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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 27

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 26, Read It Here

Our victim, or rather my victim scrambled up to his feet and scampered away shouting “Jesus! Jesus!!” as Fly and I stood staring at each other.

“Guy wetin happen naa?” I asked

“Sorry I lied to you”, Fly said,”I had unloaded the gun earlier.All I needed to see was your morale, and i’m convinced”.

“What about the Capone?”

“He doesn’t need to know.Moreover no one needs to die for you to join the family”


“Yes.Afterall you’ve captained the Lycans in the past.You are already farmiliar with the game”

Then I looked intently at him.Something told me the guy harbored discreet grudges for the capone.Only an opposing member of a group would flaunt the directives of a leader just as Tonye had done that night.And I asked him:

“Do you have issues with the capone?”

He didn’t answer, rather shot me a chill look, walking back to the car.I stood for a second watching him walk away before I joined him in the car, stashing the pistol under the carpet.People had heard Ebuka screaming and were beginning to clamour around the hostel lobby, asking “Na wetin! Na wetin!! So without wasting time, Fly started the engine and we drove into the slience of the night as I turned left to stare at him.Something big was coming the capone’s way.Though I couldn’t tell what it was I knew Fly had something up his sleeves.Anyway, time would tell.

Since my discharge from the hospital I hadn’t seen or heard from Frank.Though I now despised the guy, my heart still held love for him.It wasn’t that easy to detach our past from my heart.We had come a long way like brothers.Frank on his own was already scoring points in his new frat Family.My source, Kemi gave me an insight into how Frank had succeeded in becoming a terror of the night, thereby acquiring the name ‘Terror’. Deep within me, I knew that someday our paths would cross.It was definitely a day no one can avert.And that day would be a day of reckoning.

Kemi on her own side was flipping like a 2 faced coin.She was feeding I and the mother Frat with every intel we needed on Frank’s group.One thing I loved about the weird lady was her ability to discern and diffuse in any situation she found herself.Though she wasn’t academically brilliant, she was intelligent in the espionage kind of way.She was like a ghost.She would penetrate into an individual or group and spy.And the next thing you know, she’s gone, like the wind.This was why Frank and his group found it impossible to suspect her, hence giving out classified intel to her.And as for s*x with her, wow! It was always mind blowing, leaving me wanting more and coming back for more.By the way the lady was inlove with me, and would do anything to keep on protecting me.Ofcourse in her bid to protect me, she led me into joining a frat Family (an action which almost cost my life).She helped me find my way into the underworld of crime and bloodshed.She was like a catalyst aiding my destruction.My association with the tattooed Bosom lady was leading me further away from my very essence of life, robbing me of my zeal to excel in my academics.As time went on, my life became a harbinger of lust, vices and sexual perversion (which you would read more of).A steaming crescendo of moral decadence.And so it happened on a certain day that……


Lady Ema stood at the door way as I lay in bed.She had only a see through night coat which she let slip off her voluptuous body, and it fell in a ripple at her feet.I sat up staring at her, breathing hard as she massaged her large breasts teasingly, licking her lips provocatively (those lips were good for a blow jõb).Between her legs was a patch of curly hair on her mons pubis, and she smiled noticing the exploding bulge in my shorts.She then walked up to me, cat walking and still fõndling her breasts as I rose to my knees and pulled her to me.She let go off her breasts and it plastered to my bare chest, pressing her hard nippIes on my skin while she knelt facing me.Then my heads went behind and cupped her firm buttocks, and she absorbed my lips in a lewd kiss.We were groping at each other’s body, kissing wildly when a music began to play in the background.First it sounded afar, then it drew nearer, sounding louder in my head as I gradually woke from my sleep only to find my CD set playing.It had been playing earlier before a power outage, after which I slept off and had the erõtic dream (during which the power came back).I picked the remote console beside me and turned down the volume.I couldn’t believe it had all been a dream.Ofcourse it was, because lady Ema was far away from town on a business trip.She had told me the previous week that she would be going to see a business partner of hers in Lagos.

My eyes darted to the erect tent between my legs and I couldn’t believe how hõrny I felt.My senses had been awakened and fired to anxiety because of the dream, and I could see a tiny patch of pre-Pour at the crotch area of my boxers.Honestly I felt like having a round of steaming s*x.Heaving deeply, I got down from the bed and headed downstairs.

I could perceive a sumptuous meal coming from the kitchen as I walked down the stairs, massaging my throbbing shaft.The whole house seemed to be empty except for the giggles and footsteps coming from outside as Nkem and Victor played with Victor’s football.I walked on, passing by the kitchen door and something caught my eyes, so I stepped backwards and peeped into the kitchen to see Yemisi bent over the lower compartment of the fridge trying to pick something.Her black nanny’s pinafor had raised up behind her to reveal her chocolate thighs and black tights, as her fat Buttocks jutted backwards.My d!ck throbbed hard and I swallowed.I was enjoying the lovely view so I lingered longer (still massaging my c0ck) watching her wiggle her hips as she hummed a famous Yoruba song (still bent over with her hand rummaging the fridge).Pheeeew!! the nanny could pass for a fuji dancer.That bakassi would definitely stir a commotion if she were a dancer.Kai! Yoruba gals and dem bakassi.Where Pasuma dey? Make him come see new dancer for him next video.She seemed to notice someone behind her and she turned back to see me staring and stood erect instantly and greeted:”Goodafternoon sir”, and walked away to the gas cooker carrying a basket of vegetables which she had collected from the fridge.She turned back once more to give me a look which seemed to say,”Stop looking, i’m shy” and returned her gaze back to the chopping board.In the heat of my arousal, I couldn’t help but notice how curvy and attractive the nanny looked in her short black gown.Infact the temptation was just too much, so I walked towards her and grabbed her hips from behind, breathing hard.

