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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 23

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 22, Read It Here

Just as the nurse had said, the police came into the ward to interrogate me.And that was when I discovered that 4 guys out of the assailants who had chased me that night were arrested and detained by the State CID.I was exonerated from the case not because I had an injury at my back, No!.But because one of the campus security men had caught a glimpse of the chase that night and had seen me stop to stash my bag under the abandoned shuttle bus.He had gone to pick it up as an evidence, while he stood as a witness.You can say I was saved by the bells.Meanwhile my best buddie, Frank never visited me at the hospital because Kemi had refused to divulge my location to him and had also instructed me to warn Nkem to do same.She really thought Nkem was my cousin **Lol** and **SMH** The way the Kemi-Frank issue was going on made me suspect something was definitely wrong.I couldn’t wait to be discharged to find out things for myself.

From all Kemi told me, when we finally met after being discharged, I deciphered that Frank had finally joined my assailants (surprised?)…Oh yes he did. It was unbelievable when I found out, and i felt totally betrayed.No wonder he never picked my calls despite the number of times I rang him.

“But why did he do it?” I asked Kemi and she replied,”He was under serious pressure and his life was at risk.Those guys now see you as a potential threat and needed someone closer to nail you.And they had promised to step up his falling school grades through their allied lecturers, assuring him of graduating with atleast a 2-1 if he joined them”

I was mad with fury.Then Kemi told me my life was in serious danger too but she had an option for me.

“What option?” I asked.

“You have to join a family”, she said.”You have to fully belong to a side to survive”. That was when she told me she had secretly met with the Capon of the mother Frat to finally bring me in (Kemi was a bad girl.A bad influence and wayward).She let me know that with the amount of pressure on me, I could get killed anytime soon and she didn’t want to lose me.

“I’m doing all these to save the man I love”, she said hugging me tight as her full bossom pressed to my chest.We were both in a hotel room we had paid for to meet that evening.I could feel her puffy nippIes growing hard on my chest and she slowly raised her face to meet mine, and our lips met in a wild tango.She wore a mini-skirt (as usual of her) and I roamed my hands under her skirt to grab her round butt and she squirmed.She pulled me backwards, and we stumbled back and fell on the bed, groping at each other’s body like dogs in heat.Within seconds, our clothes had left our bodies, leaving her with just her G-strings on as she pulled me back to her body.

I kissed the nape of her neck, teasing her soft flesh with my tongue and she gasped, caressing my head and my back desperately as my hands moved to her melon size Bosom.They were soft and warm as I caressed them, and I licked down her neck to her bossom before taking one of her nippIes in my mouth, causing her to moan,”hmmm” as I devoured her juicy breasts.I massaged her b00bs lovingly as I sucked on them, playing with the tips between my thumb and index finger, while she directed my head from one Bosom to the other,”Suck them like a baby”, she rasped and I practically began to maul her b00bs with my hands, sucking greedily (I too like her bobbie wella)…I just couldn’t get enough of those huge bosoms.

My right hand left one of her breasts (as i kept sucking) and traced down her body to her crotch.And I massaged her pusse through the material of her panties, feeling her swollen pusse lips.She was already soaked with her juice.She shifted her panties with her fingers giving me access and I slipped my middle finger into her slimy Kitty-Kat and she groaned deeply as I continued slurping on her breasts.The combination of my tongue on her nippIes and my finger drilling her cuñt, made her go gaga.And she rotated her hips like a serpent, moaning aloud and pressing my head to her bossom.I was almost suffocated by those big balloons on her chest, while I kept screwing my finger in her caucus and feeling the slippery juice building up on my knuckles.Then I let go off her breasts and withdrew my finger from her puss-puss and she moaned in protest.

I teasingly took of her black lacy panties, tossing them aside and she parted her legs looking at my face with anticipation as I gently bent down with my face between her thighs.”Oh God!” she gasped the moment my tongue touched her kitten and I instantly began a labial assault on her honeypot.My tongue swirled in a circle around her v?gina, teasing the entrance and gradually moved to her clit?ris and flicked my tongue repeatedly over it, and she winced deeply, pressing my head (with both hands) deeper into her snatch, bucking her hips upwards.I could feel her tingly cuñt juice on my tongue as I began to suck her clit and inserted my index finger into her puss-puss.She drew in ragged breaths as her stomach undulated with each hard breath she took.Then she suddenly shrieked and closed her thighs over my head (I enjoyed the feeling) before she parted them again, panting aloud,”ohh, ohh, ohh”.And I started tongue f*cking her sporadically and she moaned aloud “ohh…mmhh…ohh, yeahh” as I shoved my whole tongue into her cuñt, making her cry out in ecstasy.

