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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 24

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 23, Read It Here

Just as Kemi had said, she had met with the new Capone of the mother Frat to bring me in.After that particular passionate evening with her, I made up my mind to belong to a frat family.But that would be the biggest mistake I would ever make.Little did I know what I was getting myself into….little did I know.So the next week an arrangement was made (by Kemi) for me to meet with the capone who was known as Sloane (just a nickname) to talk things over.From all indications, my life was growing more awkward by the day, leading me into more vices and sexual perversions.Well, let’s see how things turned out to be.

It was on a particular evening, I sat on the swing chair at the back lawn of our house, going through a text book when Kemi rang my phone.

“Hello”, I answered

“Hi baby”, came her voice,”Can you step outside your compound, please?”

“Is anything the matter?”

“Oh, c’mon Goodheart, just do what I said”

I paused for a while before I spoke again:

“Where are you exactly?”

“Just step outside honey, you’ll see me”

But I had this fear that my assailants could be holding her at gun point to call me out.There was a possibility she was talking under duress.

“How do I know you aren’t under duress?” I asked and she sighed deeply.I could detect a hint of disappointment in her.

“For Christ’s sake baby, I can’t sell you of haba!” she stated,”Okay i’m not alone, but you’re safe, trust me” and she cut the line.I sensed Kemi was telling the truth, so I decided to take a leap of faith and headed back into the house.

There was no one outside the gates when I stepped out of the compound.The estate seemed lonely and devoid of human presence except for the blaring music coming from a club house in the distance and a strange black Hyundai car parked far away to the left.Where was Kemi? I wondered.I made to bring out my phone to dial her when the headlamps of the strange car beamed twice and I knew it was a signal and stood alert.Immediately, my phone rang again.

“Hello Kemi….where are you?”

“Come to the black vehicle”, she said before dropping the phone.Peeping back into the compound (to check if anyone or Nkem had followed me), I stepped onto the moonlit road and walked towards the black car.When I got close enough, I saw Kemi sitting at the back seat smiling up at me.

“Goodevening baby”, she said stepping out of the car, and hugged me closely.I always enjoyed her hugs which usually had her big bossom pressing on to me.

They were 3 guys in the car as I noticed amidst the interior darkness.One at the driver’s seat who seemed to know no smile, the other at the front seat who had an afro hair-do and a scarred face, and the third guy at the back whom I didn’t see his face clearly.

“Who’re they?” I asked Kemi.

“You mean you don’t know them?” she replied,”The one at the front is Sloane, the capone”. Ofcourse the mother Frat was a mother to my high school group, the Lycans and I had known Sting the capone then.But this was a new capone whom I learnt took over a month ago after the graduation of Sting the former leader.So you wouldn’t blame my naivity.

“Babe, there’s no time oo”, the guy at the back said and Kemi gestured me into the car, while she went round to seat on the trunk as I jammed the car door close on getting in.Atleast I could now identify the guy seated by my left.His name was Tonye a.k.a Fly.He was also there with Norbert at Frank’s party.

“Waz up bro”, I said to him but he only nodded coldly looking out of the window.Then Sloane’s voice came from the front:

“Your babe sey you wan finally step up”,he said.

“Yes I do”, I replied and he laughed sinistely.

“This one no be Lycans oo (he then turned back to look at me).Na you captain that side, and na me dey run this side, so my orders apply strictly”

He then told me it had been a long time they had been expecting my membership.Anyway, let me not bore you with the details of our chit-chat.But in summary, a date was fixed for my initiation.Afterwhich I kissed Kemi good-bye and she drove off with them.But deep within me, something told me I was making a grave mistake.

***10:00pm-On the Initiation night***

The night breeze blew no good on that starry night, billowing the bonfire which flickered wavily in the air.Around the great flame were able bodied men (bare at the torso), with black trousers, standing at akimbo and watching me as I writhed in pains, clutching my sides and spitting out blood after being under severe beating and machete lashing.Never had I experienced such pain like I did that night [We were somewhere around the outskirts of Port Harcourt, which I couldn’t describe owing to the fact I was blindfolded on transit on that particular sojourn.The blindfolds were taken off the moment I had arrived amidst the gyration of the frenzied men].

As I lay half-dead on the ground, I felt very dizzy and my vision blurred as I panted aloud feeling the sheer hate run through my veins and cursing aloud.The pains were unbearable, reminding me of my worst and painful moments.And my intestines churned with a devilish thirst for vengeance.The vengeance was not for the men battering me, No! But on everything or person that had stepped on my toes in one way or the other.Then a strong kick landed on my stomach while I kept cursing and writhing on the grassy plane, and the cool night air stung me further as it caressed my bruised skin.

I managed to wriggle up on my knees (clutching my stomach) and noticed that the great flame had died down; and the men, who stood round in a circle, were smiling at me.

“Enough!” a firm voice ordered.It was Sloane the leader of the mother Frat.

According to the custom, a new member was to be battered right from when the flame was lit till it died down.Surviving the ordeal till the flames were down proved the person to be strong enough to join the Family.Evidently, I had survived the battery, thereby passing the test of strength, which was the first test, and had assured me of a place among them.

“You have passed the first test”, Sloane stated as I staggered to my feet.And he ordered for a bottle of St.Remy brandy which he poured on me and i yelled in pains as it scorched my bruises.

“That’s to show you the world is not funny”, he said almost emptying the bottle on me, before pouring out a libation on the open ground saying:”Salute to our departed brothers”, he said,”Let’s not forget that we who are alive today are the fortunate ones”.

I still stood leaning in pains as he spoke on and eulogized on the departed brothers and then there was a chant. Then he took in a gulp of the spirited liquid and passed the bottle round; and walked up to me as I looked up into his scarred face.

“Welcome to the Family”, he said handing me a silver pistol.”This is for your next test”, he sounded cold.

To Be Continued…

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