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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 25

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 24, Read It Here

Life indeed was not fair as I came to find out that chilly night.I was now a renewed man.Reborn and forged in the fierce fire of violence and hate, and my conscience was now as cold as ice.I now saw things from a different perspective, as the ideology of vengeance and ‘blood for blood’ became etched in my heart.

That early Friday morning, I sat on the bed staring into thin air as my mind played back every scene of my worst moments in my head.I needed to pick a scape goat as an example, to pay for all the pains I had passed through (this was definitely a blood thirst) and my eyes moved to the silver pistol lying few centimeters away from me on the bed.I stared intently at the weapon and slowly my mind drifted away……..

***Back to the Initiation Night***

“This is for your next test”, the capone said handing me the gun and I managed to heave erect, staring into his blood-shot eyes as he nudged the handle of the fire arm into my palm.My fingers instantly circled around the black handle in acceptance and my index finger curled around the trigger.

“Your assignment is to take a life”, the capone continued.”There must be a blood bath for your final induction into the fold”.

Then he told me to choose a scape-goat who would bear the cross for all the pains I had passed through.He insisted that the scape-goat must be a perfect victim.A person who had offended me in the past.A person whom I held deep grudges for.He further told me the assignment was to test my morale and thirst for vengeance.

“You have just four days to carry out this mission”, he stated,”And Fly will accompany you to oversee the execution”. And I turned to look at Fly who cast me a sinister look.

The night was getting colder and the stars in the sky were now curtained by the clouds as the owls hooted from the distant palm trees surrounding the glades upon which we stood.We seemed to be in the middle of no where, probably a forest.Then the men began to gyrate again, chanting at the top of their voices around the rekindled flame as I was now led by Fly (with me stark nãked) to go deep and wash off my bruised body in a nearby stream; while I perceived the natural scent of running water.And……

***back to the present***

The approaching footsteps coming up the stairs jolted me back to reality and I dived at the pistol on the bed, stashing it under my pillow as the door knob twisted and the door creaked open, ushering in Nkem into my room.She had a suspecting look on her face when she came in.

“What are you up to, dearie?” she asked walking up to me. And she climbed up the bed to seat astride me, on my thighs, wrapping her arms around my neck.She looked lovely as usual despite just waking up from sleep.

“Hope no one saw you coming here?” I asked her (she kissed my forehead)

“Actually aunt Steph sent me to you…She said your phone wasn’t going through (my battery was flat) so she called my line”

“What did she say?”

“She wants you go to Miss Nemi’s office to return the house plan you collected last time”

Then she took my lips in soft kisses, grinding her crotch on my groin as her tongue perused my mouth.My hands slid up her ebony thighs, under her nightie and tugged at her panties, almost pulling it down her plump Buttocks before the door flew ajar (Nkem jumped off my body) and little Victor bursted into the room, running up to me.He was such a naughty boy.

“Goodmorning uncle”, he said jumping on my thighs as he stared quite perplexed at Nkem who now sat on my bed.

“What’re you doing here, aunty Nkem?”, he asked Nkem who twitched his lips with her fingers and walked out of the room.

“Aren’t you going to school today?” I asked him.

“I’m on mid-term break”, he replied before hopping down my body and pulled my arm.

“Come let me show you something”, he said pulling me along as we left the room.

That same morning, I headed for Miss Nemi’s office (according to my aunt’s request) which was situated at the Urban & Regional planning unit of the Rivers State Secretariat complex.After the last time I collected her number, we had been talking over the phone but she had always sounded formal.Always trying to sound like a big sister to me owing to the age difference, and almost sounding like my aunt.But on that particular day, she seemed quite elated to see me as I opened the door which had the ‘Arc.Nemi Pepple’ tag on it.

“Hey youngman…you’re welcome”, she said sitting erect on her seat as I moved to take the seat infront of her desk.

“How’s work madam?” I asked

“Work is great dear”, she replied picking up the blue print I had dropped on her desk.She opened the cylinderical container and pulled out the content and began to study it.My eyes roamed the office which scented of almond spray before falling on her body, while she peered into the house plan.

Miss Nemi had her auburn hair tied in a bun shape and wore a fitted turquoise longsleeve shirt which was open at the top button, revealing a large portion of her cleavage as her big breasts popped out of her bra.Then her barbie blue eyes fell on me (as I quickly took away my gaze from her racks).She seemed to know I was ogling her body and she smiled to herself returning her gaze to the sheet in her hands.

“What’s your schedule like today?” she suddenly asked without looking at me.

