-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 10

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If You Missed The Part 9, Read It Here

“Jesus!!” I exclaimed and made to climb down the bed.But she held my arm tight.I could see her face faintly from the flashes of lightening leaking through the window.And her eyes were fixed on mine.

“Make love to me”, she said.

I was caught agape.I thought the lady hated me.And she began to caress my face, tracing her sleek fingers around my cheek, then our lips locked in a passionate kiss.She held my head in place with her hand behind my neck and shot her tongue into my mouth, teasing and proding as she moaned,”hmmmm” into my mouth.I took my left hand to her right Bosom and squeezed gently, tweaking her nippIes and she sucked hard on my tongue and lips.Then her legs gently began to kick the duvee away as she wrapped her right leg around me, her pusse slightly parted.

My hand moved from her Bosom and traced gently down to her honey pot as I massaged her labials and she moaned “oooooh” unlocking her lips from mine, with her eyes shut.And I slid my middle finger into her slimy pusse, anchoring at her G-spøt and teasing it judiciously, she gasped.Her pusse felt so wet and slimy, making slurping sounds as I moved my finger in her.The flashes of lightening from the window revealed a faint outline of her s*xy** body, making my d!ck harden as steel.

Her hips were now rocking back and forth as her snatch slid over my fingers.She was enjoying my tease as her hand moved to my crotch and massaged my shaft through my pyjamas.I let my fingers play with her labials, pulling them softly causing her body to stiffen repeatedly.Then I ravished her body, kissing the nape of her neck, licking down to her b00bs and circled my lips on her nippIes and she gasped “ahhhh”.Nkem pressed my head to her bossom with both hands, letting herself fall back gently to the bed, and I maneuvered inbetween her thighs still licking and sucking her nippIes, then she began to breath hard.Her breasts elevated and dropped each time she took in deep breaths.And my fingers went back to teasing her clit again as she spread her legs further, giving me total access to her pleasure zone, while I manipulated her wet snatch.

My clothes left my body in a matter of seconds and I began to worship her body with my tongue.Tracing circles round her areola and teasing down her body to her crotch as she jerked continuously in pleasure, digging her fingers into my hair till my mouth stopped at the crevise between her thighs. And she raised her head to look at me as I inserted my tongue into her and she threw her head back whimpering aloud “ummmm!”.Then I began to tongue f*ck her.

She raised her hips steadily at my face to meet my tongue.It was like she wanted all of it in her.So I shot my whole tongue deep within and her eyes shot open as she jerked her head off the bed and hit it back screaming,”Yeesss…oh nooo!” as my tongue perused her inner wetness, causing her breath to wheeze till I thought she was going to choke to death.So I raised my head up,”Are you okay?” i asked, but she pressed my head back to her wet cuñt and I continued eating her out.

My tongue roamed the crevise of her vulva, teasing each contour and nuzzling her clit.Her juice was virtually dripping down to sheets and I sucked intently on her hooded clit, making her to arch her back and wrap her right leg around my back in pre-orgasm.And she cursed out” Damn it!….oooh f*ck!”. Gradually her hips began to move in rapid circles on my face, as her leg around my back moved to my neck, and her juice began to ooze out.She was hitting orgasm.So I sucked faster on her clit, tongue f*cking her at the same time and then,….”Sh-shiiiiit!” she cried out, her hips gyrating fiercely and I managed to free my neck from the grip of her legs as she raised her hips off the bed with her thighs shaking.Then she fell back wriggling and panting hard, as flashes from the lightening cascaded her body.That was one good orgasm, I thought .And I bent to suck her firm breasts again.She traced her hand to my d!ck and nuzzled it at the entrance of her honey well,”Give me that fat d!ck”, she groaned like an animal, teasing her labials with the tip of my d!ck.And I gently speared her pusse and she moaned “ooooh” and grabbed my waist, with her thighs eagle-spread as she raised her hips to swallow my shaft.She grabbed me tightly the moment my d!ck impaled her and began to gyrate her hips as I f*cked her with light strokes, rotating my waist and thrusting at intervals.

I was virtually making love to Nkem and she began to moan in my ears,”Forgive me dearieee….ohhh….sorry for eeeevrything”, and her hands caressed my back, teasing my neck and grabbing my head.Her mouth moved to locate my lips as she kissed me deeply, humming her pleasure tunes into my mouth, and enjoying my d!ck revving in her.

Then I gradually increased the tempo (her lips left mine) and she shut her eyes, gaping her mouth, as my thrusts began to increase in succession, slurping in and out of her juicy pusse and she bagan to moan aloud “huhhhmm”.I f*cked her in a tappering rhythm for a long time, causing her to dig her nails into my back, caressing and clawing at me.And she continued to move her waist upwards to accommodate my thrusts which were becoming harder.Then I fired faster like a piston, and she moaned louder, as my waist jerked swiftly, pummeling her so hard and she wrapped her robust legs around me, to control my speed.But I broke away from her grasp and sat up.Raising her legs by her ankles, and spreading them apart i drove into her again.She jerked the moment I penetrated her and leaned on her elbows expecting it hard.And I gave it to her just as she expected it, banging the poo out of her.

My thrust were becoming more rhythmical, as I closed and opened her legs from time to time, banging her hard, and making her head bob up and down.I was hitting her hard at point blank and she began to stutter, her lips rasping continuously and she fell back to the bed crying out in ecstacy.Nkem’s cries of passion were muffled by the rumblings in the sky as I resumed a marathon f*ck on her, making her legs fall to my shoulders and grabbed her thighs, pummeling her all the way.Our thighs were now swatting on each other and her body heaved up and down, with her back arched and b00bs bouncing carelessly as she thrashed her head from side to side.

Then I felt the sweet sensation traveling through my loins and I rammed her faster and she jerked her head forward and cried out,”Ohh…noooo”, and her body began to convulse (and so was mine) as I slowed to a halt and we orgasmed together.I fell beside her as we caught our breath.She snuggled up to me and lay in my arms with her head on my chest, and I stroke her soft hair.When I had rested enough, I intended to leave but she held me back,”Don’t go please”, she said gently pushing me back to the bed.Soon we drifted to a post orgasmic slumber.

To Be Continued…

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