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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 28

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 27, Read It Here

I quickly rummaged my c0ck back in place and hurried back up the stairs, while Yemisi scampered into the visitors toilet close by to clean up.On getting to my room, i sprawled on the bed thinking about what I had just done.I couldn’t believe I had just f*cked my aunty’s s*xy** house keeper….Damn!!!

That night I could hardly look the nanny in the face.Even when she served dinner at the dining I tried to avoid her eyes, but our gaze came in contact and she winked at me discreetly.This was what I was trying to avoid….An affair with her.I had the feeling she would hope for a love affair with me owing to the fact she enjoyed the debãuchery between us.When I was done with my meal, I headed back up the stairs and bumped into her coming out from my aunt’s room with a basket of dirty clothes.She smiled.

“Hope you enjoyed my food?” she asked

“Yeah I did” I answered walking away as I could feel her eyes staring behind me.


Being a frat member was not just all about the draconian respect and dumb swag attached to it.There was more to the picture as I came to discover.It was more like selling one’s soul to the underworld, as one was expected to unleash mayehem and terror to feed the undying thirst for blood.And one’s life was at a steady risk.The brotherly oath stated that one must give his life for a brother.And neither would a brother leave a brother behind in the face of danger.Once committed, always committed.As time went on i grew distant from my loved ones, including my conscience.And so it was on a particular day, I was to join the brotherood on my first mission.


We were parked in a state school field within Port Harcourt main town.The time then was 6:00 pm by my watch.I, Fly and Muzy had come in the black Hyundai car.With me sitting in wait on the trunk of the car.While Sloane (the Capone), Timi ‘Timer’ and K.K (The Executioner) arrived 5 minutes later in a space wagon.We were all armed to the chamber as I held my Bull (pump action I mean) in my left hand as I watched the space wagon beam it’s headlamps, driving in with a crunching sound on the stoney terrain.

The mission was yet unknown to me but I knew it was of utmost importance since the Executioner had come with the capone.Probably you may not know who the executioner was.Let me do a brief explanation on his personality.

The Executioner was the position occupied by the fraternity’s assassin.The position was held for a period of time till the tenure elapsed.He was like a ghost and must be a heartless and cold hearted fellow who was not afraid to die or think twice before carrying out an assignment.He was always sent to carry out the underground work when the brotherhood wanted to keep things on a low key.But the Executioner’s arrival with the capone that very night made me know we were in for serious business.

The capone stepped down the moment the space wagon came to a halt, dimming it’s headlamps and we walked towards the vehicle and exchanged our insigna hand shake.

“So dem neva come” the capone said scanning the lonely school field with his eyes.

“Boss who dem be?” I asked

“Na our customers” he replied

The capone filled us in on what the mission was all about.Actually we had been hired as contractors to deliver a package to a third party around old G.R.A. Our duty was to make sure the package got to the receiver undented and as quick as possible.But we were not told what the package was.Only the capone knew.We stood under the gloomy weather of the chilly evening dousing ourselves in Esplendido brandy while we waited for the package to arrive.

It was around 6:30 pm when a Toyota Corolla drove in with a screech which spun dust in the air.Two men in black suit alighted from the car and our capone walked up to them with the Executioner following behind, carrying an AK-47 on his shoulder.The two suited men passed a parcel in a brown wrapped envelope to the capone who called on me and nudged the package into my hands.

“Protect it with your life”, he said to me.And shook hands with the two men who hopped into their car afterwards and drove away the way they had come.With that, we got into our designated cars and fell into the busy road.

The street lights lit the road, casting its glamour around and enhancing the nocturnal beauty of the freeway as we drove.I was seated at the left back of the vehicle clutching the package and enjoying the breeze caressing my face.At the wheels was Fly.And at the right beside him was Muzy who was stroking the pistol on his laps.We drove into Old GRA, following behind the capone’s space wagon and came to a halt after driving into a boulevard.

Our car parked behind the capone’s vehicle as we waited for a signal from him before we could make a move.Then Fly’s phone rang…it was the capone.Fly picked the phone and listened to what the boss had to say.

“Okay boss”, he said dropping the phone.And turned behind to face me.”It’s the stone mansion infront”, he told me.I took the binoculars from Muzy and scanned the vicinity which was quite lonely except for a few passers-by who strode the boulevard.

The stone walled mansion stood in the distance glowing in the halogen beams from within the compound.I could now see a man in a suit walking out of the compound and he stood at akimbo staring directly in our direction (meanwhile Fly’s phone rang again).A red SUV was parked not too far from where the man stood and I guessed there was no one in it.Then Fly said to me:

“The boss just said the man at the gate is waiting for you”

The coast seemed clear, so I dropped the binoculars and opened the car to step out when I saw a flash and a shot from the red SUV as the man at the gate fell down instantly.I swiftly ducked behind the open car door as a rain of gun shots ensued.We had been ambushed.Probably someone else wanted the package for himself and had known we were coming for a delivery.

The few passers-by on the street ran amock as rapid bursts of automatic guns were fired towards us.We were receiving it very hot owing to the fact that the unknown assailants had taken us by sudden as bullets hit our vehicle with loud pings.And I raised my head from below the door window to see the Executioner doing what he was trained to do.The capone was not left out in the fire-fight, including Fly and Muzy who had slid to the other side of the vehicle through Muzy’s seat at the

right front.I was trapped in my position since I had exposed myself at first as I was about stepping out.My heart thumped like never before into my ears and i clutched the package like my life depended on it.Ofcourse it did.This was a do or die affair.

The assailants had now jumped down from the SUV and were trying to advance towards us but the retaliation from the Executioner was keeping them at bay.It was only in a matter of time and the police would arrive the scene.So we had to clear the mess and take off.

“Fall back! Alli movey!! I heard the capone slang out.

I rose above the car door and fired twice, hitting one of them by the arm and he screamed and fell, while I ducked again.

“Flame spy for me.I got to move the car”, Fly said to me.And I raised my head to look through the window glass when I heard a bullet wheeze passed my ear as the glass shattered, splattering at me and I turned my head and fell backwards to protect my face.

To Be Continued…

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