-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 13

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 12, Read It Here

I took the keys to aunt Stephe’s car, got in and started the engine.Minutes later the front door opened and Miss Nemi came in and sat beside me.

“Where to?” I asked

“Mc Pherson road”, she replied without looking at me.Mc Pherson road was just a freeway, she was not being specific.So I asked her,”Where in Mc Pherson road?” and she turned to look at me for the first time, with those charming blue eyes,” Just drive, i’ll point the way”, she said, adjusting the hem of her knee-length skirt to conceal her upper thighs which had been exposed the moment she got into the car.Then I moved the vehicle and we hit the road.

Miss Nemi did a series of ‘here’ and ‘there’ as she pointed the direction.And when she was not doing so, she would sit silently looking outside the window.I guessed my presence was making her uncomfortable and I was having an effect on her.So I decided to make a conversation with her.

“Seems you’re very close to my aunt”, I said, but the lady gave no reply instead pointed “there !” as we got to a T junction.And I obliged, taking the left turn according to her direction and drove for a while then said,”I think you’re pretty” and she turned to cast me a defiant look,”I ain’t your mate” she said, and looked away again.I knew she was shy.

Probably she thought I was hitting on her, and was going on the defensive.So typical of women.I decided to let her be so as not to look like a pervert or make her report me to my aunt (you know the way white women reason).By the way, what has age got to do with admiration, I wondered.

Soon we stopped before a gigantic black gate and she stepped out of the car.That was when I noticed her big bubble Buttocks, which stretched her skirt almost to a breaking point.And she had a wicked curve that wasn’t common to white women.Maybe the big bakassi was genetically transferred by her Nigerian mother.She jammed the car door close and walked round the hood of the car to her gate, as I sat behind the wheels staring at her.Then she knocked on the gate and turned to look at me,”I’m fine”, she said,”…thank you…you can go now”. I could see she was really on the defensive and had probably noticed the illicit way I stared at her.So I took note of the house number, hit the reverse and steered the car home-wards, looking into the rearview mirror to see her staring in my direction as I drove away.

Getting home was quite difficult as I was now stuck in traffic.And my frustration was becoming obvious when my phone rang, and I looked at the screen…”Lady Ema calling” it said.I tapped the ‘answer’ button and her mature feminine voice came on line.

“Hello dear”, she purred,”How’re you?”

“I’m good”, I replied as my voice still bore a hint of my frustration.She noticed it and asked if I was okay.I told her I was caught up in traffic and she bursted out laughing so cheerfully, bringing me out of my mood instantly.

“What’s so funny”, I asked

“You sound like a sulking toddler”, she said still laughing and I joined her in her infectious laughter.

“Hope you aren’t tipsy today?” I asked.And she said,”Nahh…that day at the club was a bad day for me”.And she told me she had been depressed on that day, so she drank in excess.Then she asked me if I could come visit her on any day, since she was always lonely and bored.I paused for a while before answering,”That’s fine by me”, I replied.So i told her I would coming on the next Monday evening and we ended the conversation.

{ The Next Monday Evening


“Buzzzzzzzzzz….!!” That was the sound I heard when I approached the window.As I got closer, I could hear transcending moans,”ohh…mmhh, ohh..oooh”, which kept coming louder.This could only mean one thing, I thought.

****2 mins ago***

The gate was open when I came in.And Yessouf the gateman was no where to be found, hence leaving the gate ajar.I had pressed the doorbell severally but no one answered.So I resorted to go behind the building to see if anyone was at home, that was when I overhead the buzzing sound.

***back to the moment***

I had now reached the window, peeping through the translucent curtain and made out the figure of Lady Ema seated on the bed, her legs spread with a vibrãtor held between her thighs.She sat facing directly at the window, holding the machine to her pusse and was so engrossed to notice me behind the curtain, as she kept on moaning.I noticed the room was weird with all sorts of adult toys in it.And I stood there trying to get a clear view of her when she caught a glimpse of me and startled with a scream as she closed her legs and dumped the buzzing Romance-Machine.She immediately grabbed the bed sheets and covered herself and I stepped away from the window to give her privacy.It wasn’t my fault I had caught her teasing herself.Afterall I really didn’t see much because of the curtain.So I walked back to the front door and stood for some minutes, before I heard footsteps from inside and the door creaked open.

