-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 26

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 25, Read It Here

(Recap: She was still sitting on the stool before me, a white towel around her body with her right foot on my groin)

Her heel began to rotate around my hardness and I knew she could definitely feel the bulge between my legs.All this while I had refused to look up into her face, but I was finally compelled to do so.And I noticed her rosey cheeks were totally flushed.Her pink lips slightly parted with her eyes dimmed and focused on me.My d!ck throbbed (she marched it) and I swallowed hard.My right hand moved from her big toe and crawled up her leg, moving to her inner thighs.And I caressed her soft flesh, running my fingers over her skin while she kept digging her foot into my crotch.My fingers ventured further and I took my middle finger to the entrance of her pusse and played with her pusse lips.She moaned in appreciation, closing her eyes and I gradually finger pierced her Kitty-cat (it slurped), pushing my whole finger deep into her and began to tease her insides.She was sopping wet.She parted her legs further to give me access and the towel suddenly fell open, falling from her bossom to her waist as the full glare of her firm big breasts hit my eyes.They were so lovely.Omo! the bobbie dey like blom-blom.Original cowbell.

Her nippIes were pink and tiny with large pink areolas circling them.She then withdrew her foot to the floor, arching her back and pushing her b00bs forward with an expectantly look on her face.And I instantly went down on my knees before this goddess of beauty (my finger still in her puss-puss) and she pulled my head closer to her bossom (with her left palm behind my head) and my lips circled a nippIe causing her to moan softly “oooow”. I sucked and fõndled her breasts greedily, teasing her nippIes with my tongue and she kept pushing her racks into my face “Suck them, suck them, ohh suck my b00bs” she gasped, while my finger kept rimming her pusse.It was already slimy and sticky.I located her swollen clit between my thumb and index finger, teasing it and her wide hips gyrated on the stool, her full thighs vibrating as my left hand kept squeezing and fõndling her breasts lovingly.They were so soft and warm.Then my lips left her breasts and she lifted my face to hers and took my lips in a passionate kiss.

I withdrew my finger from her puss-puss and returned her wild kisses, roaming my hands and groping allover her body.And she did the same, squeezing me into her bossom and pressing her b00bs to my chest.Then her hands began to tug at my shirt, fumbling on the buttons (then she released my lips) and she finally took the shirt off my body (resuming her kisses) as her hands moved down to my fly.Soon I kicked out of my trousers, and she peeled my boxers off as i stood before her with my d!ck in her face, staring down at her.

“Suck it!” I said in a commanding tone and she slowly wrapped her right palm over my bulging shaft and hesitated a bit, then licked the tip of my d!ck, taking some pre-Pour on her lips before she gobbled the whole shaft down her throat.

Miss Nemi was a wicked c0cksucker as I watched her pink lips overtake me.She squeezed the shaft of my c0ck while sucking the tip steadily as her left hand played with my balls.The feeling of her lips over my man-meat was awesome as I watched her head bob back and forth over my shaft, with spittle dripping down her lips.Then her left hand left my balls and went down to play with her cuñt, while my right hand went down and caressed her caucasian b00bs and my left hand grasped her auburn hair.

She held the base of my prick and swirled her long tongue around my ‘cap’ sending shivers down my spine before spitting on it and began to give me a hand job (looking up at my face), enjoying my facial expressions.She kept wanking me sporadically, almost making me Pour, then slowed the movement of her fist and took my c0ck back into her eager mouth (deep Drinking me instantly).Her mouth was making a gurgling sound as she sucked me.I couldn’t believe the classy and beautiful lady architect was on her knees giving me a Mouth Action.My aunty’s best friend for that matter. Chai! Goodheart you be baaaadt guy.Sincerely that would be the first time I was making out with anything close to a white woman.So with both hands, I packed her full hair behind her and began to f*ck her mouth.

The half-swedish woman choked over my d!ck several times, before I left go of her head and she got up on her feet, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissed me once again.She then left my lips and looked into my face piercing me with her barbie eyes.

“I know this is wrong”, she whispered.”You’re my best friend’s nephew, but I can’t help it” and I cupped her fleshy buttocks and squeezed it.She jolted in my arms with her eyes shut,”Oh God forgive me”, she rasped clinging to my body.The lady was melting in my arms.Then I scooped her into my arms and made for the largest settee, placed her on it and spread her thighs with both hands and her wet pink cuñt parted before me.She knew my next action and she closed her eyes in anticipation with her face creased with anxiety.And i bent down and licked her pusse slowly, and she hummed deeply,”hmmmm” as I started eating her Kitty-cat.

Her puss-puss tasted so good and soft as I proded my tongue around it, licking it as if my life depended on it and her stomach undulated in ragged breaths with each touch of my tongue.I moved my tongue to her thighs, kissing and nibbling the soft flesh of her laps with series of love bites which sent shudders around her body, before returning back to her love hole.I used the tip of my tongue to trace around her labials, slightly touching her clit and she raised her pusse to my face, wanting me to tease her clit.

“Suck my clit you bad boy”, she moaned desperately. And I took her femalecore between my lips and began to nibble hard.Her hips moved in rapid jerks with her hands pressing my face deeper into her crevise (she wanted more) as her moans were now transcending into sweet cries of pleasure “Oh God, oh God, oh Gawwd” as I kept sucking her stuby clit.Then i let go and inserted my whole tongue into her vãgina and began to tongue f*ck her.Miss Nemi moaned and wriggled her waist continuously, wincing and gasping.And at a point she couldn’t take it anymore and she panted aloud:

“I want it now…oh yes, I want it now”

So I took my lips away from her pusse and pulled her closer to me as I nestled my d!ck between her thighs, and she held me back with her palm on my chest and said,”Please take it easy, it’s been long I did it” and I slowly penetrated her caucus (she moaned) feeling her moist warmth envelope me as my d!ck gradually disappeared into her.

