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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 3

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“Erm- Er-Er”, I began to stutter.To worsen my situation, she began caressing her mounds, robbing me of my power of speech.I wanted to lie to her but there was no point; she knew I had a girlfriend.So i said,”Yes”.

“And have you f*cked a mature pusse before?” she asked again.That question nearly knocked me off.Why was this lady doing this, I asked myself.Then she told me how much she liked teenage boys (mostly late teens) and how she had noticed the way I had been staring at her (I was dazed she knew)..And went further to tell me that she purposely let me see her b00bs the other time and see her inner thighs earlier that same day.She asked me if I enjoyed the view and I reluctantly said “Yes”.Her questions seemed to arouse me the more, and my d!ck was threatening to burst.Then she pressed her bare b00bs to my body, reaching forward to put her arms around my neck.I began to hyperventilate.I think she enjoyed the effect she was having on me, for I could see a satisfactory smile on her face.She told me to place my hands around her hips (which I did with shaky hands) and her hand slid down to my crotch, and with expertise she opened my fly and my d!ck sprang out like a piston.With her other hand (still) around my neck, she took my 5.5″ raging hot d!ck (my size at 18) in her palm and admired it,”Mmm, impressive c0ck for an 18 yr old”, she said, handling it.Then she smouldered my lips with kisses and I responded instantly, while she kept on massaging my d!ck and the other hand now holding unto the back of my neck.I wanted her badly.My breath had become rasped and my eyes blazing with lust while hers burned with desires as she kept on kissing me.Then she stopped abruptly.”Let me have a shower”, she said, disengaging from me.And she took a towel and left the room.I instantly began to peel off my clothes and threw them at a heap and lay face up on the bed, with my legs on the ground.Then I heard the shower running and began to imagine what she looked like under running water.The thought almost exploded my d!ck which was now throbbing stiff and noding at the ceiling.

The shower stopped and minutes later she came in with a cup of ice cream in her hand.I was ready for her.She let her towel fall free from her body and came towards me kneeling between my thighs.She opened the cup of ice cream and applied a generous quantity to the tip of my d!ck.The chilly sensation drove me crazy and in a split second, she gobbled my whole shaft.The feeling was like nothing i’ve ever felt before.The combination of her velvety tongue and chills from the ice cream almost made me blow my load.Miss Mabel slurped on my shaft wrapping her tongue round my ‘cap’ and letting her saliva drool down my c0ck.She still had a fair quantity of the ice cream in her mouth and she played with it over my cap till it dissolved with her saliva.She was far better than Linda.A real pro I must confess.She had a large tongue and knew how to utilize it.Closing her palm around my cap, she began to give me a hand job, causing my muscles to stiffen sporadically.”urghh!” I groaned loudly, as she resumed her feasting on my man meat.Miss Mabel sucked my whole balls into her mouth, gurgling them continuously.And I raised my head to look at her face and she popped out my balls after choking on them and spat on my shaft,then began to massage the length of my c0ck.Wow! this felt so good.I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the beautiful Miss Mabel and the sexiest female I had ever seen, giving me a Mouth Action.This must be a dream.Who would believe me if I said it.Of course i wouldn’t tell anyone about it.This was fantasy becoming real.She had started bobbing her head up and down my shaft, tightening the grip of her pouty lips around me.It felt like a virgin pusse.Soon she climbed onto the bed (my c0ck still in her grip) and maneuvered into a 69 position, with her Buttocks on my face and said,”Suck me Goodie, suck me “.Without wasting a micro second, my mouth met with her pusse above me and she whimpered.She was damn wet.I was now an expert at pusse sucking (thanks to Linda once again) and i applied my sucking skills on Miss Mabel.I licked the outter region of her labials, gently tracing an ‘O’ round it with my tongue.I could feel her juice dripping onto my lips and I perused further into her inner labials, sucked the loose puffy flesh and she jerked with muffled moans as she stuffed her mouth with my d!ck.She tried to maneuver her clit to my mouth but I avoided it because I wanted to attend to it specially.I teased her further by taking my tongue to her butt crack and she moaned in approval.Then i returned to her pusse and shot my whole tongue inside her, she gasped aloud,”Haah” And I began to tongue f*ck her letting my tongue touch her clit slightly yet denying it full attention.It was driving her crazy.She wanted her clit sucked, so she began to bounce her Buttocks up and down my tongue, moaning and groaning and i responded with same rythm.She was now in a frenzy and was moaning in rasped whispers,”Oh baby…that’s so good, that’s so good”, and began to grind her pusse on my face.Then I caught her swollen clit with my lips and sucked intently at it, lapping like a dog, causing her hips to buckle spasmodically and then……”Jeeeeesuuss”, she whimpered as her orgasm came, and her hips began to gyrate uncontrollably as he released her juice into my mouth.I was just getting started.

