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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 37

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Six, read it HERE

Before my eyes was a nãked Mrs.Ita, bent over (with her big round Buttocks facing me) and rubbing cream on her leg.I stood agape at the mesmerizing sight before me as her pusse pouted from behind owing to her position.Never had I seen such beautiful pusse in my life.Her pink pusse was fatty and big with a large clitõris to adorn it and she looked like she was just coming out of the bathroom as I could perceive the scent of her Irish cream soap which filled my nostrils.Did she spend the night? I wondered.I thought Ema and I were the only ones in the big house.Staring at a nãked Mrs.Ita got my whole senses alive instantly despite I just had hot s*x with her friend the previous night.

While I stood ogling her, she seemed to notice someone standing behind her; and she jerked erect immediately, turning to see me standing at the doorway (she gasped).And cupped her breasts swiftly with a look of shock on her face as I began to step back, apologizing….then she smiled faintly.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“I-er, erm…”, I stuttered (covering my eyes) and her face became serious.

“How long have you been here?”

“Just a minute”, I stuttered and she tilted her head sideways studying me and noticed the bulge between my legs as i turned to leave and she called out: “Wait!” and I stopped on my tracks.

“Come inside”, she said enticingly and I stepped in leaving the door ajar.

She was still cupping her b00bs and I could see her neatly shaved pubis with a loop of tiny beads around her waist.Mehhn….the woman was damn pretty with a pointed nose, small lips and a wicked curve.Her chubby figure was like that of an hour glass with a little fat around her hip region (yummy!).And she stood like a Greek goddess.

“Is this how you go about peeping at at nãked women?” she asked walking close to me.By now my heart was skipping beats like a cracked disc plate.Then she let go off her big breasts……oh mama mia!….They bounced like balloons and were lovely and firm with wide dark areola and tiny nippIes.Then she threw her arms around me, pressing her jugs on my chest (I swallowed hard).What a s*xy** Milf, I thought.

My d!ck was now as hard as a rock and she pressed her groin to my crotch smiling mischievously.At that point my thoughts were thrown haywire as I felt a hardness in my throat.

“I noticed you staring at me yesterday”, she said softly teasing my lips with her index finger.

I wanted to respond but felt no power of speech.She was tongue tying me as she stared into my face.And she continued:

“I also noticed you peeping into my thighs”

“I…i’m sorry”, I mumbled,”I couldn’t help it”.

“It’s okay”, she purred girlishly.”I know i’m a beautiful woman and I do have such effect on men….even young ones like you” and she pecked my chin (I shivered).Holy Christ!…see temptation oo.

“What about Ema?”, I asked.

“And what about her?” she spurted.”She can’t give you anything like I can give you.Not even the money.”


Already my hormones were misfiring, so not even the thoughts of Lady Ema could stop me.

“But what?” she whispered before taking my lips in a passionate kiss.I must confess I melted in her arms.She was such a delicate good kisser.

Out of impulse my arms wrapped around her full hips as we devoured each other’s lips causing her to hum slowly.She pressed her lips to mine with her hand behind my head and my hands began to explore her back region, squeezing and kneading her voluptuous bakassi while teasing her back with my fingers.She shuddered gently under my touch and took her lips away from mine, gasping with her eyes shut.And I took my lips to the nape of her neck, kissing and nibbling before teasing her soft skin (with my tongue) down to her bossom.I kissed and teased the lumps of her breasts as she held on to my neck and i buried my face between her racks.

“Suck my breasts”, she rasped guiding my head, and I moved to her right Bosom.On taking the nippIe in my mouth, she gasped.

She started making glottaral sounds as I fed on her breasts and she kept moving my head from one Bosom to the other.Suddenly she lifted my head off and slowly went down on her knees and grabbed my shaft.Before I could take a breath, she swallowed my c0ck instantly and began to bob her head back and forth over my shaft.Mrs Ita was a fellãtio expert.She gripped my bazooka so tight that the veins started to bulge as she sucked the tip of my d!ck.Each suck she gave produced a popping sound while saliva kept dribbling down her chin.

When she had given me enough of her mouth action, I bent down to lift her on her feet and our lips met again as we stumbled backwards and she pulled me down to the bed.I sucked her b00bs once more and she moaned “ohhh” and i used my tongue to trace down to her navel and down to her treasure base as she spread her legs wider to accommodate me.She whimpered the moment my tongue touched her pusse and her hips started rotating at once.I didn’t want to touch her clit for the mean time so i teased her labials with the tip of my tongue, drawing imaginary alphabets on it and she kept breathing hard and moving her waist from side to side.

