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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 14

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 13, Read It Here

That evening I left Lady Ema’s house quite exhausted and satisfied.We had gone one more round after we had caught our breath and she demanded for another bout of steaming s*x which had her orgasming for the fourth time.Permit me to say here that bleeping Lady Ema made s*x with an older lady look irresistible as she had this sexual appeal which I hardly found in younger women.

Talking about f*cking older ladies, it was now becoming a norm in my life since I found their p*ssies more comfy to be in.And they knew all the Bedmatics that would satisfy your fantasies (Well…call it a perversion na you sabi).I wouldn’t say it was my fault in the first place because, my first attempt at s*x in my teen-age was with an older female, which was my first girlfriend, Linda.And that gave rise to the many obscurities in my later years.

Far from expectation, my stay with aunt Steph didn’t seem to curb my way of life.Rather it hyped it discreetly as I now had Lady Ema who showered me with gifts and affection, also Nkem who was enjoying every bit of our f*ckfest and Kemi, the tattooed lady who knew of nothing other than wild s*x.Some how I saw all these as the actual distraction I needed, since I wasn’t enjoying my course of study in school.Let’s just say my lifestyle was an excuse for my exuberances, but deep down that was a lie!

I never stopped thinking about Miss Nemi Pepple after our last encounter.The woman’s big bubble butts kept flashing in my head, giving me constant hard-ons.Most times I would imagine what her full b00bs would look like if freed from the bondage of her bra.She was gradually becoming my object of fantasy as I would coyishly ask my aunt series of questions concerning her, and she would ignorantly answer me without suspecting anything.

From what I discovered from my aunt, Architect Nemi Pepple was born to a Swedish father and Nigerian mother (from Rivers State).Her dad had abandoned she and her mum, while back in Stockholm, Sweden.And when frustration couldn’t let her mum cater for their needs, they came back home to Rivers State.Years later Nemi met her hearthrob who married and broke up with her just 3 yrs after their marriage.Ever since, the lady architect had dedicated her life to being a career woman and had worked so hard to get to the top were she was…Let’s get back to the story on ground.

Frank and I had been approached severally by members of Frat groups on campus, but we kept turning them down for certain reasons.My guy Frank was deemed fit owing to several stunts he had pulled single handedly within campus.And I was partially a member due to the fact that my group (Lycans) back in high school, in which I was the leader, was an affiliate to a campus Frat (which I will call the mother Frat for the sake of this piece).***And i’m not trying to rep Frats here, but I want to show how my exuberances almost cost me my life***

Even the so called mother Frat had mailed me several times to step up my game, but I kept pondering on the offer owing to the fact that I was an only son. I knew how bloody Gangsterism could turn out to become and that’s why I hope anyone reading this piece of work will beware of it.Honestly it doesn’t pay, trust me.And anyone out there still considering to go into it, well…I say **in Patience Jonathan’s voice** CONTINUE!!….you go soon hear am.

On a fateful week, Frank told me of his purpoted plan to throw a party to mark his birthday and so arrangements fell on ground immediately.We had hired the lounge area at the last floor of a club house for the upcoming gig.And Frank was ready to spend much since he was a rich dude from a very wealthy home.That same week I told Nkem about the party and her eyes widened with glee.

“Seriously?” she clawed

“Yes”, I answered, “Will you come with me?”

She was so excited,”Of course I will”, she said in excitement.Fine and agreed, Nkem had accepted to come along but something could hamper our outing on that day…..aunt Stephe.

7:00 pm – The Day of The Party

I had searched for an excuse to give my aunt as she was around that evening.Finally my sinister mind came up with something that could do.I told my aunt that I would be attending a campus vigil that night.And when she didn’t look so convinced, I told her Nkem could come along, atleast to prove to her I was being sincere.She preferred the idea of Nkem joining me, since she saw Nkem as no nonsense lady who wouldn’t fail to report back any mischief on my part.The plan was rolling into play, so I told Nkem to come along with her party wear in her bag and brother Phillip’s car as well.Soon we set off on our way to Frank’s gig.

We arrived the venue quite late and I took Nkem upstairs where the party was, as we were engulfed by the smell of booze and marijuana, amidst the raucous music on air.We were surprised to find the whole place filled with guests and I managed to find a seat for Nkem, though she complained of the weird guys hitting on her frequently since I was spending most of the time with Frank and his friends.The party had gone far into the night when suddenly there were gun shots coming from downstairs which sent everyone scampering to safety.

The shot came once again as in a swift motion, I grabbed Nkem by the hand and pulled her towards the only escape route, pushing through the clamoring crowd which was also headed the same way, as I headed for the back stairs.There was pandemonium in the air as a group of guys within the frantic crowd drew their weapons and fired in return.I identified one of the shooters as Norbert, a member of the mother Frat to the Lycans who had come under my invitation.

In actual sense, the Frat group coming from downstairs had once requested for Frank’s membership due to his financial capabilities.And when they got a tip of concering the presence of the mother Frat at the party, they believed Frank was about switching allegiance, and so came to wreck havoc.It was now a thug of war between two frat groups.

The assailants had now come up the front stairs and a serious fire fight ensued, emitting stray bullets which richocheted on the walls in a ping, while some ended up in the bodies of guests who lay lifeless or writhing in pains.I had no time to defend myself as Nkem was my primary concern.I was to package her back home safe and sound or else I would be bagging a jail term under her uncle’s wrath.

Then it all happened very fast in a flash, as i soon lost grip of her in the heat of the fracas, while fighting my way through the stampede, and bumping on live bodies before succeeding down the flight of stairs which reaked of the pungent smell of blood.And I slipped and fell on what I sensed was blood.

The staircase below me was dark as the bulbs had been taken out.Yet the race for dear life didn’t seem to stop people from groping in the darkness and screaming all the way down (especially the ladies) as some tripped over and rolled down the stairs in thuds.For Christ’s sake where was Nkem? i wondered as i was beginning to have a terrible feeling about her.My heart beat raced sporadically, conjuring gruesome images of her plight in my mind.

I have had experiences of such situations like this in the past.And I knew the only way to survive was to stay focused and be on the defensive, and not on the aggressive because in such situations unnecessary aggression could cost one’s life.But Nkem was new to this particular world of mine, and never knew all the survival modes.So in careful long strides, I spiraled down the stairs and groped my way ahead, into the dark hallway, peeping into the shadows, when I saw flashes of light accompanied by 2 gunshots and I heard a female scream aloud.

I knew that voice….Oh my God!!…That was Nkem.

To Be Continued…

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