I tried to apologize to her but she smiled and said,”Its okay hun…come in” and I stepped into the house.She was now putting on a pink house coat, looking so beautiful and I knew she was still ñude underneath.She closed the door, and beckoned on me,”Follow me”, she said taking me upstairs.I could identify her bedroom from the last time i was in her house and we passed it, walking into what I believed was the master sitting room.And she gestured me to the settee.

“You’re welcome”, she said staring at me as I took to a seat, then she asked,”Do you drink?”.I merely nodded a yes and she went to the wine bar and poured me a glass of Baileys (my favourite) which she brought to me and I thanked her.But I had a question to ask her.

“What is that weird room?” I asked, and she chuckled aloud,

“I knew you would ask”, she said.”Thats my Play Room”…… I was surprised.That was the first time I was hearing anything like ‘Play Room’, and I concluded that the woman must really be hørny and a s*x freak as well.

She then excused herself,”I’m gonna have a shower”, she said and left as I watched her voluptuous Buttocks roll under the coat, and my d!ck stirred.Lady Ema was really captivating and hot.

As she left, my eyes roamed the sitting room, while i sipped on my drink.The house was simply magnificent and I noticed the seat covers were made of leopard spot and so was the duvee in her ‘Play Room’.She had a thing for leopard spots, and that balanced the fact she was a cougar.Minutes later she came back to the sitting room still wearing the coat and she gave me a smile as she noticed my glass was empty.

“More I guess”, she said going back to the bar to get the bottle of Baileys and walked towards me.Just then something crazy happened.

I had held my glass for Lady Ema to fill, and as she leaned forward to do so, the straps of her coat went loose and the coat fell open, revealing her big dangling breasts and a neatly shaved crotch.My mouth gaped instantly at the whooping sight before me, but the woman made no attempt to cover herself.Rather she stood erect, smiling with satisfaction on her face.

“You like what you see?”, she asked, noticing the bulge between my legs.Then she slithered her shoulders, letting the coat fall from her s*xy** body to the floor and she stood n?ked before me in the glory of her womanhood.I stared at her giant b00bs and her fleshy wide hips as my d!ck throbbed hard.More by reflex, my hands went behind her and grabbed her buttocks, pulling her close to me, with her crotch before my face and i nuzzled my lips between her thighs.She threw the bottle of Baileys to the sofa, then turned her backside to me and bent over, jutting her Buttocks in my face as her pusse lips pouted before me, dripping wet.The pinkness of her labials were irresistible and I closed my face in her crack, sucked on her clit, and she stiffened moaning,”ooooh”.Her hand went behind my head to press my face deeper as I licked her velvety snatch, nibbling desperately on her swollen clit and she whispered softly,”ohh baby….to the bedroom”. Without wasting time, I got up and she stood erect, holding me by the collar as she gently pulled me along to her bedroom.

Once more I was in her room and she let go of my collar and ravished my lips with kisses, before sprawling on the bed, waiting for me to take off my clothes.In a matter of seconds my clothes left my body, and my

d!ck sprang to action,”Wow”, she gasped in awe as I nestled between her thighs.I really wanted to tease her to madness, tease her till she begged for my c0ck.And my eyes caught a pack of cranberry juice on her bed post and I reached for it, while she stared at me in suspense, wondering what the juice was for.

I poured the drink on her right nippIe and attacked her Bosom savagely, licking and lapping steadily, while my hand squeezed and føndled the Bosom and she heaved deeply in pleasure.I moved to the other Bosom, poured the drink and took the nippIe in my mouth, sucking and groaning as my hand went down to tickle her pusse and she moaned deeply”,Hmmm….you’re good baby”.And my fingers played with her labials, parting and rubbing them gently as I inserted my middle finger into her, and she rotated her hips in response, gasping fervently.I was applying all I had learnt from Mabel on Lady Ema.Her pusse was now so wet as I pumped my fingers furiously in and out of her and she kept jerking her hips and moaning aloud, till I came to a halt.Then I poured more of the drink on her glistening pusse causing her to gyrate her hips in response and I bent down and began to eat her cuñt.