“It’s a free day for me”, I replied,”I have no lectures”, and she rolled the sheet into place, stuffed it back into the container and stood up, walking to the polished shelve with her back to me.Her bubble Buttocks was so round and large, straining the zipper of her black knee length skirt to a breaking point.And I watched her pant line running over the mound of her ikebe and imagined how s*xy** she would look in only her panties and bra (I no be pervert oo) and I swallowed hard.

She was now going through some files page by page, and she bent to retrieve a file from the middle of the shelve, pushing her Buttocks backwards and….my oh! my….Her whole bakassi was instantly accentuated, leaving my imaginations running wild as my d!ck throbbed hard (mehhn the nyash dey shoot catapult).True to God the bakassi fit make mad man craze again.The thing big wella….Then she withdrew a green file and walked back to her seat.I was beginning to hyperventilate and sweat, despite the air conditioner.She then looked at her wrist watch and exclaimed,”Wow! it’s past noon.Care to join me for lunch?” I obliged and she got up and began to arrange the effects on her desk, which I assisted her with as my hand accidentally touched hers and she withdrew her hand immediately, giving me a faint smile.I could feel the tension growing between us.

We both had lunch, without saying much to each other, at a nearby eatry not too far from the Secretariat complex before we got into her luxurious SUV and she revved the engine.From the way she sat, her skirt crawled up her thighs, exposing the smoothness of her caucasian skin (true true oyinbo women fine oo), while her thighs parted and closed at intervals as her legs worked on the throttle and brake.She was too engrossed with her driving to notice me staring at her almost bare thighs, and I was tempted to run my hand all over those smooth laps but got a grip of myself.I only hoped she wouldn’t notice the tent bulging between my legs.

We had now driven passed the Secretariat and I turned in to look at her in surprise.

“I thought you were going back to work?” I asked.And she grinned like a meer-kat,”I don’t really have much left to do”, she replied without taking her eyes off the road.So I sat back quietly as we hit the Freeway.It was only in a matter of minutes and we took a left turn into McPherson road.That was when I knew we were heading to her place.Soon we were before the familiar black gate and it cranked open the moment she honked.And we drove into the spacious compound.The dogs began to bark from the moment we stepped out of the vehicle.And once we got into the sitting room, she gestured me to a seat.

“What do i offer you?” she asked

“A bottle of beer is…..

“Sorry i don’t keep alcohol”, she cut me off (I was taken unawares). Then she mumbled something about young men and alcohol; and she smiled and excused herself.

The sitting room was large and simple with a chandelier hanging from the P.O.P ceiling, casting its colour spectra on the brown Italian leather settee, while the tiles below reflected its twinkling light.And the air within was doused with the sweet scent of almond.The same scent I had perceived earlier in her office.Seconds later she came back into the sitting room with a pack of apple juice and a glass in her hands, which she placed on a side stool before me.And she turned on the TV set, taking a seat as we soon began to chat about a documentary program on National Geographic channel (while I sipped my drink).Suddenly she dropped the remote console and pulled off her hair band, freeing her auburn hair and shook her head crankily.

“I think I have to take a shower”, she said,”I really feel sticky”.

And she got up and excused herself once again, walking away and rolling her big phat Buttocks.I swear her bakassi was something to behold.It could pass for the 8th wonder of the world, wallahi!

It was now five minutes since she left the sitting room and I could hear the distant sound of running shower within the house.My mind was already absorbed by the program on TV when I heard a loud scream from inside the house and I startled in my seat.Seconds later Miss Nemi walked into the sitting room with only a short white towel around her body, limping slightly.I marveled at the voluptuousness of her semi-bare body before walking up to her.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I hit my big toe on the tub”, she purred pushing forward her right foot for me to see, and I noticed a contusion around her big toe.

“It’s okay”, I said leading her to the side stool before me.And I moved the juice pack and glass to the floor and gestured her to seat on the stool, but she stood looking quite surprised.

“I have to apply a little pressure on that toe”, I told her before she got convinced and sat facing me, without taking her dreamy eyes off my face.I lifted her right foot and placed it on my left lap and began to work on her toe.She heaved her bossom repeatedly as I stretched the toe, causing her to wince and writh and the hem of her towel fell slightly open, revealing her inner thighs while she moaned in pains.The softness of her moans were beginning to get to me, causing my d!ck to engorge and I could feel the heel of her foot nudging at my crotch.I didn’t want to look like a pervert to the half-oyinbo woman, so I moved my hips backwards, trying to prevent my swollen c0ck from touching her foot.But she kept pushing her foot forward into my crotch.The more I moved backwards, the more she came forward.Soon there was no space for me to move back into as the sole of her foot was now virtually on my groin…Blood of God!

‘What was happening?” I thought.

To Be Continued…

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