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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 64

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Sixty Three, read it HERE!!!

Isla kept insisting I stayed back that night but i was already uncomfortable with all she had said concerning Kemi. I was beginning to fear that the Baba’s prophecy concerning Kemi’s life was about coming to pass. This was exactly how it all began between Bimbo, Kemi’s sister and her lover. One thing that will hurt me so much is to loose Kemi to anything that has to do with my lifestyle. She has never been comfortable with me working for Isla because she knew who she really was. Isla takes whatever she wants and gets whatever she desires. But this time I won’t give her the privilege of having me all to herself.

“I have to go please”, I said stubbornly, getting up from the bed before turning on my phone, incase Kemi called.

“So you want to leave me hõrny, right?” Isla asked.

“Haven’t you had enough?” I questioned. “We can do this some other time please” and I headed towards her bathroom. “I need a towel, I have to shower”, I said.

Isla didn’t reply me, instead she majestically got out of bed and walked sluggishly to her cabinet, shaking her voluptuous body (probably to entice me) then brought out a neat white towel, which she brought to me as I was under the shower. My eyes were already covered with lather when she walked in.

“Here is a towel” she said. And before I could open my eyes to see her, I felt her hand caressing my bare member and I instinctively knocked it off. She chuckled.

“Please leave now” I demanded.

“Will I Molest you?” she asked in mockery. I didn’t answer but continued bathing, then she said: “You’re even ordering me in my house sef” and she hissed and walked away.

Few seconds after she left, I heard my phone ring out. “Can I have the phone?!” I yelled. But the phone suddenly stopped ringing and for a second I thought I heard her conversing in a low tone. Was she answering my call? I wondered. Quickly, i turned off the faucet and dried my body as I scurried out of the bathroom. She was already lying down by the time I walked in.

“Who was that on my phone?” I asked.

“Who else” she waved her hand indifferently.

I paced forward and picked upon the phone to scroll through it to find out that she had actually picked my call and it had been Kemi on the line….what the f*ck!

“You shouldn’t have picked it! I sparked.

“Why??…So she won’t know you’re with me??

“Of course you know she’all be upset me!’”

“Then fine! she replied. “So be it. You can always come to me if she rejects you”

“Isla you’re such a devil” I gritted

She then stood up (still nãked) and walked up to me and I could see the blood shot in her eye.

“Too late you’re just discovering that” she spat, poking her index finger into my chest. “And don’t you ever call me names”

“And if I do?” I challenged

She smiled and scoffed sinisterly. “I bet you’re not silly to know I call the shots here….” she said “You can get the f*ck out of my house”.

Without wasting time , I hurriedly got into my clothes, picked my money, and paced down the stairs, bumping into the doctor on the way.

“How’s Sydney doing?” I asked.

“She’s going to live”, he replied.

To Be Continued…

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