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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 2

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3 Years Later – City of Port Harcourt

Linda and I kept on f*cking after our first encounter.Let me say she was now my girlfriend, and I was now her protector.Over the last 3 yrs I had shown great increase in height and physique.My voice was now deep and muscles expanded.I was no longer called ‘Smallish’ but rather ‘Fire Lord’. I was the founder and leader a school group called Lycans.A hit team I founded from organizing study groups.I had followers ranging from JS1 to SS3.The group was made up mostly people who where once bullied in the past.We had vengeance in our hearts.We were in the school, part of the school, but yet invisible.I know some of you would want to know the situation between Smart and I ***laughs*** Well, if you all must know, Smart was no longer my match.I had become fearless.Thanks to Linda, my encounter with her broke my shell.Let’s just say I sent Smart parking from the school.I became his pain and his sorrow so his parents were forced to pull him out from the school.Such a good school.Well that’s life for you.Not always balanced I guess.But despite all these I still maintained my academic prowess….Let me prove it! I became 2nd best in the whole SS3 classes.I also won trophies for the school in sports and academics so I was made the DSP; and that was how I was able to cover my group’s tracks.I was also the best student in biology (no wonder I ended up studying medicine).And my love for biology brought me closer to the new biology teacher, Miss Mabel.

Miss Mabel was a very beautiful lady in her early thirties, s*xy** and her skin was ebony.She had beautiful dark eyes, round lips, and a curvy hips that was matched with a pair of full bossoms,which almost makes her top button pop off.And she spoke French owing to her upbringing in the Cameroons.She had this silky dark flowing hair.And always looked gorgeous in her favourite attire which was ‘coporate’.I was her favourite student.I usually loved it when she moved from desk to desk signing our notes.It usually gave me the opportunity to peep into her popping cleavage.On one of such days, Miss Mabel while signing the note of the other person beside me, had her back towards me and leaned forward (on the persons desk) causing her marvelous ikebe to jutt backwards, directly facing me.I ogled the sight, studying her pant lining which ran like a ‘V’ over her ynash.I smacked my lips. On another occasion, while she stood at my desk signing my notes, I noticed her top button had popped open. And I strained to have a peek at her cleavage.More like a prayer answered, she leaned forward on my desk and those ebony jugs were right before my eyes and I stared.I think she noticed, for she stood upright and buttoned her shirt (a disapproving look on her face).I felt sorry.Naughty me, I said to myself.Then one particular day, she had decided to endorse the notes at a desk behind the class.She looked so engrossed in her work and didn’t notice me staring.I had turned back to find her round ebony thighs quite apart.And her knee length skirt drawn upwards.I was enjoying the sight when out of consciousness she quickly jammed her thighs together and I swiftly looked away.I think she caught me.But I wasn’t too sure.So I never looked back again so as not to convince he (incase she suspected me). The day was almost over when the school bell rang and that was when she called me to her desk, my heart skipped a beat.But to my utmost relief, she said nothing on the previous event rather she gave me her house keys and told me to take some of the notes to her place at the teachers’ quarters, (not too far from my class). I obeyed and took them there.I think she followed behind immediately, because I met her the doorway as i was about leaving.And she stood in my path, studying my face with her dark eyes and asked,”Why the hurry?” Before I could give an answer she asked again,”Have you been to my place before?”

“No” I answered.

” Then sit let me offer you something”,she proposed.

I obliged and took a seat, admiring her place.It was a simple sitting room depicting spinsterhood, with the scent of vanilla in the air.That was her favourite fragrance.She placed a jar of cookies and a can of juice before me and excused herself.Moments later, I was half way into my juice when she called me from inside,”Yes ma’am”, I answered,then she said,”Can you come help me with something please”.I dropped my drink and went inside.It was a srange place to me so I ended up in her kitchen,but she wasn’t there.So I called out to her and she responded,” Come to my room”, she said.

Her room? I thought quizically.When I located the door to her room i knocked and she told me to come in.When i did, I was shocked by the sight before me.

Miss Mabel stood facing a giant wall mirror with her back to me and she was semi-Unclad, having on only panties and bra.My heart skipped beats.She was looking at me from the mirror (before her). Then she asked,”Can you help me with my bra?” I was tongue tied.So i hesitated, then took a deep breath and walked towards her, and my hands began to fumble with her bra hook.I tried ceaselessly (due to tension) but succeeded with only one hook and kept fumbling with the other.All these while she watched me from the mirror in front, as I stood behind her, a soft smile on her lips.My d!ck was already erect so i moved backwards to prevent its tip from touching her round buttocks, and for sure it did because she stepped backwards and my d!ck nudged at the crack of her bakassi, I jerked.I was already sweating by the time the second hook came off.Then she turned to face me and……Oh! my God! I almost fainted at the sight of her round, firm, large b00bs with wide, thick, dark areola.I swallowed hard, my breath seizing.

Then she asked,”Have you had s*x before?” I stood transfixed.How was I to answer that question…

To Be Continued…

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