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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 66

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Sixty Five, read it HERE!!!

Life itself was like a market place. So I heard the elders say that particular day the beautiful lady was being laid to rest on the burial day. She had ran her race and traded in the market scene of life, only to be cut short before her existence could hold any meaning. As I watched the solemn face of Kemi while she lay in state, I couldn’t help but imagine the pains she passed through while she breathed her last; and anger surged deep within me as I thought about her killers. And my suspicions were all on Isla, owing to the last scuffle she had with Kemi. I found it hard to believe that the evil Baroness would wipe out two sisters in cold blood all in the same manner. But one thing that baffled me was the fact that Kemi’s gold necklace (which in gave her on her birthday) was missing from her neck when I discovered her bloodied corpse on that fateful evening. Probably the killers had taken it because of it’s worth. But what was Isla going to do with the necklace anyway? I wondered. She could afford tens of it with her dirty money….so why steal from the dead. Not only did she kill my girlfriend, but she stole from her lifeless body. Isla was indeed the most callous bítch I have ever come across and I was going to pay her back in her own coin (though I knew it wasn’t going to be easy).

Before then, the police had interrogated me concerning Kemi’s death since I was her boyfriend and I narrated the whole story to them, but left out the clash between she and Kemi, because that would lead the police to discover that Kemi had an issue with Isla for my sake, thereby exposing the fact that I was a cultist and a mercenary for the evil baroness. You know how police investigations go, creating a web that could entangle and raise dust. And that might end up getting me behind bars and Isla would be let off the hook due to her connection. But deep within me, I had drawn a battle line between I and the baroness. She couldn’t kill my girlfriend and go free. So with burning tears in my eyes, I watched as Kemi’s body was lowered down to mother earth and the air was rented with wails and cries as Kemi’s mother rolled on the dusty ground, beating her Bosom. Farewell to the dead, I rasped as I left the heart wrenching scene.

** 2 weeks later **

Kemi’s place reeked of sadness and memories which kept me sleepless and restless every night. Sometimes I believed I saw her ghost roaming the house (or probably imaginations) or heard her ticklish voice, and even had series of dreams about her. I would wake up in the middle of the night to look at the position she usually lay on the bed and sob till morning. Sometimes I would open the wardrobe to touch and feel her clothes on the hangers and even sniff her alluring perfume. I was almost going crazy. So I decided to save my sanity by vacating Kemi’s place and squatted with a Jew friend who didn’t know I was a cultist. I just wanted to stay away from the hustles and gun running for a while. I wanted to spend some time with ‘Jews’. I wanted to feel like a Jew once more and enjoy the freedom they enjoyed which was void of the tension and constant fleeing for for one’s life. To tell you the truth, we called them JEWS, but we were actually the Jews as I came to discover as I lived with Emeka my Jew friend. What more could you call a man who had no peace in his life, who was always on the fast lane…..of course a Jew. And for the first time in my life, after my blending, I yearned to be called a JEW. I was getting fed up with the whole fraternity bullshít. To crown it all, my friends (I mean frat members) didn’t know of my whereabouts as I totally went off their radar. Of course they had trained me well, and I was now a master at disappearing.

To Be Continued…

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