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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 65

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Sixty Four, read it HERE!!!

I was already walking passed him when he held me back. “Please tell the Baroness, I’ll be on my way” he pleaded.

“Sorry bro I can’t….go tell her yourself” and I walked out of the building only imagining how mad Kemi would be with me.

I finally got home by 5:00am and met Kemi seated in the sitting room waiting for me. She stood up the moment I walked in and I could see impatience written allover her.

“So you decided to come back ehh”? she queried.

“Kemi please….”

“Don’t call me!” she lashed out. “You sneaked out of bed to go see your madam, abi?”

“I had a job to do for her”

“Oh shut up!” she slapped me.

I swear I would have snuffed the life out of her that moment, if not for the fact that I could see tears welling up in her eyes. My heart melted for her instantly, so I moved to hold her but she pushed me away.

“Tell me you didn’t f*ck that bítch” she cried. “Tell me she didn’t lure you to bed”.

“No baby, I didn’t sleep with Isla” I lied.

“Then why did she pick your phone?? Why did she tell me you were in the shower?? Despite all I did to protect you….despite all I told you about keeping away from Isla’s bed…..yet…” she sobbed.

Those tears were seriously getting to me as I watched her cry. In my sobriety, I went down on my knees and held her thighs pleading.

“I’m sorry baby” I begged. “I had to go because of the money. Here is the money baby”.

“I don’t want any bloody money!” she yelled bitterly, knocking the bag of my grip and stomped back into the bedroom.

??? 3 weeks later ???

Kemi had earlier threatened to confront Isla to keep away from me despite how much I pleaded with her. She said that nothing will keep Isla off my track if she didn’t have a face off with her. Of course she did as she said, letting her jealousy get the better side of her. I can vividly remember that fateful afternoon when my guy Toby rushed to meet me at the school’s Love Garden, telling me that my girl was in a fight with the Baroness. I arrived at the scene in no time to meet the scene in which Isla’s clothes were already in shreds. Too bad for Isla (and lucky for Kemi) she was driving alone that day. I wondered what would have been the story if the Baroness had been with her wild girls. So i had to whisk her away from the scene before the girls would arrive.

Let me further say that Kemi also insisted that I quit executing anymore jobs for the evil Baroness. She was dead serious on that particular afternoon she told me her decision. We had just finished making love when she gave me a piece of her mind.

“But Kemi….what about the money?” I asked.

“We’re going to survive without Isla’s deadly contracts” she replied. “You want to die for me shey? Please oo it’s enough”.

I didn’t want to argue with her so as not to cause another fight between us or give her the impression that I was truly having an affair with Isla. So I remained silent after that, and we lay cuddled up in bed till evening when she decided to go have her shower so she could go to her friend’s place and get her Project Topic.

I was still lying in bed when she came out of the bathroom and I watched her dress up. I admired the way she slid on her panties and enjoyed the view of her big racks in her almost undersize bra which enhanced the nature of the tattoo on her Bosom.

“You’re s*xy** baby” I spoke out of compulsion and she stared at me shyly.

“Ohh….you know and you’re running after Isla” she replied.

“Not again….you know that’s not true” I whined, feigning anger.

In her lovely nature, she walked round to the bed and sat down beside me (still on her panties and bra) and pecked me on my lips.

“I’m sorry for giving you so much troubles in the past weeks” she said. “I’m just protecting what’s mine”

I raised my hand to touch her lips tenderly. “It’s okay dearie….I understand”.

She bent down and brought out her right Bosom and nuzzled it into my mouth. I instantly began to suck like a kitten till she pulled it away and back into her bra.

“I have to be going now. Onyi will be waiting for me” she said.

With that she got up and began to get ready; and in no time, she was off by 6:30pm not without pecking me. When she left, I decided to stroll into the kitchen to prepare some egg sauce and then I heard a gun shot (2 times precisely) from afar. It wasn’t up to ten minutes when a I heard a desperate knock on the front door. Spurred by the urgency of the knock, I dashed to answer the door and found a little boy who lived across the street on the doorstep. He was panting profusely.

“Tamuno na wetin?” I asked in irritation.

“Bros….bros….” he panted. “Aunty Kemi….for outside”

He really sounds urgent and shocked, so I rushed out of the compound to find a small crowd standing at the entrance of the street. I rushed giddily to the spot, pushing frantically through the crowd to find the bloodied and lifeless body of my Kemi on a drainage pavement. Her body had been riddled with bullets (Whoever shot her intended to kill her on the spot because she had bullets in her neck and chest).

I almost passed out at the sight of seeing Kemi motionless and lifeless. How was i to know she had just spent her last moments with me? What had she done to this deserve to be killed? I sobbed cuddling the limp body of my girlfriend. Oh no…who would have done this? I cried as the steaming crowd kept gathering around the scene.

To Be Continued…

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