a new number. And so I began to enjoy the wonderful life of a JEW man as my leg healed rapidly. It was fun to be a JEW man, I swear. There were no more Isla coined missions, no more fraternity to answer to as a 2nd Flight man….no more bullshít!

Nothing they say is worth more than a family as I came to understand all that period I hibernated. I became more useful to my aunty and the household by washing the cars, cleaning the windows and cooking at times despite Yemisi was still around. She began to warm up to me once more, assisting me in the kitchen, and not ceasing to caress my skin at the slightest touch. But guess what? I always turned her down…of course I was turning a new leaf. And as for attending lectures? Well….my leg was a perfect excuse since I was avoiding any of my Frat members seeing me. And i was already 2 months into my final year, so the work load wasn’t much anymore. It was on one of such days that i had finished my chores (around 7:00pm) and I limped off on my clutches to go rest at the spacious backyard, and i heard a rustling foot sound on the carpet grass, few feets beside me. I turned to see who it was and OMG!…..I gasped.

To Be Continued…

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