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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 17

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 16, Read It Here

A Terrible Son


For 2 weeks I missed school as I adhered to Frank’s instructions.I had learnt there were undercover cops swarming all over campus, tapping sensitive information concerning illegal activities within the university, and a standby Special Response Team had taken charge of security in a bid to crush campus Fraternities as authorized by the Rivers State government.To crown it all, I had exams within those weeks I had skipped school, thereby missing 3 papers which was automatically a carryover in the those courses.And my G.P was already crashing headlong owing to my carefree attitude towards life.But did all these change me? Well, let’s see how it all went, maybe that would provide the needed answer.

Frank’s parents had succeeded in whisking their son out of the case with their influence and he was later transfered to the University’s Teaching Hospital (UPTH) were Nkem and I visited him regularly.His wound was severe but for the expertise of the doctors, he was bound to be discharged in due time.

Severally I got threat messages from the group that had stormed Frank’s party.And the pressure from the mother Frat to step up fully, was becoming heavy on me.I no longer went out at nights without looking over my shoulders, and would always peep into the shadows of the night checking for possible stalkers.My insecurity was now at its crescendo, and was affecting virtually every part of my life.

On the third week I finally resumed school, but the damage had already been done as there was no way to redeem the carryovers i had already incurred by missing the previous exams.And non of the lecturers agreed to help since they saw me as a nonchalant student.I also hardly visited Kemi since she stayed in the same hostel with Frank, and the hostel was being watched for any sign of Frank or me.It was a case of living off the grid.That nasty incident at Frank’s gig had robbed me off my freedom.And funny enough the case was still being investigated since the casualty rate was high and a good number of lives were lost, summing up to 7 people which was made up of 2 females and 5 males in which Norbert was among them.During that period, I made a vital discovery which did more to confuse than help me.

It was on a Thursday evening I had rounded off with lectures and was heading home, when I noticed someone following behind me.The individual had followed me from Ofrima Hall (for those of you who know Uniport) down to the Convocation Arena.I needed to be sure he was a stalker so I tried a trick on him by boarding a campus shuttle bus.I knew very much about stalking and how it worked, because I had also stalked people in the past.A person is suspected to be a stalker if he has been trailing behind you and also boards a vehicle at the same time with you (not necessarily the same vehicle) and alights at the same time you did.Most stalkers adopt this strategy.

The guy hadn’t boarded the same bus with me but had alighted from a bus behind me, the moment I got down, thereby confirming my suspicion.So i took a mental note of every escape route and walked on increasing my pace (and so did he).I hadn’t walked for long when I turned back to find out he was no longer behind me.Probably he had given up, I thought. It was now dusk and darkness was fast approaching so i hurried along, taking the next turn by the left into the next street, when I met the same guy walking towards me.He must have bypassed the distance by taking a bush track to cut me off infront.Instantly I turned to flee, but he called out,”Abeg…wait!” making me stop in my tracks.And I turned back to look at him as he raised his hands above his head as a sign he was harmless.He then walked up to me, and that was when I recognized him.He was among the assailants who had wrecked Frank’s party, so I stepped back in alertness and he shook his head.

“Bro, i’m not going to hurt you”, he said, still drawing closer.

“What do you want?” I asked suspiciously and he put his hands into his pockets, and looked intently at me (I monitored the movement of his hands) and he asked,”Do you know Kemi?”.The question seemed quite abstract to me.But i did answer.

“Yes I do”, I replied,”She’s my girlfriend”.

He laughed aloud and asked again,”How well do you know her?”.I was now beginning to get pissed off with his questions.And he looked into my eyes declaring his seriousness.That was when I knew something was wrong.Then he patted me on the left shoulder,”Kemi is a pawn…our pawn, and an intel on you”, he said leaving me bewildered.

“How do you mean?” I asked.

Though he refused to tell me his name, he told me all I needed to know.He said Kemi was actually a lesbian but was placed on me by their group to get information about me.Since they felt I could come in handy someday, after hearing how I single handedly founded the Lycans.He went further to tell me they knew all about me, where I lived and all about Nkem, whom they would hurt if I don’t get on their side.The new discovery left me dumbfounded, but something didn’t seem right.The guy was divulging a confidencial secret.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked.And he told me he wasn’t actually helping me, rather trying to get back at Kemi for blowing his cover in the past thereby making him land in police net because he had a relationship with her lesbian lover.And that I could go ahead and ask her everything, that he had nothing to lose even if Kemi found out he had exposed her.For the first time in my life, I felt empty and used.Without wasting much time, the guy strutted away from sight and back the way he had come, looking behind his shoulders repeatedly.

“Just be careful?” he said before disappearing into the bush track ahead.

I finally got home around 7:30 pm and immediatey went in to have a shower, as the thought of the recent discovery flooded back to me.I was still deep in thought when I heard the sound of a car rev in the compound and minutes later, a strange female voice laughed from the sitting room downstairs, accompanied by Nkem’s giggles.When I was through I dressed up and went down the sitting room to see who it was.

The strange lady looked up at me as I came down the stairs.She had a caramel colored eyes, chocolate skin, a full perky b00bs (as I noticed through her blouse) and a nice smile which adorned her pretty face.She had the enchanting beauty of a greek goddess.And i stopped in my way to stare at her, then Nkem grinned at me.

“Meet my aunt Adaora”, Nkem said referring to the lady beside her.And I got closer to exchange pleasantries with the woman who gave me a wonderful smile as she shook hands with me.

According to Nkem, Adaora was the youngest sister of brother Phillip.She had just obtained her Masters degree from the University of Austin, Texas, USA, and would be staying with us for the time being.Actually she had arrived with an airport taxi the moment I went into the bathroom.And from my observations, she seemed to be in her early 30s and sounded so intelligent as well.Minutes later her elder brother came home and we chatted all through before I retired to bed leaving she and brother Phillip behind.On getting to my room, my phone rang and I looked at the screen <> it said (talk of the devil).And I answered the call.

“Hi baby”, she purred

But I gave no response.

“Are you okay?” she asked…then I hesitated before speaking.

“Are you a pawn…an intel on me?” I asked and she fell silent for a while before she replied.

“Where did you get such info?” she asked.

And I told her everything.Suddenly she bursted into tears.I could hear her weeping from the other end.

Kemi told me she was no pawn and not a lesbian, that the guy, who had given me the info was called Desmond (as she had recognized him from my description).And he had wanted to date her but she refused because she loved me and this was the only way he could get back at her.For a while I seemed confused on who to believe.

“Baby i’m not a pawn and I…..” that was her last statement before I cut the line.

Could that Desmond of a guy be lying?

Who was lying and who was telling the truth, I wondered.

To Be Continued…

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