The mixture of her pusse juice and the cranberry gave a wonderful taste as I licked the whole length of her vulva like an animal, proding her insides with my tongue and nibbled on her clit.She arched her back repeatedly and spread her legs wider, holding my head down between her legs and began to wheeze uncontrollably as my tongue perused her insides.I tongue f*cked her sporadically and her hips began to jerk again as she continued moaning,”Yeah,ouch…yess…ohhh”.And I sucked her clit intently, pummeling my two fingers into her wet cuñt as she went into a frenzy “f*ck me, f*ck me, f*ck me”, she cried repeatedly, “f*ck me now…please” and I withdrew my fingers and sat up looking at her s*x flushed face.Then she got up on all fours in the doggie position, offering me her backside.Her Buttocks was so round that I had to smack it twice before nuzzling the tip of my d!ck at her pusse lips and she lifted her hips in anticipation as her body welcomed my shaft with a soft moan.

She pressed her breasts down to the bed as i began with light strokes, moving my d!ck from one angle to another as she f*cked me back, bumping her Buttocks on my groin.I then rotated my d!ck in her and she clawed at the sheets, burying her face in the bed and gasping aloud.Then I began to bang her hard, increasing my pace gradually and she stopped moving and bucked her waist to accommodate my new rhythm.Soon she started to whimper with each thrust I made as my speed kept increasing.And I rammed her hard for sometime, then slowed the pace and she cried softly,”oh God !”.I was definitly giving it to her the way she wanted it. Lady Ema resumed rotating her hips in fast circles, spinning it like a spindle machine and I slowed down to watch her large booty wobble on my groin as she teased me so well, with her pusse tightening and loosening repeatedly on my c0ck, making me groan aloud.She then got up on her two hands and turned her face backwards to watch my facial expression, spinning her hips faster and began to yammer carelessly,”ohh…take it, take it, take it…” she continued slamming hard on me without stopping.When she had given me enough, I got up and squatted over her Buttocks and plunged my d!ck deeper in her cuñt, holding her hips as a pivot and began to ram her again and she sank her face down to the sheets, receiving my shaft while I deepened my thrusts.Then her body began to quake, tremoring and spasming at the same time as her pusse clenched my c0ck and she cried out her orgasm,”oh God, i’m coming….oooh” and her hands grasped the sheets in a frenzy.I didn’t stop f*cking her as she came, rather i kept hitting harder, heaving and sweating hard as she slammed her fist to the bed from time to time, overwhelmed by my pounding.Minutes later I felt her pusse tighten again as a second orgasm consumed her and she spasmed and fell back to the bed, my d!ck slipping out of her.She lay there groaning in rasped breaths.I had almost come with her, but held back so I could enjoy more of her lovely body.

Then I turned her on her back into the missionary style, spread her legs wide and penetrated her again, causing her to groan,”urrhhh” as my d!ck started to slither inside her.She shut her eyes, grasping her hair with both hands and her lips quivered in a frenzy under my assault.I watched her large breasts heave up and down, dancing round her chest like balloons and I grabbed her thighs and rammed faster.I didn’t care if my heart was going to explode and she arched her back and stuffed her mouth with her fingers, producing a sweet sound of pleasure.Then she began to scream aloud,”Harder, yess…harder” as I kept pummeling her, hoping I wouldn’t collapse atop of her.Suddenly I let go of her thighs and bent down to suck her Bosom, while I impaled her.That seemed to drive her wild as she squeezed me to her bossom, wrapping her powerful legs around my waist, and screamed all the way.Then I felt my orgasm coming as the sweet sensation overtook my body and I pounded her like a bull, making her throw her legs up and gyrating them uncontrollably as a third orgasm hit her.Once more her pusse thightened again and she whimpered aloud,”Jeeeesuuus!!” convulsing spasmodically as she came, and I withdrew and shot spurt after spurt of thick Fluid on her stomach……I puffed out air, trying to catch my breath.Then I decided to tease her.

“I just started with you”, I said.And she quickly slipped away from me, grabbing a pillow,”I need a break baby”, she said looking exhausted and satisfied.

To Be Continued…

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