Kemi was really passionate about our love making (since it had been a long time she had me) as she writhed continuously with pleasure, calling my name, making sensual sounds and professing her love for me, while she rode me like a matador riding a bull.She was now in the cowgirl position while her b00bs dangled and swayed above me as she moved in rapid jerks, bouncing her Buttocks on my groin and causing my prick to pierce her deeply.And she would stop at intervals to rotate her waist in clockwise and anticlockwise, then resume her ride on me.

My hands moved upwards to grab her succulent breasts and squeezed, trying to get all of them into my palms due to their big size.That seemed to fuel her further as her waist bounced in a frenzy, throwing me into spasms.And my waist began to gyrate uncontrollably (with my hands now on her hips) drawing me close to orgasm.She was almost f*cking me out of this world (the girl can f*ck) as I began to blab aloud,”f*ck me mummy, f*ck me mummy, f*ck me mummy” and she began to talk dirty,”take this pusse, take mummy’s pusse, take it! take it!” till i felt my load erupting; and she disengaged swiftly, grabbing and wañking my d!ck as spurt after spurt of Fluid shot into the air.Then she licked the tip of my d!ck, taking a little of my Pour into her mouth before wrapping her lips around my ‘cap’ and swallowed my whole shaft.She licked and sucked my c0ck like a lollipop, massaging my balls at the same time, making me gulp in air.Her tongue flicked around my ‘cap’ and teased around it continuously till my d!ck was as hard a rod.Then she lay on her back and spread her thighs, inviting me for another round.Without wasting time, I nuzzled between her thighs and pierced her pusse with my c0ck and her hands lifted her thighs apart as I began to nail her.

She raised her face to mine (to kiss me) as I f*cked her hard, moving my waist in swift jerks to reciprocate her earlier assault on me.And her hands left her thighs to my back, grabbing and clawing at me, almost hurting my scar, as she moaned aloud,”yeah, ohh, yeahh, babyyy, babyyy” with my muscular body crushing her breasts and feeling her hard nippIes rubbing on my skin.I then halted to stuff a pillow under her waist and drove in again, this time aiming for her G-sp?t and she gasped and shot her eyes wide open as my d!ck contacted her center of gravity.

My thrusts were now going deeper and precise owing to the pillow under her waist.And I could feel the walls of her v?gina tightening and loosening around my shaft at intervals.The pillow was virtually having an effect as I began to impale her harder and faster and her legs flew upwards (her feet facing the ceiling), gyrating uncontrollably with her toes curled up as she began to groan like a crazed woman.I kept hitting her non stop, increasing my thrust successively and she rasped into my ears,”Suck my breasts, baby suck my breasts” and I obeyed and began to ravish her melons as I continued pummeling her.Soon she floated into ecstacy and started whimpering aloud, still gyrating her legs and mumbling words I couldn’t understand.She even said something like “kill me” and I took the cue to pound her like ‘mortar and pestle’, feeling her warm juice gradually leaking out of her pusse.Then I felt her thigh muscles stiffen spasmodically as her breath ragged faster, and she shook with a tremor, screaming in ecstacy “oooooww” and jerking her hips in a frenzy as her orgasm racked her lovely body.While I withdrew to fire a few strands of Pour towards her heaving breasts.We lay close to each other after that and she soon fell asleep.

I turned to look at her snoring lightly, admiring her pretty face and the undulation of her breasts as she breathed in her slumber.And I changed her position by turning her on her side to curtail her snores.Then my mind reflected on all she had told me about Frank.I knew everything she had said was the truth and she had done her snooping very well because she was good at it.But Frank was like a brother to me.How could he betray me? How could he stab me at the back?….Well, for all I cared, he was now an enemy.We live in a dog-eat-dog world, and I must survive.

To Be Continued…

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