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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 4

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Miss Mabel became my constant bed mate.After school hours I would discharge Linda and sneak to her house where she would teach me new ‘skills’ and f*ck my brains out.I was becoming wilder by the day.We even did it once in the teachers’ staff room.That day I had stayed back to study after school hours in an empty class and was about to go home.The whole school was empty as it was supposed to be at that time of the day (5:00pm). On my way out of the class I noticed the door to the staff room upstairs, was still ajar.So I locked the class and climbed upstairs to keep the keys with any of the teachers in the staff room.The vicinity of the place felt so quiet, giving me the impression that no one might be inside, though I still walked in.And there she was, alone, sitted behind her desk so busy.Miss Mabel was so focused that she didn’t notice me enter..”Mabel”, I called her softly and she jerked in shock.”You startled me”, she said.I was so surprised she was still around by that time, and she told me she wanted to prepare for the next day’s lesson before going home.She looked tired.Trust me I knew how to treat a lady.And so I went round her desk, behind her and started massaging her shoulders.She breathed a sigh of relief, closed her eyes and rested her cheek on my hand,”Baby, you always know how to treat a lady”, she said.I was pleased she liked it, so I ventured further and began to massage the top of her bossom, gradually going down to her b00bs.I caressed her breasts gently, squeezing it lovingly and feeling the bud of her hardened nippIes which I tickled through her light blouse and she squirmed in her seat.Mabel was really getting aroused.Then i bent down and unbuttoned the top of her blouse from behind, digging my hands into her bra and squeezed her mounds, while I licked her ear lobes.She began to moan softly, and I traced my hand down to her wet honey comb, then she parted her legs and raised her head to kiss me from behind.I finger f*cked her gently and continuously, causing her pusse to make squishing sounds as her hips began to rotate in her seat.Then she pushed my hand away, got up and leaned on her desk offering me her backside and said,”Take me here Goodie, Just take me now please!”.Her words were more of a plea.So I undid my trousers and raised her skirt and she twerked her Buttocks (in anticipation) causing her butt cheeks to open and close, swallowing her G-strings.That drove me wild and I tried to shift her panties to one side but the mounds of her big ilkebe wouldn’t let me.I had no time to pull it off, so with one fierce pull I ripped her panties away, she squirmed and i penetrated her.I went down straight to banging her hard, the sounds of her swatted Buttocks was breaking the silence..We didn’t care if we would get caught, neither did we care if someone would over hear our moans and groans.She began to jerk her hips, scratching the surface of her desk as I pumped in harder, groaning like a wounded lion.I stopped abruptly and lifted her onto her desk and she pushed away every book and lay on her back, spreading her pusse with her fingers.Her pusse seemed to breathe along as she took short breaths and i drove into her again, pummeling her love hole with a smile of pleasure on my face.

Mabel’s moans were becoming louder with each thrust and I was sure anybody close by would hear her, but I didn’t care.I was in nirvana.I began to take deep strokes in and out of her and she shuddered with each thrust, whimpering as if she was going to cry.She was on her way to orgasm.I sensed it and began to gently spoon and massage her pusse with my d!ck in a circular motion, teasing the inner most depths of her Kittycat.That seemed to increase her whimpers and she cried out in ecstasy,”Oh you f*ck me good baby, you f*ck me so good”.Then I resumed my thrusting and banged her harder this time, making her throw her head backwards and wrap her legs around me.Soon she began to convulse hard, and started to yammer,”I’m gonna come for you baby, I’m gonna come for you…” and she grabbed my hips, throwing her legs apart and came like a volcano, her whole body shaking with tremors.She lay on her desk breathing hard and I ejected from her and drew up my zipper.She then told me to leave immediately before someone comes around to catch us.And I dropped the class keys and hurried out, scanning the whole area before making for the staircase.

My life style was getting me bolder by the day and I began to have thirst for adventures.Of course I got them.And i began to push my luck.Being intoxicated with fantasies and driven by lust, I pushed further almost to the edge of no return.I even did extreme things to satisfy my thirst because my youthful exuberance was at its climax.So when adventures were not available, I created one myself.On one of such occasions, I broke into the school’s Exams & Records’ building at night in search of an adventure.

Earlier that day, I had met with two members of Lycans who shared the same thirst as mine.They were Somto and Obaino.Brutal niggies they were.I told them of my planned expedition and they showed their interest.We were about to steal question papers for the upcoming SSCE mock exams.Mind you, we weren’t doing it because we needed an expo.We just wanted to have chilly fun and maybe sell the answers for quick money.We agreed to rendezvous by 8:00pm at the Housing Estate where the school was situated.But there was a problem.The estate vigilanties who resumed by 8:00pm and the school security could be a hindrance.Nevertheless, we would find out.

Rendezvous Point – 8:00pm

We got there at the agreed time, armed with my dad’s binoculars, a master key and Obaino’s martial arts skills.He was a black belter 1st degree who instructed martial arts lessons at a nearby games facility.When we got to the the vigilante post, it wasn’t a big deal for him to take out the two vigilanties who lay knocked out.Obaino was really dangerous and I respected him for it.Soon we came before the school gate and studied the layout.

The compound was brightly lit with security lights, while the security man patrolled.We went over the fence and Obaino also knocked out the security man, tied his mouth and bound him to a chair.Then I headed for the Exams and Records while Somto kept watch.As I came towards the building, I could see the teachers’ quarters from afar.And I used my binoculars to spy at Mabel’s window at the top floor.Her curtains were drawn, but I could see her silhouette moving to and fro.I was tempted to go see her but that could compromise my men and I, so I stuck to the plan.

The master key gave me easy access and I also used it to unlock the Records’ safe, which I rummaged carefully and found the scripts.Quickly I took some copies and left the lawn unnoticed.The news of the hit made waves the next morning.Not even other members of Lycans were aware.Somto, Obaino and I, made it classified.Let me say here that the more adventures I had, the more I sought for another.Finally an adventure came seeking for me.And that was during the school’s summer camping.

Summer Camp – Outskirts of P/Harcourt.

It was sunset when we arrived and began making bonfires.We had camped close to a sand field not too far from Port Harcourt.Tents were being set up and the sleeping halls were being put in order, while more students from other schools arrived.I had dropped my bag and got busy with the others.Soon I felt nature’s call.So I excused myself and went to a nearby bush to take a leak when I felt a cold metal pointed at the back of my head.I instantly knew what it was.

“Shey you sey you be Fire Lord abi?”, a mean but familiar voice said from behind.I meant to turn swiftly but all it took was a big blow to my head and I blacked out.

To Be Continued…

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