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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 1

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)…

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The story tells of previous events in my life.My S*xscapades & Wild Adventures.The beginning has to be properly read inorder to flow with the plot of the story.

The molting


Port Harcourt City -A Long Time Ago

“Turn in your assignments”,the teacher ordered.And everyone rushed forward with their books, jostling for a space at the front row where the teacher stood.I had turned in mine earlier that day and so there was no need to partake in the fracas.I sat in my desk watching the ongoing chaos and enjoying the bickerings when someone from behind hit me hard on the head.I turned back and saw Smart laughing.He was a top bully in my class.And my worst nightmare.

“Smallish waz up?”, Smart said laughing as he went back to his seat and was being appreciated by his cohorts for hitting me.Smart was not so smart as he was called.He was the direct opposite of his name and the dumbest idiot I had ever seen.The backseats were usually his positon where he would sit whiling away precious time with his bandwagon.Smart calls me Smallish but that was not my name.Let me tell you a little bit about myself.My name is Goodheart (my pen name) and during my teenage years, I was a frail-looking kid, thin and smallish.A typical introvert i would say.And for that I was the favourite for bullies like Smart.He and his gang would always pick on me anytime they dimmed fit.And i’ll end up with either a swollen eye or bleeding nose.I dare not complain to anyone for fear of being stabbed to death as they would always threaten.Ironically, despite my weakness, I was made the class captain of one of the JS3 arms.And I was just 15 in a private school in the heart of Port Harcourt. I was a class captain not because I was the oldest or strongest but for my God given talents and innocence.And that was the point.The bullies wouldn’t subject to a little introvert and so I got nicknamed “Smallish”……Now back to the story.

The knock from Smart created a lasting impression.And I prayed for the day to come to an end; and when it finally did, I was the first to leave the classroom to escape my worst nightmare.On my way home I met Linda my classmate.Linda was the only friend I had.She always understood me.And was always there for me when the need arose.She once stood against Smart for my sake and was quite older than I was, taller, chubby and had a big butt which was always accentuated by her uniform.She was the best thing I could call a friend.Little did I know the seed she would sow in my life.

It was one bright Saturday morning.I had finished having my breakfast when our land line rang (reminds me of the NITEL days).I picked up the phone and then came a female voice from the other end.

“Hello”,she said

And I replied.It was Linda.She asked if I was busy and I said,”no”.Then she said,” Why not come over so we can do our assignment together” That was a nice idea I thought.So we booked a time and dropped the call.

At Linda’s House, 2:00pm:

The dogs started barking the moment I knocked on the gate.

“Sule check who be that”, I heard Linda say from inside.When Sule (the gateman) got to the gate, he recognized me and allowed me in.Linda was so delighted to see me and for the first time she hugged me so close and I noticed she wore no bra and didnt cease to notice the mini gown she wore.I felt uncomfortable.She took me to the visitors sitting room also for the first time, and showed me to a seat.This place was the most secluded building in the large compound.

“Going to get my text books,”she said “I’ll be right back.And she left.While she walked away I noticed something different about her and her wry smile.I felt more uncomfortable.Soon she was back, and took a seat beside me.We got down to business.She was a brilliant girl I must say but there where somethings I had to assist her with while we studied.And there were moments I would notice her staring at me and take her eyes off almost immediately.We were just at the middle of our work when she complained of being tired and felt like watching a movie.Before I could talk her out of it, she had gone to the TV rack carefully selecting a movie.When she found it, she turned back to look at me before inserting the VHS cassette player.I was still feeling distracted and disappointed when she walked back to our seat and the movie came up on the screen.What greeted my eyes left me dumbfounded.

On the screen was a black busty Unclad lady being banged from behind by a black guy.

“Linda what’s this?” I asked innocently.

I wasn’t used to X-trated.I began to feel a bulge unconsciously growing on my groin.Linda saw it and meant to touch it but I slapped her hand away.Then she began to act funny; caressing her breasts and her body, winking at me and licking her lips seductively.She was now drawing close with desire in her eyes and I yelled at her to stop, because at this point my whole senses were aroused and my Joystick throbbing.How could she behave this way, I wondered.I never knew her to be like that.While she went on, the couple on the TV screen were getting hard at it and the busty woman began to scream and i think that further aroused Linda and she threw her legs wide open and i was transfixed.She wore no panties and her pusse was totally spread wide.That was the first time I would be seeing a woman’s pusse (I was still a virgin).The sight of that pink wet hole made me stand up and dash for the door.