I moved in and out of her honeypot with light strokes, jerking my waist in a steady rhythm and her hands caressed allover my chest, tweaking my nippIes while she gasped aloud with her eyes deeply shut.Truly it had been a long time she had s*x, because her pusse felt tight, but began to loosen a bit as I kept driving into her.She started rotating her hips in the same rhythm with me, arching her back and calling out for more “yes, more, more, like that, ohh, yes” as my hands shot to her breasts and squeezed softly and she held onto my shoulders, spreading her thighs further.I was now pounding her in successive thrusts as I moved my waist from side to side, hitting at every angle of her sopping snatch and causing her hips to buck wildly (her lips began to quiver).Then she began to mumble words I couldn’t hear, even speaking in her Swedish dialect and receiving my thrusts with series of whimpers which kept becoming louder and louder, filling the air with the sweet sound of s*x.Then i slowed down to suck her breasts.

She raised her legs higher, placing her ankles on my shoulders “F*ck me more…ohh baby, more” she breathed hard.And I instantly held her thighs as a pivot and resumed pounding her hard and her round breasts began to bob like balloons and I held onto them to control their movements, enjoying their softness in my palms.I pummeled her harder and faster and she went thrashy, flailing her arms and gyrating her legs spasmodically.And her legs fell off my shoulders and hung in the air (still gyrating) as she was overpowered by my poundings, while I kept spooning her Kitty-cat.Soon she went into an orgasmic frenzy and her right hand shot upwards and grabbed my neck, almost choking me as her body convulsed and shook violently.Then she whimpered aloud,”It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming” with her face contorted in pre-orgasm.Suddenly her pusse clenched over my joystick and she gave a loud cry, shooting streaks of Pour on my groin and thigh.And her legs finally collapsed to the sofa as her breath wheezed.I rubbed the surface of her puss-puss with my fingers, then maneuvered her into the scissors position.

I drove in roughly into her and she whimpered,”awww” and I began to spoon her pusse once more, rubbing her clitõris with my thumb.This time I wasn’t easy on her as I hit her at point blank, causing her breasts to flail on her chest.And she grabbed her right Bosom with her right hand, moaning all the way.Her face looked so beautiful as I f*cked her.Then my hand left her clit and grabbed her left Bosom, pummeling faster and causing her hair to billow.Suddenly I felt my balls constrict and I drove deeper in a spree, breathing fast as my orgasm approached.And I withdrew and fired thick spurts of Pour on her thigh.And she held my d!ck and inserted it back into her lovehole, rotating her hips.We f*cked ourselves to oblivion that afternoon and she climaxed once more before collapsing on the couch, and I to the tiled floor.That was when we noticed the TV was off due to power outage as the whole place fell silent.

I lay on the cold tiles enjoying my post orgasmic bliss when I heard Miss Nemi sobbing softly on the couch above me.What could be her problem, i thought.We just had a mind blowing s*x.So I got up quickly and moved to cuddle her where she lay.

“What is it?” I asked and she turned to face me,”What have we done?” she replied with tears in her eyes, then turned away from me.I guessed her conscience was scorching her.She was feeling guilty she had f*cked me.

“You’re my bestie’s kid brother”, she told me,”And I just had s*x with you….Oh God help me!” she sobbed.

****2 days later****

According to the capone’s orders, I had just 4 days to carry out my assignment.So on the third day I already had a victim in mind and I indicated my readiness to carry out the assassination.And Fly was ready to accompany me and oversee the execution.Actually the victim was Ebuka my course rep.The young man had hurt me several times but on a particular incident, I swore never to forgive him.Well, let me tell you all about my beef with the yeye course rep.

On that particular incident, I had arranged my micro chips and went in with them into the exam hall (though i was brilliant, my lifestyle wouldn’t let me concentrate on my studies.So the chips became my succour).All was going on well till the course rep (with his over sabi life style) saw me and called the attention of the lecturer whose course we were writing.Trust lecturers naa.The old papa walked up to me, searched me and brought out the micro chips.Afterwhich he tore my scripts into shreds and walked me out of the hall.That was the beginning of my failing that course.Ever since that day, I kept carrying the course over because the lecturer had taken down my matriculation number.The incident added to the growing lapses in my results.And that was the reason I had to deal with the course rep.Ofcourse I had promised him a pay back someday.


On the night of my assignment, Tonye (a.k.a Fly) and I (a.k.a Flame) drove in the now familiar black Hyundai car along Choba road close to Uniport.We were heading to somewhere around Aluu community where my victim’s hostel was situated.We arrived the place by 7:00 pm and parked in a dark corner, not too far from the hostel.The silver pistol blazed on the dash board and it had been fully loaded by Fly earlier that day.So we waited patiently for the victim who we learnt (from a kid around the area) had gone to a viewing centre to watch a football match.We had waited for almost 2 hours when i sighted him from the right side mirror, walking towards our car along the lonely road.

He had now walked closer to our vehicle as Fly and I stepped out instantly, standing on his path.That was when he recognized me and meant to bolt away, and I kicked him, sweeping him off his feet as he fell with a thud on the dusty terrain.Then Fly came to stand beside me as we watched him scrambling on the ground.

“Please, please don’t kill me”, he begged, but my mind was already made up and I could barely hear his plea for survival as the venomous hate surged through my veins and I gritted my teeth pointing the gun at him and…CLICK! CLICK!!….

I had pulled the trigger but no shot came out, except for the clicking sound.In my surprise I turned to look at Fly who stood staring back at me with an evil grin on his face.

To Be Continued…

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