Yemisi knocked my hands off her hips and shifted away from me,”Stop it sir”, she said in protest as she continued slicing the vegetables.The urge was too much on me and I grabbed her again (still from behind).This time locking my arms around her waist, and she instantly dropped the knife which cluttered on the chopping board and tried to wriggle herself free from my grasp, sniffling and whimpering softly.

“Owww sir, leave me alone, leave me alone”, she whimpered and my right hand moved to her full breasts and grabbed the right one.She kept struggling in my grip, trying to nudge me away by pushing her Buttocks backwards, but the action only fueled me on as her soft Buttocks massaged my crotch.Then my right hand began to fumble with her buttons (my left hand still griping her) as she struggled with my hand, humping forward, and I managed to get her top buttons open and a black lacey bra came into view.Instantly, I dug my hand into her bra and brought out her right Bosom, tightening my thumb and finger around the nippIe.She gave a slight gasp as my thumb touched her nippIe and I could feel her struggle fading away.Then I licked her right ear lobe and she shivered.

“Please sir, this is wrong”, she pleaded weakly.I knew she was about to succumb as I felt her soft buttocks (which was no longer nudging me away) now grinding over my hardened shaft.

“I know you want it, Yemisi”, I whispered into her ear and she gasped again as my tongue teased her ear further.My left hand now left her waist and went to her crotch and massaged her pubis through the thin fabric of her undies.

“Ohh sir, what if we’re caught?”

“We can’t get caught”, I breathed lustfuly.

I tweaked her nippIe and caressed the mound of her soft breasts.Those melons were so yummy.

She was now gasping frantically, breathing hard, and I could feel the moisture between her legs as I massaged her pusse.My hand left her Bosom and I lifted her pinafor to her waist, bent her over on the kitchen cabinet (she stretched her hand to turn off the gas cooker) and I gently pulled down her spandex undies to reveal a round ikebe.She wore no panties except for the spandex tights.I spanked her butt twice (it jiggled) and she jolted, gasping frantically.Then I brought out my swollen c0ck out of my shorts and gradually penetrated her as she moaned “Oh! Je-sus” wriggling her waist till my shaft disappeared in her.She instantly began to thrust back at me as I began to pump into her.

She plastered her b00bs to the surface of the cabinet as I held her waist giving it hard to her.Our flesh was contacting noisily as she kept thrusting back, moaning aloud,”Oh no, oh yeah, oh no”.Yemisi’s pusse was not so tight but fleshy, and I was enjoying the slurping sound it made while we f*cked so hard.I held her hips tighter and she stopped moving, pushing her bakassi further to me and receiving my thrusts with shudders and whimpers while i pumped her vibrating Buttocks.The more i banged her, the more her Buttocks quivered like she was twerking.Then I slowed to halt and withdrew from her, going down on my knees to taste her cuñt from behind.Her juice was tasteless and slimy as my tongue dug into her love hole.

“Oh stop!…Stop-licking-me”, she moaned as my tongue lapped around her inner labials, teasing her insides judiciously.I traced imaginary alphabets with the tip of my tongue, over her supple cuñt, flicking my whole tongue around it as she kept wriggling and wincing.Then I took her clit in-between my lips.The sensation drove her wild and she shrieked, jerking forward as her Buttocks vibrated.My hands massaged and kneaded the mounds of her backside while I continued sucking her clit and feeling her juice virtually dripping on my upper lip.When I was done with teasing her clit, I wiped my mouth which was smeared with her juice and stood up, lifting her right leg and placed it on the cabinet.She seemed to know the extremity of that particular position and she whimpered “Heyy God” as I nuzzled my d!ck before her pusse lips.Soon I was in her honey pot once more as I rammed into her without mercy.

The nanny began to scream aloud, scratching the surface of the white cabinet as I continued pounding her.I pressed her flat to the white surface and drove the whole length of my shaft in successive speed, hitting her at point blank, causing her head to bob hysterically.She kept crying out,”Chei God, ohh, ahh, harder, har….ooo” and I pounded harder, cutting short her cries as her juice began to flow down her left thigh which was now shaking spontaneously as her breath started to rag.I sensed she was about to Pour, so I aimed my d!ck at an angle and fired on for some seconds, before I heard her rasp aloud,”I’m coming, i’m coming, i’m coming….ohhhh” and her body stiffened & her vãgina tightened over my d!ck as she came so hard, sweating profusely.I hadn’t Pour so I continued banging her like a spainsh bull and she couldn’t take it anymore (her left leg was giving away) and she began to groan in spasms till I felt the sweet sensation taking over my entire body.And I pulled out of her and came like a fire hose, shooting large spurts of Fluid on her butt crack, breathing hard as my surrounding fell back into place with a tuning sound in my head.I could still hear Nkem playing with Victor outside.

I stepped away from Yemisi, holding my semi-limp d!ck in my hand; and she brought down her right leg, still leaning on the cabinet catching her breath.She was utterly satisfied as she puffed out air.

“Ahh sir, i hate you”, she said teasingly, turning to smile at me.

To Be Continued…

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