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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 6

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This was my first time under a shower with a woman.As we kissed, our tongues entwined and we moaned into each other’s mouth.We were consumed by desires as we groped and caressed each other, the cold water tingling our body.With our lips still locked, my hands slid to her b00bs and I squeezed them gently, causing her to jolt in pleasure.Then I tickled her nippIes like the strings of a guitar and moved my lips to the nape of her neck, she gasped “ahhh”.The effect of running water combined with my touch was driving her crazy and she began to whisper my name,”Goodie…Goodie…..” With one of my hands still on her b00bs, I squeezed and føndled the mound of her Buttocks, spanking them softly as her feet seemed to wobble.She now held my head and pushed me down to suck her nippIes.I licked and tickled those dark buds with my tongue, nuzzling at her areola, and tracing the tip of my tongue round them.She shut her eyes and her mouth shot wide open “Ooooh”.Then I began to suck her breasts like a hungry baby.I føndled and caressed them as I appreciated their firmness and she hissed like a snake,”They’re yours baby”, she said,”Just squeeze them, knead them…just make me feel good”, she pleaded as I continued ravishing her b00bs and still føndling and caressing her Buttocks.To please her more, I slid my hand down between her thighs and massaged her mons pubis and she parted her legs to give me access to her pusse.So I gently inserted my third finger into her, anchoring it at her

G – spøt (eyes shot open) and began to tease it, while my thumb played with her clit and she shuddered, grabbing onto my neck tightly as her body now felt light due to my sweet torture.Her wetness was increasing and i could feel the slurping nature of her labials as I finger f*cked her.I pistoned my finger faster and she held me harder, her lips opening and closing, muttering no words.So I made the finger two and inserted deeper still pistoning hard and she moaned in whispers,”Ooooh, yeaaahhh”,and her right leg curled around my left thigh, while her hands circled my neck.And she kissed me deeply, still moaning in my mouth.When I withdrew my fingers, she teasingly began to peel off my drenched shirt, throwing it at a heap on the bathroom floor and began to kiss my body.She licked my nippIes and traced her tongue gradually down to my abdomen, went down on her knees and expertly undid my belt and zipper freeing my rigid man meat.Her hand clasped round my shaft and she gently began to stroke it causing an “urrggh” to escape my throat.As she massaged my d!ck, she looked up at me at intervals, enjoying the expressions on my face.Suddenly she swallowed it without warning and deep throated me right away, my legs almost gave away.With my d!ck still down her throat, her hands began to tear down my trousers to my ankle and I kicked them off, held her head in place till she choked on my d!ck and spat on the ‘cap’ then began to suck that end.Her expertise was out of this world.She wrapped her large tongue round the ‘cap’, using her teeth to tease the edges and swallowed it up again, while her hands played with my balls.Damn! she was like X-trated star.She ravished my d!ck so well, giving me a frantic hand job and making me come in spurts as I blew my load into her face and she licked my geez on her lips.My d!ck was still rock hard, and she stared at it looking pleased,”That’s why I love you boys”, she said as I pulled her up and scooped her into my arms and headed for her bedroom.

I placed her gently on the bed and nestled between her round thighs, parting them and her swollen clit came into view looking like a thumb.She rubbed it and said,” Eat my pusse baby…eat me” and I went down and began to give her head, causing her to bite her lower lip and squeeze her breasts in pleasure.My assault on her honey pot was a deep one, as I sucked her clit so hard and she threw her legs up and wider, her toes clenched and began to shudder continuously.Her feet were now gyrating and she arched her back, while I tongue f*cked her deeply.Then she grabbed my head in place pressing me deeper into her snatch and began to mummble aloud,”Yeah Goodie, lick it…suck me…lick me till i come”, and I knew was close to orgasm.So I tongue f*cked her harder and faster, rubbing her clit with the tip of my nose and then she whimpered “Mmmhhhmm” and her whole body convulsed, her b00bs and thighs quaking as she squirted over my face.Squirting hard and sending jets of streams in the air, while some landed on my back.She was a squiter and I never knew.Back from her orgasmic bliss, she began to moan,”I want your c0ck baby…I want you in me now”.Then I obliged and meant to penetrate her but she held my torso tight, wrapped her legs around and maneuvered into the Cow girl position as she mounted me.

Miss Mabel was a good d!ck rider.She began with gentle strokes.Moving up and down, then in circles, with her head thrown backwards.I could feel the tip of my d!ck teasing her insides and I grabbed her breasts, squeezed her nippIes and she moaned,”Mmm…yeaahh…just like that” in approval.She kept on f*cking me that way and soon began to jerk her hips faster and harder.Her jerks were now poundings as she held her bouncing b00bs and f*cked me without reserve and I raised my hips from time to time to meet her banging.The more she f*cked me the crazier she became as she stimulated herself into a frenzy, shaking uncontrollably, digging her nails into my chest and began to cry out in French,”Mon dieu…je suis mort…je suis mort….” It felt so s*xy** hearing her speak French in ecstacy over my d!ck and I began to feel my blast coming, while her hips oscillated in spasms and she screamed out, shuddering with tremors as she came, and I felt my load fire right inside of her.She still remained in her position holding me tight and then collapsed on top of me, our breaths heaving simultaneously.

“You spoke in French”, I said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I know”, she replied and cuddled to me, crushing her breasts on my chest.

,”Sorry I came inside of you”, I apologized

And she rubbed my head.”Its safe she replied” and then raised her head to look at me for a while…and said,”Please spend the night with me”, she pleaded.For sure my clothes were wet and my parents had traveled, and my siblings won’t make a fuss if i slept out.Truly this lady was a distraction to me.Then I looked at her and smiled,” Of course i’ll spend the night with you”, I said.

To Be Continued…

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