-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 20

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 18, Read It Here

I made to run back upstairs, but one of the men bellowed at me,”My friend stop there!” and i halted in my tracks with my hands above my head, and began to come down the stairs.I could feel the rushing agony in my heart on seeing aunt Steph lifeless on the ground.Then I picked out one of the faces.

“Desmond!”, I called out and he smiled sinisterly at me, still holding Yemisi to the ground (as she lay on her stomach), with his hands groping around her entire body.He moved his left hand under her nightie, into her thighs and plunged a finger into her, and she squirmed in agony.

“Meehn, this babe tõto tight oo”, he said, proding his finger deeper into the now whimpering nanny.From my position where I lay face down, I could see the cold blood oozing out of aunt Steph’s face as she lay in a bloody pool.Then one of them placed his foot over my back as my eyes fell on Desmond while he molested Yemisi, and I felt a pang of guilt inside me.All these was because of me, because of my careless lifestyle.And now innocent souls were paying for it.These guys had come for me, but they would want to torment my psyche by hurting everyone around me before they finally dealt with me.

One of the men now moved to join Desmond and cocked his pistol, holding it at Yemisi’s head,”Remove her cloth”, he ordered, and Desmond gladly lifted the nanny’s nightgown up her waist to reveal a fat Buttocks claded in a torquoise panties, despite her pleas of,”No sir, please don’t sir”.And the one with the gun landed a dirty slap on her face, while Desmond spanked her Buttocks, enjoying their voluptuousnes.

Then a sobbing sound came from the kitchen and a frightened Adaora came into view followed by another assailant who had a silver pistol to the back of her head as they stepped into the sitting room.

“This one been dey hide”, the man holding Adaora said.And the man with a gun to Yemisi’s head now turned and walked towards Adaora grabbing her bossom.

“Chai! see bobbie”, he exclaimed squeezing her large breasts savagely, and she sobbed bitterly falling on her knees before the savage man.

The savage man now turned to face me,”Guy na you dey chow all these things eh?” he said,”We go follow you chop small today” and he turned back to Adaora and gave her a slap which left blood trickling down her lips.Meanwhile all this while I had been wondering at the whereabouts of Nkem and Victor.How many were the assailants, I thought.I believed some could be upstairs with them.

By now Yemisi’s nightie had been fully taken off by Desmond who was now struggling with her (it was a gory sight), while Adaora was refusing to co-operate with the savage man as his d!ck was now out of his fly, urging her to suck him.He hit Adaora severally, holding the back of her head and forcing his ugly shaped manhood to her lips (in her kneeling position) and she struggled, flailing her head from side to side, as the man’s hand grabbed her throat, choking the life out of her.And he pushed his d!ck forcefully into her mouth and Adaora’s teeth clenched over it, biting him severely. Then he screamed in agony, releasing the shot which sent Adaora sprawling on the floor.

“Noooo!” I screamed…………jolting awake from my nightmare still screaming, before realizing it had all been a dream.This was the second similar nightmare I was having.

I sat on the bed sweating profusely, panting aloud and blinking under tension as my heart beat pounded hard, even into my ears (you know the feeling).Then my door burst open as aunt Steph, Nkem and Adaora rushed into my room.

“What happened?” my aunt asked.I hesitated before I answered,”I had a nightmare”. And she stared quizzically at me,”Nightmare….about what?” she demanded.And I told her a lie which I suspected she didn’t believe, from the way she looked at me.Meanwhile Adaora stood with her arms folded across her chest, looking at me intently.I hated it when she did that because I knew she was reading through my mind.So typical of shrinks.Though she didn’t say much, she said something that struck me as she was the last person to leave my room.

“Stay out of trouble”, she stated before leaving my room and closing the door behind her.If there was one person who knew me too well (for who I was), it was her.

The subsequent weeks saw Adaora become very distant towards me, and she acted strangely whenever she saw me and hardly answered my greetings.I suspected her attitude had something to do with the night we had s*x, so I decided to accost her since the whole thing was beginning to piss me off.

On a certain evening I bumped into her by the corridor leading to the guests room (we had a guest that day) as she was coming out from the room where her other brother, Nkem’s father stayed.I greeted her but she didn’t reply and walked passed me.So by compulsion, I pulled her back by the arm.

“Why are you avoiding me?” I asked looking into her eyes.She tried to free her arm of my grasp but I held on tight and she looked at me with wide eyes, giving me the ‘i’m not your mate’ look which i’ve seen in the eyes of many milfs I have come across.And she spoke up,”Can you let me go?”

“Why are you avoiding me?” I asked once more,”Or are you scared we might have s*x again?”. At the mention of the word ‘s*x’ she covered my mouth with her palm.

“Don’t let my brother hear you”, she said,”Moreover what happened between us that day was a mistake”.

“Mistake…how?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“You dare ask me how?” she retorted,”Look here boy, i’m far older than you and you’re my bro-in-law”

“Older-than-me my foot”, I spat, pulling her close to me and ravished her lips in a deep kiss.For a second she reciprocated by kissing me back, before startling in my arms as she broke free from my grasp and struck my face with a hot slap.

“Don’t ever try that again”, she sounded and stomped away, before stopping to turn back.”And for the records…concerning your dreams.I know your sins haunt you” she said,”I’m a psychologist remember.So you better change your ways”, she concluded and headed down the stairs, leaving me abashed.

To Be Continued…

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