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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 21

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 20, Read It Here

I finally gave Kemi an opportunity to explain herself after picking her call for the first time in a long while.We agreed to meet at a junction not too far from my house, because I no longer trusted her.She was already waiting impatiently by the time I got to her and her eyes shone with glee the moment she saw me.

“Oh i’ve missed you”, she purred, advancing to give me a hug, but I held her hands away from me and a look of dejection clouded her face.

“Say what you ought to say”, I told her coldly, roaming my eyes around incase it was a set up.She seemed to notice my paranoia and spoke amidst sobs,”I can’t set you up baby, i’m not that evil”, she said (atleast she agreed she was evil) and wiped her eyes with her handkerchief.We stood silent for a while as she kept sobbing softly before she broke the silence.

“Yes I was a pawn”, she stated (I was shocked) and I stepped back instantly, and she drew closer,”Wait baby, I can explain”, she said.In my bewilderment, I folded my arms and listened keenly to whatever she had to say, and she began:

“Desmond and his group had placed me on you as a spy”…….She told me their aim was to get me on their side, by aid of all the information she got from me, whether by hook or crook.And the day she saw me crying outside Frank’s room (due to my mum’s demise) was a lucky day for her, as my grief had wielded me into her arms on a platter of gold.But while offering me comfort, she fell in love with me along the line and couldn’t carry on with the assignment any longer.So on a particular day she met Desmond and told him she was no longer interested in the mission.And he told her his group would definitely maim her for logging out on them.But the only way he could protect her was if she became his s*x mate, which she refuted (over her dead body) because she was deeply in love with me. “But i’m not a lesbian”, she concluded amidst tears and sobs.

I felt a mixture of compassion and hatred for her as I stood watching her.Of course I knew all she had told me was the truth but how was I to accept her back after all these? She had been too involved with my enemies for me to fraternize with her.Then an idea occurred to me…..I could make her my pawn.I bet she would gladly oblige to do anything to win back my heart.All I needed do was apply an old mafian code of using the strength of an enemy against the same enemy, by letting Kemi infiltrate the enemy camp.And more to my advantage, Desmond was now a loosed end for blabbing aloud.While I would make use of Kemi to tighten my own end, thereby being one step ahead of the enemy.I smiled within.

“I’ll forgive you”, I said and she raised her tear-filled eyes in anticipation.

“But on one condition”, I stated and she came closer looking into my face,”What condition baby, just say it”.Then I held her arm tenderly (to her surprise).

“Let’s go talk about it somewhere”, I said pulling her along.


Frank was finally fit to return to school, but not to his hostel as he now saw the place as a give away spot for him.Unlike me, I never told Frank anything concerning the latest events with Kemi and I never knew why, but I came to appreciate the fact I hadn’t told him later on.

Back in school, Frank and I tried to salvage our academics by all means, battling with declining GP as we wrote series of carry-overs inwhich some ‘time-clashed’ with other exams, leading to more carry overs.It wasn’t easy as we tried to get a grip of ourselves amidst the distractions surrounding our lives.It was on this process I almost met my waterloo.

It was on a Wednesday, Lady Ema and I had gone out on a lunch date and stayed over till evening (she had picked me up from school).She wanted me to join her home for a bout of hot s*x, but I turned down the offer, to her disappointment.

“I have a night class today”, I told her as we sat in her car that evening.

“Night class…how?” she asked.

I told her I had to leave the comfort of home and spend the whole night in school, reading till day break, since I got series of test coming up the following week.Night classes was a norm back then in Uniport ( I don’t know if they still allow it owing to some nasty incidents which kept occurring within those hours).Though Lady Ema looked disappointed, she didn’t fail to give me her usual cash gifts and I reciprocated by smooching and finger f*cking her for a while before she drove me home.

That evening I arrived school by 7:00pm, though Nkem wasn’t comfortable with my outing and I tried to assure her of my safety.When I got into the campus, I headed for my place of study, which was MBA 1, Ofrima Hall (if you really know Uniport) and took a seat among the pews which ascended like the seats of a stadium.There were few students scattered around the lecture hall with candles lit on their desks, casting eerie shadows on the wall as the flames danced in the night breeze.This was virtually my first time in a night class and I could feel the chilly evening wind blow through the ambient hall.

Usually when I studied, i always switched off my phone.But on that particular evening, I had left the phone on, for no reason as I glanced through my books.I had studied far into the night around 10:00pm, when my phone rang….it was Kemi, and I answered as her tensed voice filled my ear:

“Baby leave that place, they’re coming for you”

“Leave where?” I asked

“You’re at MBA 1 right”? she replied (as i answered) and she continued,”Look, I was with their Point Man few minutes ago and he told me your location, and I think a hit is closing on you”.

I was shocked.But I made sure no one had followed me.Then she pleaded with me:

“Please leave that place, they’ve got someone watching you” and she cut the line.

Instantly my eyes scanned the hall and fell on an obnoxious figure seated far away and staring in my direction with his phone to his ear..He wasn’t there when I came into the hall earlier, and I immediately knew he was their ‘calling bird’.Without raising suspicion, I hurriedly stuffed my books back into my bag, having in mind that my survival depends on my swiftness.And gradually walked out of the hall into the square gardens of Ofrima Hall as I noticed the figure following behind.It was time to run.

I picked sharp paces and bolted away, hearing the figure behind also pick up his pace, chasing after me.Honestly I had no direction to run to, because the campus gates (front and back) were certainly locked by the security men, to be unlocked early morning.So I made up my mind to give them a wild goose chase, to stress them up atleast before they got me.Then my previous nightmares flashed back to me.They were definitely premonitions.

I had now bursted out to the campus bus park, leaning behind an abandoned bus to catch my breath as my heart thumped aloud.And the chilly air wasn’t helping matters as it made my breathing stressful and painful in my condition.Behind me I could hear loud footsteps fast approaching (they had grouped up behind me) and I knew they wouldn’t give up till they had gotten a hold of me.Worst of all, they weren’t going to shoot (that wasn’t their style) inorder not to draw attention, but would surely see me out of this world under the strikes from their mini axes.

The weight of my heavy bag was having its toll on me and I took it off and stashed it under the shuttle bus, before resuming my race for survival.I was now heading to the ETF lecture halls behind the campus blocks, and that was my last resort.And i ran under the shades of the pine trees, panting hard when one of them dived at me from behind the trees (they had planned to ambush me) and we both fell to the ground, as I kicked his axe off his hands, then lurched towards it, picked it up and gave a deadly swipe at him and he screamed and fell back while I kept running ahead into the darkness of the night.

My energy was beginning to fail me to the point of fainting and I was surpassing the limit of my stamina as I ran geedily, swinging the axe in my hand and feeling my assailants closing in on me.That was when I saw the beams of a vehicle flash in my direction as the car revved speedily towards me (almost knocking me down), only to brake suddenly before me; and the doors flew open as unidentified men stepped out in the silhouette of the blinding light, cocking their rifles.

“Don’t move !” one of them ordered before I passed out.

To Be Continued…

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