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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 11

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 10, Read It Here

The event between Nkem and I reminds me of the book ‘Taming of the Shrew’.Nkem was a shrew and I had tamed her, but this time with my d!ck.She became caring and friendly after that night (to my aunt’s surprise) and would drive me to campus in her uncle’s car.And at times join me to school while I drove in one of my aunt’s cars.We were getting along well.

Nkem loved clubbing and we usually went together on those wild nights when aunt Stephe wasn’t around, leaving Victor with the new nanny, Yemisi.Nkem was getting used to my wild lifestyle and would always say I was a total Niggér and she loved me that way.I was giving her the adventures she had always dreamt of.On one of such nights, Frank joined us while I drove in brother Phillip’s car.Nkem had released the car keys to me for the very first time and I knew I was having an impact on her.

We got to the club amidst the caucophony of blaring music and stepped into the swirling lights.Soon we took to the dance floor but I wasn’t much of a dancer so I left Nkem and Frank almost immediately and strolled to the lounge area and took a seat, fiddling with my phone.Minutes later there was a thud beside me and I turned to see a voluptuous woman slumping into the seat, wreaking of alcohol.She had a cigarette in her hand while she smoked like a chimney.

“Hello”, she turned and said to me, smiling.

I merely replied by nodding without even looking at her direction.Then she laughed hysterically and said,”You look like a mean guy…a real bad boy….I like bad boys”, and she hiccuped.That confirmed she was drunk, and I knew she was high as well.She looked mature, probably late 30s and had a beautiful face.My eyes roamed her body to notice her giant b00bs which tended to pop out of her bra, and her smooth thighs which were exposed as her dress was too short.She wore a leopard spot mini-gown which gave her the typical look of a cougar.She was indeed hot.

The woman blew a puff of smoke into the air and turned to me,”You seem to like me”, she said, choking.And that was when I afforded a faint smile,”You smoke like a train”, I said and she laughed amidst the muffled music and drew closer to me.

“Really?” she said, “Tell me more”.

“And you look like a bítch”, I continued,”…but a s*xy** one at that”.

She seemed to like that line and she purred,”Hmmmm…I am a real bítch” and nudged me,”I think you’re hot too”, she said “but something tells me you’re one mean bad dawg”, she concluded roaming her eyes over me.And she straightened the collar of my shirt.

“Forgive my manners”, she said,”I’m Lady Ema…and you’re…”?

“Goodheart”, I replied and she nodded indifferently, blowing two more puffs of smoke.She tried to make a conversation with me and gradually we began to chat and laugh, as I began to enjoy her company.

She told she was a hørny house wife whom her husband was based outside the country.And she seemed clairvoyant as I noticed and sounded smart despite her intoxication.While we chatted, she extended me her complementary card which stated she owned a beauty palour.Then she beckoned on me and whispered into my ears,”I have no panties on” and she laughed lewedly, looking at me seductively and that turned me on as I began to imagine what her bare voluptuous Buttocks would look like.As we continued to chat, I noticed her round thighs had parted slightly (in her drunken state) causing my d!ck to bulge.Then her words began to slurp as her tipsiness got the better side of her.And she rested her head on the cushion,with her eyes slightly shut, feeling sleepy.”,Please take me home”, she managed to whisper…How was I to do that? And what home was she talking about?

“Where is home?”, I asked, peeking into her cleavage, and she whispered drowsily”, My home…12 Thompson Avenue…Gas road”.

I knew the place, and so decided to help her.She gave me her car keys and finally drifted away.Such a s*xy** drunken bum she was.

All this while Nkem and Frank had been searching for me and when they found me, I told them the situation.The woman had fallen into my care and it would be despicable for me to abandon her there despite her plea.Although Nkem didn’t fancy the idea of me helping the lady, she reluctantly agreed and i told her i was to join her later at home.Without wasting much time, Frank helped me heave Lady Ema up (not without me noticing her full wide hips) and supported her to her car where we dumped her into the back seat.Soon we left the Discoteque while Frank drove a sulking Nkem home.

Thompson Avenue was a high brow area which accommodated the influential men in town.The gates to Lady Ema’s compound were thrown open when the security man confirmed her car with his madam behind, and I drove in.Her home was a beautiful mansion built with the pattern of a cottage.The security man, who said his name was Yessouf (probably Nigerienne) hepled me carry her inside, while I located her bedroom upstairs and dumped her on the King Size bed.She lived alone.No wonder she said she was hørny and bored.And here was I, in a strange woman’s house, looking at her sprawled on the bed without her being conscious of it.She lay supine with her arms and legs spread apart and her breasts almost leaking out of her bra, giving me a hard-on, as dirty thoughts flooded my mind.My eyes ogled the tempting sight before me, but I shook off all ideas.There was no need playing the bad guy, i thought.I had to do something good for once.So I dropped her car keys and headed downstairs, walking out of the house and bidding Yessouf a goodnight.

“Goodnight Oga”, he said.

Then I flagged down a cab and headed home.

To Be Continued…

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