Her juice felt slimy on my tongue as I continued slurping on her Kitty-Cat and her vaginal orifice clenched and opened with each breath she took.Then I licked her swollen clit and she jerked.I licked again and she groaned like an animal, pressing my head between her full thighs and I began to suck her crazy.Mrs.Ita gyrated her hips fervently urging me to keep sucking her

“Yahh…ohh suck me…suck me”, she rasped

I continued sucking her, enjoying the taste of her puss-puss till she lifted her waist off the bed and came as her thighs shook sporadically (she was panting hard).Without slagging, I nestled my c0ck at the entrance of her lovehole and slid it in “oh yeahhh” she moaned.Instantly I began to nail her at point blank.

Mrs.Ita wriggled and writhed beneath me, clutching my upper arms while I watched her breasts bounce carelessly in response to my thrusts as she hummed out sounds of pleasure “hmm…ayy…hmm…ayy”.Her facial expressions alone told me how kinky she was getting.She threw her legs upwards (her feet facing the ceiling), grabbing my butt and cried out “oh my God, oh my God, what is this?…oh no…oooh yeahh”. I continued pounding my whole shaft in and out of her squishing pusse till I felt it stiffen around my c0ck; and she made an animalistic sound, throwing her arms around my neck and became jittery

“Yes i’m coming…i’m coming…i’m coming ohhh” and her body convulsed, expelling her fluid which dampened my groins.

“I want more”, she demanded,”F*ck me more” and I turned her over on her belly with her Buttocks facing upwards.The new position enhanced the size of her ikebe a great deal and I was tempted to spank it (it wobbled).She then spread her legs, turning back to observe me as I tried to penetrate her, but her large back-bump was making it difficult.So I put a pillow under her stomach to undulate her hips and penetrated once more (this time drilling it) and it slid in gently.And I resumed slamming her hard.

My groin was contacting noisily with her Buttocks which kept quivering as I pounded her and she rested her right cheek on the bed, grabbing the sheets and screaming aloud.Her screams kept getting louder and louder till I didn’t notice someone standing at the doorway and a female voice yelled out: “WHAT THE F*CK!!” and I startled and turned around to see Lady Ema grasping her head in awe.Mrs Ita quickly scurried away from me, grabbing the sheets to cover her nãkedness and I rushed to Lady Ema who gave me a dirty slap as Mrs Ita started to plead.

“Oh Ema i’m sorry…it was the devil”

Lady Ema couldn’t contain her rage as she stormed towards her friend and gave her a share of the slap.

“Must it be my lover?” she asked.That was when Mrs.Ita bursted in anger and returned the slap to Ema’s disbelief.

“Na your husband?” Mrs.Ita asked.

She had now hopped down the bed standing at akimbo in anger as her breasts jiggled as she spoke:

“Afterall we are both cheating on our spouses….Moreover the youngman has a right to choice” she stated.And Ema looked at me “Goodheart is that so?” she asked.

“No baby.That’s not true…you know it’s a lie”.

And Lady Ema nodded sinisterly and left the room.

Hastily Mrs Ita put on her dress (so did I) and gathered her effects into her bag.That was when Lady Ema stepped back into the room brandishing a pistol in her right hand.

“Ema please, Ema please” Ita pleaded as her bag fell from her hand.She was shivering.

“Get your things and get lost before I pull this trigger”, Ema threatened.

In a flash, Ita picked up her bag and her stilletoes and dashed out of the room heading downstairs, leaving only Ema and I.

“And as for you”, she pointed the pistol at me,”Get properly dressed and get lost.I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU IN MY HOUSE AGAIN!!”, she yelled releasing a shot towards the ceiling.And I scampered away.If you must know, hell holds no scorn like a woman’s fury.Actually Ema had forgotten something back at home and decided to come get it, hence catching Ita and I in the act.

Under few minutes I was fully dressed and stepped outside and Ema was there leaning on her car.She looked bitter.

“Ema i’m sorry”, I said

“Just get lost please!” she sounded cold and I walked towards the gate as Yessouf opened it with a sad look on his face.

To Be Continued…

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