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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 19

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 18, Read It Here

It was on a cold evening.The sun was already setting and the tree birds cawed from their distance.I had slept off on the couch in the sitting room and had been asleep for God-knows-how-long; only to wake up with a giddy feeling lurking in my head.Sittting up groggily, i stared at the grandfather clock above the wall and it was 5:35pm.I looked around the room to notice the eerie quiteness around.Where was everyone? i wondered.Then i remembered: Nkem and Yemisi had gone out together with Victor (That day was the boy’s birthday) and aunt Steph was yet to show from work.Don’t even ask about Brother Phillip.As usual he wasn’t around.

I got up feeling cranky as i walked to the back-lawn of the house, feeling the cool evening breeze hit my face the moment i stepped on to the carpet grass.And i turned left to see Adaora (or aunty Adaora because of age) sleeping on the swing chair under the shade, as the wind tossed it to and fro.She lay supine on it with her house coat on.And as the wind blew, it tossed open the hem of her coat giving me a view of her inner thighs and a neatly shaved pubis, which had a camel toe.I felt saliva dry up in my mouth as i swallowed hard.How could this lady be without panties by this time of the day? i wondered. She then stirred gently in her sleep, nudging her right fist under her jaw while her left hand rested on her stomach as her legs slightly parted.I fell under the temptation to get a clearer view (such a bad boy) so i stepped towards her.

I was now standing before her, watching her snooze as the breeze billowed her hair.She looked so enchanting that way.Then i squatted on the grass staring at the her pusse as my heart skipped beats.More by reflex, my right hand crawled up her thighs (while i expected her to get up and give me a dirty slap) and i caressed her soft flesh gently, before my index finger nuzzled at the entrance of her V, playing with her labials and she moaned in her sleep.So i summoned the courage to go further and spat on my index finger, gently piercing her pusse with it as her warmth enveloped my finger.And i began to finger f*ck her causing her to writh slowly as my heart kept skipping.I knew i was taking a risk.The lady could slap the hell out of me or worst still accuse me of sexual molestation.But the irresistible combination of risk and lust fuelled me on.

Then my left hand went to her breasts and føndled them (still finger f*cking her) and she parted her legs a little wider.I could swear i saw her eyes slightly flicker open, giving me the impression she was awake and i quickly withdrew my hands as my heart thumped,”I’m so sorry please”, i said, but she instantly held my left hand pulling it back to her,”No! don’t stop”, she pleaded in rasped breath.Then she sat up and her coat fell open exposing her large round breasts with a dark areolas.I swallowed hard.

“I know you want me”, she said.”I’ve seen you staring several times”.I tried to speak but my throat was dry and couldn’t produce the words.Then she stun me by spreading her thighs so wide (oh my God!) and i stared agape at the beautiful pusse open before me.

“Eat me Goodie”, she said in serious tone and i slowly bent down to have a taste of her honeypot.

She moaned in ragged breaths as i devoured her caucus and she pressed my head deeper between her thighs with both hands, sucking in air desperately.I held her clit between my lips and nibbled it steadily, and her waist gyrated rythmically as she kept writhing.My tongue was wrecking havoc on her and she closed her thighs over my head, trying to adapt to the heightening pleasure.And she moaned aloud,”Ohh God, what am i doing?” then i shot my whole tongue into her cuñt and she bit her lower lip, trying to assimilate the pleasure as i began to tongue f*ck her steadily.

Seriously i couldn’t believe i was giving head to Brother Phillip’s sister, my sister-in-law.This was an abormination if it was found out, but that was the least of my worries at that moment.Such a sweet abormination.She urged me to suck her more, and i did as she wanted, placing much emphasis on her stuby clit which i teased with my tongue and she cried softly,”Oh you’re such a bad boy” (of course i knew).And she wrapped her right leg over my back as she tried to hold me in place.Then i lifted her leg away and disengaged from her pusse, before bringing out my swollen d!ck from my shorts, while she parted her V wide with her fingers to accomodate my size.Gradually i penetrated her as we looked into each other’s eyes, till my whole piston disappeared in her engine and she made a lovely sound,”hmmmm” parting her lips slightly and clutching at my shoulders as i began to ride her to the promised land.

Her honeypot felt too tight for a woman of her age, and she whimpered “oww…it’s paining me” so i had to take it slow and she moaned softly appreciating the new rythm.Honestly, Adaora was a very sweet milf and her lovehole felt so good.She took my hand to her breasts and i føndled them while i impaled her, enjoying the evening breeze caressing my skin as i listened to her sweet sounds of pleasure.

Suddenly **ding dong** we heard the doorbell ring and we disengaged instantly while i stuffed back my d!ck which was glistening with her juice.And she stood up startled, pecked me and hurried back into the house as i followed behind to answer the door.

That night, when dinner was served, she didn’t come down to the dining table, which was quite unusual since she loved eating on the dining.I prayed she wasn’t regretting her actions with me earlier that evening, hence avoiding me.But a knock on my door around past midnight proved me wrong.

I was almost drifting to slumber-land when the soft knock came and i jerked, staring at the door,”Come in”, i said in a hushed tone.And the door swung open, ushering in Adaora who wore a see-through nightie which left nothing to the imagination.Quietly she closed the door and walked up to the CD Player beside my bed and sloted in a disc, and a Soul music by Mary .J Blige came on as she turned on the volume (but not too loud) high enough to muffle any sound emanating from my room.I sat up in bed, watching her keenly and she turned to face me, without uttering a word and began to take of her nightie which dropped down to her feet and i admired the beauty of her ñudity, not taking my eyes of her full bossom.Then she stepped towards me, crawling up the bed to reach me.Instantly my hands shot to her breasts and i felt their softness, massaging them and she took my hands off, and lay back on the bed with her thighs spread by her two hands (She seemed not to be interested in any pre-intimacy.She wanted the cucumber).

“Just f*ck my brains out”, she rasped

And that was all it took to fire my hormones, and i jumped out of my pyjamas and nuzzled between her thighs, watching her eyes dilate with desire as i inserted my modem into her port to download her pleasures.Soon she began to moan aloud as i f*cked her to cloud 9, and her voice muffled by the sensual music.

Her pusse was no longer tight, as it seemed to stretch with each thrust i made.That encouraged me further and i stuffed a pillow under her hips and pummeled her dripping cuñt and she cried softly,”Yess…ohh, right there…just like that” as i kept drilling her on and on and on.Then she grabbed my butt hard, digging her nails into my flesh as her body shook violently and she rasped aloud,”Yeah, i’m coming, i’m coming, i’m coming” and her hips bucked upwards as jets of fluid hit my thighs.Then i slowed my pace before resuming a full assault on her milf pusse.

Adaora came 2 more times that night, making it 3 orgasms.And the 3rd one was so violent, in which she bit my right shoulder as she squirted hard.And i pulled out of her to spray my Fluid on her stomach, and some streaks shot into her face and hair, before i fell back to the bed to catch my breath.

“That was a good one”, i said, but she gave no reply.Instead got up immediately to pick her nightie from the floor, put it on and left my room without saying a word to me.Soon i fell into a post orgasmic slumber and……..

The sound came from downstairs like a thud, startling me, and i heard Yemisi scream.I could also hear the strange voices of men in desperation.Instantly, i stormed out of my room heading downstairs, with my heart pounding heavily, when i saw the shot hit aunt Steph on the forehead and she fell instantly.

To Be Continued…

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