-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 16

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 15, Read It Here

Dawn, came with a hint of twilight and I awoke groggily to find Nkem still asleep.I leaned and placed a kiss on her forehead, causing her to stir in her seat as her eyes gradually flickered open.

“Goodmorning missy”, I said to her, and she gave a faint smile and yawned.”Goodmorning Mr.Bond”, she said teasingly (and that was a good sign).Her sense of humour showed she was quickly recovering from the shock of the previous night.And now she was referring to me as James Bond.SMH….Nkem could be very funny when she wants to be….Well, if calling me that would make her feel better, no wahala!

The vigilantee men were now preparing to take their leave, putting out the flames from their coal burners.I beckoned on one of them who I sensed was their leader, and he strutted towards the car.

“Thank you very much”, I said, handing him some pieces of naira notes.”For you and the boys”, I told him and he stood in salute,”Shun sir!”, he said showing his appreciation.Then I checked the car vitals and all was sound, so we set off and headed home.

“By the time we got home, aunt Stephe was already off to work as we confirmed from Yemisi the nanny, who didn’t miss to notice the state of Nkem’s dress.

“Madam are you okay?” she asked Nkem who seemed not to be in the mood for chit-chats.

“Yeah…armed robbers”, Nkem replied abruptly, leaving the nanny in awe as she climbed upstairs.Then I turned to face Yemisi,”I don’t want anyone to know about this, right?”, I said affirmatively and she nodded in suspicion.

More by habit, my eyes roamed her body in seconds (which she noticed) falling on her pointed b00bs, which poked the top of her nanny’s pinafor, and her wide hips.Though she was just a nanny, the lady was a true Western beauty.So I turned and made for the stairs, only to turn back to catch her staring at me, and she took off her eyes instantly, and walked away bobbing her skirt like a cheerleader.I stood watching her leave the sitting room, as I spied at her cute backside.What was that all about? i wondered.Was she having an ‘ish’ with me? Anyway time will tell.

Frank’s number was switched off when I dialled him, on getting to my room.And I couldn’t get through to Norbert as his number was not reachable despite several trials I made.I was still sitting on the bed (in my boxer shorts) trying Frank’s number, when my door creaked open and I raised my head to see Nkem walk into my room, closing the door behind her.She had only a pink towel tied around her body and a pink shower scarf rolled over her head, as she was just coming out of the shower.

She cat-walked towards me and stood in my face staring down at me in a seductive manner while I stared back without muttering a word.Then she let the towel loose from her body, as it fell to the floor.And stood nãked before me sampling her firm b00bs and round juicy thighs as she stood akimbo (What an ebony beauty she was.The babe was damn irresistible).Before i could say a word, the lady climbed on to my body and knelt on the bed, over my thighs, as she pushed her bossom into my face.

“You were so brave last night”, she said caressing my head, and my d!ck became turgid instantly.

“Had to get you home in one piece”, I replied grabbing her hips to squeeze her plump backside (They were so big and soft).And she pushed a nippIe into my mouth and I sucked gently as she smiled in pleasure and said”,You could work for the MI6 or CIA, you know?” I gave no reply to her joke but continued sucking her Tip lavishly and she moaned softly, letting the scarf fall away as her head fell backwards.

Nkem pressed me to her soft bossom, enjoying my teasing tongue on her nippIes as I nibbled them one after the other.And I let my hand slip upwards between her thighs and inserted a finger into her wet Kitty-cat, causing her to squirm, as I finger f*cked her gently still sucking her breasts.I teased her insides judiciously, rubbing her clit with my thumb as she moaned “ummmm”, rocking her hips.Then I pulled out my fingers from her honeypot and licked it, tasting her feminine flavour, and she lifted my face to hers licking her juice off my lips as we embraced in a passionate kiss.

“I can see you like my taste”, she said, teasing my lips with her tongue.And she bent to nibble my right ear,”Thanks for letting me into your world”, she whispered….Meehn! The babe was feeling my swag full time, and would do anything to remain by my side.What do you expect from a British raised lady who has never had the taste of an African dude.Definitely I had a lot to show her.

I rummaged my shorts and brought out my black mamba and she instantly impaled herself on it, gasping with her eyes wide open as I filled the depth of her wet cuñt.She then held my neck tight and began to move up and down my sugar stick and moaning as well.I just held her waist, letting her do the job and watching her breasts quiver with each move she made.She began to get greedy over my c0ck as she kept impaling herself harder and harder, groaning and moaning as if she was possessed, wanting all of my pr!ck in her.Then she cried out,”F*ck me baby!” (more like a plea) and I began to f*ck her back, leaning with my hands behind me and raising my hips off the bed in swift thrusts, banging the hell out of her.

Nkem was loving every bit of of my d!ck in her as she squeezed her b00bs with her hands, slamming down at the same speed with me to meet my thrusts which kept coming on and on and on.Soon she went beserk and began to blow raspberries as she was overwhelmed by our love making and began to scream in her British accent,”Oh,yeah, gimme hard, gimme hard, gimme hard…”, she kept screaming till her tone transcended into a crying whimper, making her words inaudible and she began to vibrate like a Romance-Machine, increasing her speed as her body ushered in her orgasm and she slowed down with a deep moan “ohhh, Gaawwwd”, massaging her clit and wetting my groin with her pusse juice.She didn’t even care if Yemisi would hear us.

The babe pushed me down to the bed and assumed the full cowgirl position, resuming her thrust on me.And began to grind her clit against my groin, groaning deeply.

“Can’t seem to get enough of you, baby”, she moaned,”I can’t stop f*cking you”.And she tightened her pusse over my shaft, almost making me come as she rode me furiously, digging her fingers into my chest and then….**ring ring** my phone rang out, but she never slowed down, rather she bucked her hips higher in the killer cowgirl, as I was beginning to loose my mind, while my phone kept ringing and jolting me back to reality.Then she slowed down with a moan of complaint,”ohh, not noooow” as I reached for the phone and looked at the screen….”Frank, Calling” it said and I sat up immediately”, pressing the ‘answer’ button.

“Hello”, I said, but the voice coming through seemed faint, yet I could tell it was Frank’s.

“It’s me Frank”, he finally spoke up in a shaky voice.He sounded like he was under tension.

“Where are you?”, I asked.And he told me he was at a disclosed hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to the left shoulder.I insisted I must see him, but he said it was too dangerous.And that he was handcuffed to the bed with a police officer on guard.That was when I knew there was trouble.

His voice was getting weaker as he spoke.He said he had to insert his sim in a nurse’s phone to call me, since the police guard was on lunch break.From what he told me, I deduced he had secretly smuggled only his sim along, in a bid to prove to the cops that he had lost his phone.And he also told me to stay away from school for a while.Then I asked him about Norbert but he fell silent.

“What about Norbert?” I asked again.And he broke the news which made the phone slip off my grasp.

***Hello, hello, hello***…Frank’s voice called out severally before the line went dead.

“What is it dearie?” Nkem asked noticing my shock.I paused for a while before I answered.”Norbert–is–dead”.

To Be Continued…

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