I now positioned her on her back, with her legs spread and i lifted her thighs from below, pushing them backwards, down on the bed, her glistening pusse wide open and…Wham! i drove into her and she cried out.Then i began to pound her hard, increasing with each successive thrust.Her feet were quivering facing upwards with each thrust i made.My poundings were getting so deep making her b00bs bounce like balls, then she began to yammer, mumbling incoherent words and at a point i thought I heard her say “Mummy”.Anyway whatever it was she said didnt matter to me instead I increased my pace, banging her so hard that my heart was on the verge of explosion, and she began to scream,”Yeeeess! Yeeeess!! Yeeeess!!!……”, continuously and started trashing her head from left to right as a second orgasm racked her body and she arched her back, lifting her b00bs upwards and came with a loud cry.

I let her catch her breath, then sucked her big b00bs, teasing them with my tongue.I fondled them deeply and she moaned along.Her nippIes were very tasty; they were as big as buds.Then I began maneuvering her to the doggie position and she began to heave,”Oh! no, Oh! no”,as I turned her.Gently I placed my c0ck at her entrance and pierced her pusse, parting her labials and started with soft strokes.I moved from one angle to the other causing her to rotate her hips to my rythm.Gradually I began to increase the tempo and my thighs made splatting sounds on her ebony Buttocks.I banged her that way for some time, then resumed pummeling her pusse.Her moans became muffled as she buried her face into the bed and grabbed the sheets desperately.I meant no mercy as i grabbed her hips, pressing her stomach down to the bed with her Buttocks jutting upward, and banged her like a wild bull.The more I thrusted, the harder she grabbed the sheets.Then she threw her head up and dashed it back to the bed and i heared her begin to scream again,”Oh Jeez! Oh Jeez!!….am coming, am coming”, and her pusse walls tightened around my c0ck and I felt my load building up….then she came and I roared like a lion shooting my seed down her back.We both collapsed onto the bed satisfied and exhausted.Soon we drifted into slumber.

We had slept so deep and for a long time when I woke with a start.My back ached a little and I looked at the woman lying beside me.Miss Mabel slept so deep like a baby with her tummy flat on the bed, her wide hips facing upwards and her legs wide apart revealing her pinkness.I stared at the place I had just been a few hours ago…..By the way talking about hours, I grabbed my watch and looked at the time.

“Christ!” I shrieked, startling Mabel.

It was 6:30pm and I was supposed to be home latest 4:00pm.And i remembered I also had an appointment with Linda.I knew she would be smoking mad at me.Miss Mabel stirred groggily, yawned and sat up.Her b00bs accusing me.She caught me staring at the pair and asked,”Haven’t you had enough?”

I smiled and replied,”Just admiring your beauty.You are the sexiest woman alive”.

She was pleased to hear those words from me.She then looked into my eyes and said,”Call me Mabel from this moment onwards, but the Miss applies in the classroom, ok?” I nodded and she kissed me deeply.It was time to go so i dressed up, while she watched me.When I was through I planted a peck on her forehead and took my leave, then she fell back soggily to the bed.

To Be Continued…

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