The door was locked when i got to it.Then i heard Linda laugh like a seductress, and i looked back only to find her waving the keys in her hand.She had locked the door the moment we stepped in.It occured to me that she had planned this all along.Like a cornered mouse, I stood there watching her as she stood up and enticingly began to take of her gown, letting it fall to her feet in a pool.

Now standing before me was an unclad Linda.Her teenage breasts full and swollen.Her public hair neatly shaved.I couldn’t help noticing the big mound of ikebe behind her, I swallowed hard.She walked seductively towards me with a smile on her lips, while I stood transfixed and overwhelmed by her seduction.When she got to me, she kissed and caressed my face.Then leaned forward to tickle my ear with her moist tongue and I shivered.I had surrendered.Some would call it a sweet surrender.Which ever it was, it felt good.She then took my hand and led me to the center of the room.I told her I didn’t want to do ‘it’, instead she ignored me and went down on her knees and started undoing my belt.

“What about your parents?” I asked in a shaky voice.She smiled and replied,”Dad travelled and mum isn’t coming back till 8pm”.With that she flew my zipper open and my teenage c0ck sprang out like an angry lion, almost pointing upwards.I think she was pleased by the sight, because she giggled.I tried to plead once more,” Linda please don’t do this,” I said.Rather she hushed me up,”shhhhh” and kissed the tip of my d!ck, taking some pre-Pour along with her lips.Then like a she wolf she attacked my black d!ck, swallowing it hungrily and I gasped,”Hahh”.

She began to bob her head back and forth along my shaft, working it to breaking point and placing much emphasis on my ‘cap’.Her tongue circled round my ‘cap’ like a serpent and along the full length of my phallus, sending shivers round my body.She stopped at intervals to spit on my Joystick then began to self-service me with her hands, after which she swallowed it up again.My balls were not left out either as she gave them a generous attention licking them and sucking each into her mouth, while her hand continued wanking me.At a point she swallowed both balls into her mouth and sucked, making me feel the pleasure of mild pain.Geez! I was in the clouds.She deep throated me and my legs almost almost gave out as they wobbled.Noticing the impression she was making, she sucked hard on my cap making spurting sounds with her saliva which was now dribbling from her mouth.I almost spilled my seed.It felt like I was going to pee.When she was done devouring my d!ck

she got up and pushed me down on the sofa and mounted me.Before she finally mounted she spat on my fingers and told me to finger f*ck her while she squated over my thighs.I inserted my middle finger in her and began driving in and out, and she bit her lower lip and moaned,”Mmmmhhmm”, with her face in a sexual flush.I had never seen such look of pleasure on a woman’s face before.Then she pulled my hand away and landed hard on my shaft, causing my legs to buck upwards as her pusse was spread by my cocker.Gently she began moving her hips and pulled my face to her warm b00bs urging me to suck right away and I did, lapping my tongue round it and nibbling.She was now grinding her crotch on my groin making my d!ck tease her innermost depths and moaning all the way.Soon she began to bounce up and down as her hips gyrated, and she broke into a frenzy screaming,”yeah! yeah!! yeah!!! And I myself trying to catch my breadth.

She continued f*cking me like a mink and I grabbed her fleshly buttocks, with my fingers digging into her flesh.Minutes later I felt something building up in my balls, then gradually finding its way up and I screamed as I hit orgasm ,”I’m gonna pee! I’m gonna peeee!!” And Linda dismounted instantly and put her face in the line of fire as my virgin seed shot into her face and hair, smacking her eyes and nose.Then she smiled and exclaimed,”Whoo!…you wan blind me?” I didn’t reply, rather I sat there exhausted with my eyes closed, relishing the moment I just experienced.She then used a serviette close by to wipe my now limp d!ck and her pusse.Then she kissed me on the lips and said,”You’re a man now”.Truely I ceased being a boy from that day and my life changed from that very moment.Linda had taken my virginity.She had opened my eyes to the world of women, even older women.She had sown the seed that would lead me into forbidden passions.

To Be Continued…

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